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SS Mock Cabinet Meeting

Holiday Assignment

Issue of Discussion: Should

Singapore host the Olympics
in 2024?

Singapore is becoming internationally recognised in
the world for being a Hub for sports (F1 Race, YOG).
With that, the Singapore Govt. is considering to host
the Olympics in 2024 to keep up with its
internationally acclaimed reputation.
The Govt. is asking its various ministries to consider
whether Singapore is Ready to host the Olympics.
Ministries are given some time to come up with their
stance and reasons for it.
A Cabinet Meeting will be held where ministries will
debate on this issue.

Your Task
The Govt. has assigned you as a civil servant to prepare for
the Cabinet Meeting
You will be assigned a Ministry to work in groups of 5
Based on the Ministry assigned to you, your team will decide
whether to support the motion of hosting the Olympics in
To do so: Complete the Handout that will be given to you as
it will help you with your stance
Read through the Readings that will be given to you:
1.) Different Countries experience in hosting the Olympics
(Each Grp to receive 1 Copy)
2.) How the Different Singapore Ministries Function (Uploaded
on MC online)
Work in your groups to research on your ministries and what
are the priorities and challenges to determine if you will
support hosting the Olympics in Singapore.

The Various Ministries you may be

assigned to:

What to Submit
Prepare a Speech & print it out
1.) Speech should be 5min at max
2.) What is your ministrys motion (Yr
3.) Reasons for stance (use
Explanations, Examples)
4.) Conclusion (Link)

Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation on your

1.) PowerPoint Presentation will be screened
while the Speaker of a ministry is making
her speech during the cabinet meeting
2.) PowerPoint should include:
a.) Your ministrys motion (Yr Point)
b.) Reasons for stance in Point Form (use
Explanations, Examples)
c.) Conclusion (Link)
3.) This is to so that everyone can see Clearly
what your Ministry is trying to Propose

A File with all your Research Materials

1.) Content Page (which will be provided)
All Civil servants must contribute to the Research
and each will have to sign her name on her
corresponding contributions to indicate to the
Ministry and the Govt. that she has done her part
for the Ministry
2.) File in your own research materials like
Newspaper, internet articles, or any materials
that your ministry has used to help come up with
your stance
3.) The Govt. will check your files

Cabinet Meeting Day

2nd week of Term 3 during SS Lesson
All Ministries will send a representative to
read their prepared speeches and have
their PowerPoint slides screened
Further instructions will be given on the
day itself

You will be graded on your:
1.) Quality & Quantity of Research in your
2.) Making a relevant case and having
logical and clear arguments for your
3.) Class Participation marks will be awarded
on the day of the meeting itself

Items Checklist
1. Project Instructions (MC
2. Guiding Questions Handout (Hard
3. BBC & other International News
Articles (Hard Copy)
4. Straits Times Articles (MC online)
5. Content Page for File (MC online)
6. Marking Rubrics (MC online)

Must Submit
1. Speech (Soft/Hard Copy)
2. PowerPoint Slide
3. File (Content Page & Research)

Have Fun!!!

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