Which is a tabloid and which is a broadsheet?

Newspapers can be divided into two sorts: they are either broadsheets or tabloids. Broadsheet newspapers are the large ones (e.g. The Times and The Daily Telegraph) Tabloid newspapers are the small ones (e.g. The Sun and The Daily Mirror).

Tabloids and Broadsheets
Types of newspapers Broadsheets: These papers are printed on sheets of paper 116.83 x 81.28cm. There are five such broadsheets: The Times, The Independent, The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. Tabloids: These papers are half the size of broadsheets, with pages measuring 58.42 x 40.64cm. There are six national daily tabloids: The Sun, The Daily Mail, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Daily Sport and The Star.

We already know that different newspapers are written in different ways because they are aimed at different people. How can we find out which newspapers are for which people? First of all we need to understand the features of different types of newspapers.

Mix of fact and emotion Shorter sentences Use bias and emotional language Stories are mixed together

More fact than emotion Longer sentences Complicated vocabulary Divided into clear sections

May have less news so Focus on politics and there is room for stories world events about celebrities Focus on famous Generally concerned people, private lives and with events in major scandal cities of the world Less complex vocabulary

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