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Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Customer Facing Data (CFD)

• As important as CRM and Financial Data – For many companies loss of CFD implies catastrophe – Lost revenues, lost customers and lost reputation • Today’s Data Protection Challenge • Break neck rate of change • MySQL is the database of choice for CFD • Metadata is very vital as well
Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Backup: Most important task for a MySQL DBA
• There is no quicker way to get fired than to lose business data

Backup & recovery – the first step to data protection

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

“I forgot to add a “where” clause and emptied the entire thing!”
“I am the one who wrote the backup script so I went to grab the backup for yesterday. Yup, you know it. There wasn’t one. The backup stopped working back on July 3rd! Ouch.”

“… the server on which my blog is being hosted was being changed and for some reason during the importing the MySQL databases disappeared ”

“Hi, I lost MySQL server and I didn’t do backups. What can I do?”

“Does the backup through MySQL Administrator have to be saved in a certain way to allow migration to a new box?”

“Lesson learned – always backup regularly!”
Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Top considerations for a MySQL backup solution • Performance
– Impact of the Backup Window – How fast your restore needs to be? (RTO) – How precise your restore needs to be? (RPO)

• Scale Up
– 10GB -> 100GB -> 1TB -> ?? – Organic growth Longer retention

• Scale Out
– Wiki, Forums, Web registration database, Sugar, Alfresco, ….. – Multiple locations

• Security
– Aren’t you backing up your crown jewels?
Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Backup needs to match MySQL’s flexibility • Today & Future – MyISAM, InnoDB, Falcon … • Replication – Slave pauses replication -> Backup on slave -> Resume replication • MySQL Cluster • Restores should hide all the complexity

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Our design philosophy

"Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple.“ - Albert Einstein

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

As easy as: What, Where, When and How

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Anytime. Anywhere.

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL
ZRM for MySQL Clust er ZRM local t MySQL o

ZRM rem e t MySQL ot o


Data Node MySQL database MySQL database Backup of database Data Node

NDB Storage Engine

Data Node Consolidat ed Backup of clust ered dat abase Data Node

• • • • • • •

© Zmanda, Inc. Recover database easily to any point-in-time Centralized global backup management Schedule full and incremental, logical or raw, backups of MySQL database Perform backup that is the best match for the specific MySQL configuration Blazing fast snapshot-based backup Reporting and Monitoring Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for MySQL http://www.mysql.com/zrm

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Remote storage grid as a destination for backups
• Keep copy of data off-site yet online with storage grid, e.g. Amazon S3 Pay for only what you use (bandwidth and disk capacity) Backup data is always available, anytime, anywhere
“We think users should seriously consider

Storage Grid

Backup of DB encrypt and ed com pressed
Managed Hosting Provider

© Zm anda, Inc.

You can have the risk profile of Amazon

adopting such hybrid [backup & online storage] approaches to provide layered, efficient data protection.” - John Webster, Analyst, Illuminata

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Infrastructure for scalability Scenario: • 100+GB of database growing into Terabytes • 24x7 application (i.e. no backup window) • Active OLTP workload • Need ability to restore to specific database event Solution: • Storage Snapshot + MySQL Logs + Automated Point-and-Click Restore

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

• Solaris 10 x86
• ZFS Snapshot • MySQL Enterprise 5.0 • ZRM 2.1 • Raw copy speed 500 GB/hr

• Solaris 10 x86 • MySQL Enterprise 5.0 • ZFS Snapshots • ZRM 2.1 • Raw copy speed 500 GB/hr
Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Snapshots – key considerations

• Snapshots scale extremely well as database size grows • Need to be used carefully to ensure data consistency • Need to be integrated with log-based incremental backups

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Storage Snapshots • ZFS • NetApp • VxFS • LVM (Linux) • VSS (Windows)

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Recovery: Radically Simple. Precise.


Click !


Restored !

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Zmanda: Open Source Backup • Amanda: Most vibrant Open Source Backup community • More than 500,000 deployments • Open Formats + Open Standards + Open Source – Locking up your backup data in proprietary formats comes with a *huge* cost and pain • Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL extends our leadership in open source backup to the most popular open source database in the world
Zmanda: Radically Simple Backup for Customer Facing Data
Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Protected By Zmanda Manufacturing & Services Federal & Government

Web and Media

Research & Education

Telecom and ISV

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Amazon Mechanical Turk: Protected by Zmanda • mturk.com • On-demand scalable 24x7 workforce   • Zmanda Recovery Manager provides backup for more than a dozen fleets of MySQL Servers   • Backs up data to Amazon S3!
Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Snapshot Camera Raffle

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

Date with Amanda!

Zmanda : Open Source Backup

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