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Anca-Mihaela Caragea

Turkey facts and figures • Capital city: Ankara • Population: about 80 million people • The largest city: Istanbul • Official language: Turkish • Religion: more than 99% are muslims .

When entering a room. Addressing .When meeting shake hands firmly. if you are not automatically met by someone greet the most elderly or most senior first.Common method is to call a man by his first name Punctuality – turkish people value punctuality • 10 mins late is ok • 15 mins call to say you will be late • 45 mins reschedule the meeting . Greeting .The business culture Meeting and greeting Meeting .

Business Etiquette Types of Dress Turkish dress is similar to the accepted mode of dress in Western Europe. For women . . For men . tie and white shirt.a skirt of conservative length is recommended.a suit.

.Business Etiquette Eye Contact DO maintain eye contact with your Turkish counterpart whilst speaking. as Turks take this as a sign of sincerity.

Showing the soles of your feet. such that the following should be avoided: Standing with your hands on your hips or in your pockets. . Pointing at someone with your finger.Business Etiquette Body language Certain gestures and body language have different meanings varying from rude to insulting and offensive. Making the ‘”OK’” sign with your hand.

Be patient during negotiations as decision making can be slow. .Business Etiquette Be Patient DON’T use deadlines or high pressure tactics during business negotiations with your Turkish colleagues as they will be counterproductive.

.Business Etiquette Dining Most business entertaining will take place in restaurants. The protocol of Turkish hospitality dictates that the host always pays for the meal. Turks enjoy food and the meal is a time for relaxing and engaging in some good conversation.

However. The exchanging of gifts is not a predominant feature of Turkish business culture. . if a gift is given it will be gratefully accepted.Business Etiquette Gift DON’T offer gifs that are too lavish or personal and be sure to check that your Turkish counterparts drink before giving alcohol.

. Please do not schedule meetings from June-August.Business Etiquette Schedule of important days Do not schedule meetings during Ramazan (known in other Muslim countries at Ramadan). This is a month of fasting. Many Turks are away on vacation during this time to spend more time with families.

Print one side in Turkish and one in English. .Business Etiquette Business Card Please use both hands when exchanging business cards. Please have all printed materials available in Turkish and English.

• Appointments are necessary. • Avoid making appointments during Turkish holidays. Your success is defined by your ability to build effective personal relationships combined with a clearly outlined and well presented proposal. . • Maintain eye contact while speaking.Conclusions • Always come to Turkey knowing two things.