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Oracle Workflow Concepts
By Gopinath Ganesan


• Workflow Introduction • Workflow Classifications • Workflow Architecture

Oracle Workflow - Introduction

1. Workflow is a very Powerful Tool to extend the Functionality of the Applications to define Business Rules that are Unique to a Company 3. Allows to automate and continuously improve business processes 5. Route information of any type, according to business rules, directly to people both inside and outside your enterprise 7. Allows to define and continuously improve your business processes using a drag-and-drop process designer

Key Benefits

• Allows for implementation of complex business logic in a short timeframe with minimal customizations • Allows flexible modifications • Version control • Timeout • Escalation mechanism • Load balancing • Minimal maintenance • Control Process Performance

Workflow Classifications
• 2. 3. Workflow can be classified into 2 types : Traditional Workflow – Standalone workflow . Event Based workflow – Embedded in Oracle 11i apps (BES) – Business Event Systems enabled. Workflow

Workflow Server (2.6.2)

Workflow Client

Oracle 8i /9i DB

Workflow Builder (2.6.2)

Workflow Architecture

Advanced Queuing Web Work list Oracle HTTP Server Web Monitor Business Event System

Directory Services Users Roles

Workflow XML Loader

Workflow Builder Workflow Engine Workflow Definition Loader Notification system

Workflow Manager

Mail Applications

Notification Mailer

Oracle Workflow Enabled Application

Workflow Definition Files

End-User Client

Application Server

Oracle server

Workflow Development Client

Workflow Components - WF Development Client

1) Workflow Development Client
1.1) Workflow builder

 Draw the diagram.
 Save it in flat file format  *.WFT ( Definition Files)  Upload to the Workflow DB under OWF_MGR Schema.

1.2) Workflow definition loader

Set of pre defined files can be downloaded from WF DB to
the local system.  Physical path of Loader files :  APPS  FND_TOP / bin / WFLOAD  Traditional  $Oracle_home / home/ WFload.exe

1.3) Workflow XML Loader

 Same function of definition loader but applicable only for
 BES ( Business Event Systems)  Files format is *.WFX

Workflow Components - WF Server

2) Workflow Server
2.1) Workflow Engine

 Set of pre defined API’s and tables to automate the WF process.
2.2) Directory Services

Manages Users & Roles .
Tables associated :

WF_local_user WF_local_roles WF_user_roles

WF_user WF_roles WF_user_roles

Workflow Components - WF Server [ Notification System ]

2.3) Notification system – Process of sending WF Notifications.


Notification Mailer (Hotmail / Yahoo etc.)

WF Engine

Notification System

Directory Services

WF List (Inbox)

Workflow Components - Application Server

3) Application Server
3.1) HTTP Server
 To process the web request from the applications invoking workflow.  Oracle 11i  Default configured.  Oracle 9iAS  Apache.  Other Application Servers  Web logic , Web sphere.

3.2) Notification Mailer
 To send the E-Mail notifications to the external mail systems ( Yahoo / Hotmail etc.)  Linux : sendmail  Windows : IMAP ( Incoming mails) & SMTP (Outgoing mails).

Workflow Components - End User Client

4) End User Client
4.1) Web Work list
 Inbox which has got Workflow Notifications.

4.2) Web Monitor
 Java Applet which displays the runtime information of the work flow process.

4.2) Web Analysis Tool
 Administer run time work flow process .  Oracle 11i Apps : Oracle Applications Workflow Manager.  Oracle 9iAS : Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Information Source

Oracle Metalink

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