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Supervisor: Dr.G.) Faizan Ali Ansari (11SW62 A.L. Naeem Mahoto Group Members: • • • • • • Shazia Iqbal Shaikh (11SW44 G.L ) Komal Memon (11SW52) Ghulam Raza Memon (11SW32) Sorath Buriro (11SW84) Mehroz Khanzada (10-11SW92) .

Motivation Modern Communication • SmartPhones Android Apps • Learning • Entertainment • Emergency • Other facilities .

Goal of SLA Develop an android mobile app which provide the rapid assistant to the user in an emergency by sending his/her current location to the targeted people .

Secure Life App (SLA) Features • An Emergency app • Current Location Traced • Rapid alert in dangerous/emergency situation .

SLA Architecture Start File Created. Press Send Location Button or click power on/off button Five times consecutively Install App Enable GPS Is Internet Available? No Alert sent to particular Contacts with exact current Location in Co-ordinates (longitude. latitude) Configure Alert sent to particular contacts With exact current location (readable form) Create File Are four Contacts entered ? No Enter four contacts End .

Device acquire GPS through Satellite GSM can be used if GPS not available User uses SLA If internet is not available If internet is available .

SLA Evaluation • • • • User Interface Test Internet Connection Testing GPS Testing Tests on Different Versions of Android .

SLA Applications In Accident Earth Quakes Notify Friends & Family Flood Alert .

SLA Constraints Normal Working • Credit • Cellular Services Proper Working • GPS Enable • Internet Connection .

Tools and Technologies Eclipse . ADT LBS Components • Geocoding • Reverse Geocoding • Map Services .

Conclusion • SLA – emergency mobile app development • SLA works without Internet • SLA may be use as Navigator .

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