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October 1 – 3, 2013, Belgrade, Serbia

Fostering innovation skills in the wood sector supporting

305/2011 on
Construction Products
Dr Tatjana Kočetov Mišulić,
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of
Technical Sciences

CPR(2011) vs CPD

Brief History…
Important issues of CPD…
Improvements by CPR…
Innovative structures….
Questions for Discussions…
Jointly for our common future!

CPR(2011) & CPD
• CPD – Construction Product Directive (89/106 EEC)
• CPR – Construction Product Regulation (305/2011 EU)

• CPR get into force July 1st, 2013.
• General idea of CPD / CPR :
• elimination of technical barriers to trade between
• Aim of CPR :
• Easier implementation of defined objectives in CP
• simplified mechanisms of implementation,
• Enforcement the business activities of SMEs and
other enterprises.
Jointly for our common future!

htm Jointly for our common future! .eu/eu-law/decision-making/legal-acts/index_en. • Decisions • Recommendations • Opinions ____________________________ * http://europa. • Directives (legislative act that sets out a goal that all EU countries must achieve.Instruments of EU-Council / EU•Commission* Regulations (a binding legislative act that must be applied across the EU). but it is up to the individual countries to decide how).

EN 45000 (new: EN ISO 17000) series and EN ISO 9000 series introduction of the CE-Marking: the manufacturer indicates therewith that both the „Essential Requirements“ as well as Jointly for our common future! the procedures for the Attestation of Conformity of all • • • . as EU-Directive from „New Approach 1985“. contains protective targets in form of „Essential Requirements“ (ERs).Background CPD (1989) • CPD. • „Harmonized“ European Standards (hENs) lay down the detailed requirements on products (or ETAs) • “Global Approach 1990” in the mandatory sector brings : – Modular Concept (7) for Conformity Assessment procedures – Notified (approved) Bodies in the voluntary sector: – Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) in both sectors: .

Supporting entities: CEN/CENELEC/ETSI international non-profit associations as major providers of European Standards and technical specifications . services and capital.EU Quality infrastructure Established to provide a free movements of goods. facilitators in Europe  with Technical Committees for all domains on standardization issues. . Jointly for our common future! Notification.

Protection against noise Jointly for ourheat common future! • 6. Hygiene. Mechanical resistance and stability • 2. health and environment • 4. • Essential Requirements (ERs) (explained by Interpretative Documents IDs) • 1. Safety in use • 5. Safety in case of fire • 3. related to ERs. Energy economy and retention .CPD basic issues: • Field of application: CPD is applicable on construction products. which are produced to be incorporated in permanent manner in construction works (building and civil engineering).

Jointly for our common future! .

Harmonized European Standards Where the harmonized technical specifications (eg. Jointly for our common future! . Annex ZA of hEN) require a manufacturer to involve a third party before CE marking then that third party shall be a Notified Body.

• ETA may be granted to products for which there is neither a harmonized standard nor a recognized national standard. or product differ significantly from recognized harmonized or national standard. * … * Jointly for our common future! . Internal Partition Kits. KLH Massivholz GmbH KLH Massivholzplaten ETA 06/0138 Examples : different type of Metal Anchors for Use in Concrete. Fire retardant products. External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems with Rendering. Liquid Applied Roof Waterproofing Kits.eota. Dowels for structural joints.European Technical Approval* • European Technical Approvals (ETAs) are based on ETA Guidelines (ETAGs) or issued upon common agreement of the Approval Bodies. Structural Sealant Glazing Systems.

the Accreditation Body may allow a Notified Body to provide verification and certification services official certification mark or a declaration of conformity.Notified bodies*  bodies notified by Member States to the European Commission and the other MS  . accredited body which is entitled by an Accreditation Body. Jointly for our common future! .. Upon definition of standards and • More generally.europa. – inspections and/or – testing  …can be found in the EU-database NANDO: * http://ec.are authorized for Conformity Assessment Procedures with respect to one or more New-Approach-Directive(s) relating to – certification.. a Notified Body is a third-party.

certification)  the manufacturer is free to choose any notified body in a Member State of the EU Jointly for our common future! .g. 1. inspections. initial type testing.Tasks of Notified bodies  only notified bodies are to be involved in the conformity assessment procedures under New-Approach-Directives (AoC)  specific tasks in the framework of the modules or of the systems 1+. 2 and 3 of the Construction Products Directive (e. 2+.

Conformity Assessment Procedures in Community Legislation („Modular Approach“) Jointly for our common future! .

Systems for Attestation of Conformity for CP Reference documents .series ISO 17000. EN 45000 according to Annex III of the Construction Products Directive (CPD) (6 preffered) Jointly for our common future! .

• has a single meaning.e. the compliance with all legal provisions. i. • is the precondition for placing a product on the European market (EEA). • is mainly addressed to the market surveillance authorities. • Is not a quality mark! Jointly for our common future! .CE marking under CPD • means that product fulfills the ERs of all relevant EUDirectives. • is therefore affixed to the product or its packaging by the manufacturer or supplier on his own responsibility.

. .the role of standards and European technical approvals.performance based vs prescriptive approach.1 • need for a harmonised legislative framework. • need for clarification concerning the fundamental elements of CPD: . . Mutual recognition – generally not sufficient to achieve free circulation.Reasons for CPR…. Jointly for our common future! .the acceptance of CE marking by the national authorities and the users of construction products as a reliable marking.the meaning and the status of CE marking.

The administrative procedures for ETA route for CE marking have to be perceived and streamlined.Reasons for CPR…. .Simplifying the “no performance determined” (NPD) option with better definition will avoiding unnecessary costs for companies. . better coordination of market surveillance).The systems of AoC have be simplified and reduced in number.2 • Simplification of CPD: . • Need for reinforcing the credibility of the whole system (strengthening the criteria.Potential negative effect on SMEs has to be avoided with appropriate treatment for specific non-series products.Guidelines for European technical approval (ETAG) should disappear. . notification of bodies. . Jointly for our common future! .

Essential Requirements (ERs) vs Basic Requirements for Construction Works (BWR) • 1. Mechanical resistance and stability • 2. Energy economy and heat retention + • 7. Sustainable use of natural resources CEN/TC 350 : sustainability aspects of new and existing construction works and standards for the Environmental Product Declaration EPD of construction products • The construction works must be designed. Safety in case of fire • 3. built and demolished in such a way that the use of natural resources is sustainable and in particular ensure the following: • (a) reuse or recyclability of the construction works. Hygiene. their materials and parts after demolition. health and environment • 4. Jointly for our common future! . • (b) durability of the construction works. Safety in use • 5. • (c) use of environmentally compatible raw and secondary materials in the construction works. Protection against noise • 6.

CPR : hEN • CPR : insurance of reliable information on CPs using the uniform assessment methods of the performance. Using these standards the manufacturer will be in position to make the Declaration of Performance (DoP). Jointly for our common future! . electronic or website. Template in Anex III. contractors).Harmonized European Standards provide a solid technical basis for manufacturers for testing the performance of their products.  • Declaration the product performance (manufacturers). • The harmonized European standards on CP (together with the relevant horizontal standards on assessment methods) will allow: • Expression of requirements (regulatory authorities in Member States). • hEN . • DoP : paper form.  • Verification of compliance with such requirements (design engineers.

of those essential characteristics agreed by the manufacturer and the TAB receiving the request for the ETA for the declared intended use.CPR : ETA • European Technical Assessment (ETA) is issued on basis of a EAD and shall include: • the performance to be declared.  • European Assessment Document (EAD) is a document containing at least: • a general description of the construction product. relevant for the intended use of the product as foreseen by the manufacturer and agreed between the manufacturer and the organization of TABs. • the list of essential characteristics. by levels or classes. • the methods and criteria for assessing the performance of the product in relation to those essential characteristics • principles for the applicable factory production control to be applied. and • technical details necessary for the implementation of the system of assessment and verification of constancy of performance. Jointly for our common future! . or in a description.

of those essential characteristics agreed by the manufacturer and the TAB receiving the request for the European Technical Assessment for the declared intended use.CPR: EAD • • • • • • • • The procedure for developing and adopting European Assessment Documents (EAD) shall notably: be transparent and cost-effective for the manufacturer. or in a description. The European Technical Assessment is issued on basis of a EAD and shall include: the performance to be declared. and technical details necessary for the implementation of the system of assessment and verification of constancy of performance. define appropriate mandatory time limits. take appropriately into account the protection of commercial secrecy and confidentiality.  Jointly for our common future! . European Assessment Documents adopted by the organisation of TABs shall be sent to the Commission. An updated list of references of the final EADs will be published by the Commission in the Official Journal of the European Union. by levels or classes.

3 months to draw up an assessment plan. Route of CE marking remains voluntary. which lays down the timescale> 1 month to draw up the contract.… .) •The Notified Bodies (NB) designated under CPD are redesignated under the Construction Products Regulation. NBs & TABs • EAD (European Assessment Documents) replace ETAGs and CUAPs. • A Technical Assessment Body (TAB) is in charge of the assessment and issue the European Technical Assessment in a . no time scales are laid down at all. Organization – GNB (Group of Notified Bodies) A list of all officially designated Notified Bodies under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is available in the database NANDO-CPR. (Before. 6 months to final draft. Principles for development of EADs are in Annex II CPR.

• CPR clarifies that the year code applied with CE mark is the year in which it was first affixed. so does not change every year. heritage type conservation projects. Jointly for our common future! .and gives the essential characteristics about the product  delivered to the market (instead of DoC – declaration of conformity in CPD) • The manufacturer shall draw up a Declaration of Performance when a product covered by a harmonised standard (hEN) or a European Technical Assessment (ETA) is placed on the market. • Exceptions from the requirements for CE marking: custom made products in response to the specific order. on-site manufacture. traditional. • Manufactures will not have to change their mark each year.CPR : DoP – CE mark • The Declaration of Performance (DoP) is the key concept in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) .

SIMPLIFICATION PROCEDURES: SHAREING TEST COSTS • It is allowed to manufacturer to avoid type testing in cases of . Jointly for our common future! . 2+. that was stated in very few standards. in using data established for components. (Annex V).using data from another manufacturer for similar products with permission. . 3. 4. • The simplification impact is relatively small. • AVCP consists from 5 levels: 1+.“deemed to satisfy” by existing conditions or classifications. 1. . removing the level 2.• Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) CPR renames the concept of Attestation of Conformity (AoC). or assemblies.

distributor. and must assure themselves that manufacturer Jointly for our common future! has done all required. importers. or authorized representative. manufacturer. -Important especially for the manufacturers outside the EU.CPR places responsibility also on agents. Defined responsibility of the . that placed most of responsibility on the manufacturer).Obligation of economic actors CPR Ch. III Economic operators are defined as: . Greater legal responsibility. importer. without knowing where the product will en up. It will ensure the transfer of information from the source to the end user. -Importers and distributors cannot sell non-compliant products. who put their product into supply chain. distributors. . (Despite CPD.

free of charge to economic operators.Product contact • points New concept. becomes from Mutual recognition of goods. 1 st. Market • surveillance Idea . In force from July. with the aim to provide information and advices.Enforcing authority. 2013. • Product contact points must be establish in each MS. • EA shell take steps to prohibit / restrict / or withdrawn the product from the market in the case of non compliance. Jointly for our common future! .

Where the hEN is level 3 or 4. documented by manufactorer by „specific technical documentation“. than they may use alternative but equivalent methods of type testing or it is possible to downgrade the approach from levels 3 and 4 to „self declared“.Micro .. and • A micro enterprise is defined as having less than 10 employees and less than or equal to 2 millions Euro turnover.. Jointly for our common future! . • Applicability in practice? • The question of demonstrated „equivalence“. • CPR allows additional simplification for micro enterprises.

• Improvement an transparency of established measures. trough ETAs & EAD. CE marking is the only legally regulated marking which states that the construction product achieves its declared performance. Jointly for our common future! .General Consequences of CPR • CE marking of construction products according to the technical specification coordinated by manufacturers and distributors (with some exceptions) is mandatory. furthermore. • Innovative products have simplified and time defined route to CE marking. • The improvements of market surveillance means the enforcement of legislation. • Simplification of the procedures and reduction of costs for SMEs is evident.

Conformity Assessment and Conformity Assessment Marks”.eu www. OJEU.Useful links & references • • • • • • CPR: REGULATION (EU) No 305/2011 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL .eu/enterprise/newapproach/nando/ www.Kocetov Misulic . Nando base> http://ec.cenorm. Wolfgang HÖHNL. www. of 9 March 2011 .4. 2008.cenorm. Novi Jointly for our common future! T. ON – Austrian Standards Institute: “EUQuality Infrastructure .

Kocetov Jointly for our common future! . for the purpose of testing (similar products)? • Anchor type testing – could it be common for different products / type of structures? • Testing of wood properties according quality classes? Size of sample. Size of valid series? Could manufacturers organize themselves in groups or clusters. both sided test (5000e x 2). • Your questions and remarks…. T. versus the previous practice / proper experience? • Example: fire test on typical assembly of shear wall. possibility of organizing… •….Questions for Discussions… • Expected facilitations for innovative products according CPR..