PLRD 1:1 Wireless Project

Helping to create our children’s future

Parent Presentation 2007

Our Students’ World in the 21st Century



Some things stay the same… And some don’t…
04/17/08 3

1:1 Laptop Project

Our students need to practice 21st Century Skills to succeed in their future.
It’s the era of digital age economies and digital age learning.
04/17/08 4

What are 21st Century Skills?
We still rely on the basics of readin’, writin’ and rithmetic but knowledge research and creation demands we broaden our skills drastically.

Digital-Age Literacy begins with • basic literacy • numeracy • economic literacy • technological literacies
04/17/08 5

Valued Highly

21st Century Skills also include

Inventive Thinking Adaptability Managing complexity Self-Direction Curiosity, creativity and risk taking Sound reasoning and higher order thinking
04/17/08 6

21st Century Skills Include

Effective communication and collaboration skills
04/17/08 7

21st Century Skills

• Personal • Social • Civic Responsibility
04/17/08 8

And finally, 21st Century Skills Include

High Productivity Prioritizing and Planning Managing for Results Ability to Produce Relevant High Quality Products
04/17/08 9

Welcome to Your 2.0 World
• • • • You Make It You Name It You Work on It You Find It
Time Magazine 04/17/08 10

A Quick Review of Attributes for Success
• Critical Thinkers • Self-directed Learners • Engaged Learners • Collaborators/Team players • Technologically Savvy • Informed users of media …all within rigorous academic studies
04/17/08 11

That’s a Tall Order for Our Students and Teachers



Wireless 1:1 Laptop Project Goals

Through the use of video conferencing laptops, and excellent teachers, PLRD can offer students the courses they need to succeed.
04/17/08 13

Courses Being Offered This School Year • Social Studies 10 (Delia to Morrin) • Social Studies 10 ( Berry Creek to Altario) • Social Studies 13 ( Morrin to Delia) • English 10-1 (Altario to Berry Creek and Youngstown) • French 4/5 (Morrin to Veteran) • Math 20 (Youngstown to Altario and Berry Creek) • Science 10 (Delia to Morrin) • Science 14 (Morrin to Delia)
04/17/08 14

We Want Students to Have…
• Increased engagement in their own learning and school work. • Improvement in writing and reading skills. • An increase in 21st Century Skills including critical • Students working thinking and problem solving collaboratively on relevant projects that bring greater depth in understanding. •Learning to take place at home and at school-24/7
04/17/08 15

Take some laptops…add wireless connectivity and expert teachers to get…
• Students becoming more active learners as they use a wide variety of software and websites to pursue their learning goals. • Students engage by presenting, analyzing, solving, constructing, collaborating and selfevaluating (all 21 century skills)



Wireless 1:1

Inclusive Education
Did you know that some gifted students have learning disabilities?

Laptops level the playing field for students with learning disabilities. Assistive software such as text to voice reads the content. Voice to text helps students write better.
04/17/08 17

Benefits of Using Laptops and Wireless

• • • •

Laptops are mobile-no cords Wireless frees students to work where ever and whenever. Collaboration is easier. Access to information; research and teacher created resources housed in Moodle (a course management system). Forgot your homework? It’s available online 24/7!



Bits and Bytes Info

Why $50.00 before students can take the laptop home? We are ensuring that minor damage can be repaired quickly with our in-house insurance that parents contribute to.
04/17/08 19

Theft or Loss
Parents and students are still responsible for the cost of the laptop if it is lost or stolen. Please make sure you add the laptop to your contents insurance of your home – a small investment when you consider replacing a new one.
04/17/08 20

Still Have Questions?

Talk to your child’s Teacher or Principal. Talk to your child about their school work. Read the brochure!
04/17/08 21

Christel Smith Curriculum Coordinator Project Lead for Wireless 1:1 Project

You can also contact me at: 403.854.3198



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