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New Iraqi banknotes with high

security specifications

What does Iraqi bank note with
security specification provide
Features of Iraqi bank notes with
Security Specifications
Aim of Iraqi bank notes with Security
Working Principle Of Iraqi bank
notes with Security Specifications


Iraq Central Bank announced last week for printing new bank
notes contain signs of additional security make it difficult to
counterfeit or tampered with.
The Age of the supposed global currency paper between three to
five years, and the Iraqi currency currently in place extends life for
about 10 years and has become a lot of categories, particularly

What does it provide

The Director of Treasury at the Central Bank Ihsan Shomran Yasiri

to my home that the CBI re-printed paper currencies of small
denominations (250, 500 and 1000) dinars, and also large groups
(5, 10 and 25) thousand dinars.

The new currency, which started offering small ones for trading not
much different from the currency currently in circulation among the
citizens in terms of shape, but it provided the technical
specifications more efficient and safer as contained signs of security
and properties of many technical make currency a longer lifetime
and are difficult or impossible to falsify.

Features of Security

These include security tags added

security thread, a colourful stripe
width of one millimetre small
millimetres of large, colourful
filaments are visible and the other
does not see only through the use
of detection devices.
Add to sign a sophisticated, highquality know Balspark in place in
several countries of the world,
according to Yasiri.

Aim of Security Specification

These features will contribute to enhancing the protection of Iraqi

funds from counterfeiters and manipulators.

According to Yasiri to enable citizens blind and visually impaired

circulation of the new currency and excellence, it contained a
prominent signs or protrusions. It was also repainted and a protective
material to prevent damage due to continuous trading them.

Working Principle Of
Security Specification

Yasiri said that the total value of banknotes will be printed at

around five trillion dinars (4.3 billion dollars) will be pumped
circulation categories used instead of gradually. He pointed out that
put the new currency will not eliminate the cash currently rolling
paper, where work groups will be created alongside the old.

Antoine explained that there are a lot of techniques and modern

labels that have been introduced in recent years in the world to
fortify the currency of fraud and manipulation. He believed that it
is necessary to increase awareness of the characteristics and
specifications of the new categories of cash and the statement of the
importance of re-printing the currency and encourage circulation.


The procedure will give the Iraqi dinar a large force in front of the
rest of the other world currencies, as well as the ease of carrying
and trading groups yellowed cash in banking transactions and the
buying and selling and monetary exchange.

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