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What is music?
 Art of arranging and regulating sounds;
 Regarded as the universal language of the
soul since it almost appeals to almost all
How is singing done?
 Singing is produced by air making the vocal
cords vibrate as the singer breathes out.
 The pitch of the voice is varied by tensing and
relaxing muscles in the throat.

 is written for instruments of four types:     Keyboard Stringed Wind Percussion or .3 MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS Vocal Music 1. the voice or voices are accompanied by one more instruments.   it is composed to be sung. Instrumental Music 2.

harp.STRINGED INSTRUMENTS Has hallow sound box with nylon wire or stretched gut strings that are strummed. Examples: guitar. *Guitar is commonly used in almost all regions of the Philippines. . banjo. double base. ukulele. plucked. violin. mandolin. cello. and lute.

trumpet. bugle. oboe. Examples: flute. tuba. tuba. horn. . and saxophone. bassoon. trombone. clarinet.WIND INSTRUMENTS   Consists of cylindrical tubes or pipes made of wood or brass which have holes on the sides and are sounded by blowing air inside the tube. piccolo.

cymbals. glockenspiel. . marimba.PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS  Sounded by striking. or scratching with the hands or with another object. triangle. gong.  Examples: drums. maracas and castanets. tambourine. chimes. tympani. xylophones. shaking.

accordion. celesta.  Examples: piano. concertina.KEYBOARD INSTRUMENTS  Consist of bars placed over resonators struck by hammers and controlled by a keyboard. and organ. harpsichord. .

Fast vibrations produce high-pitched notes while Slower vibrations produce low-pitched notes. .PLEASE REMEMBER THAT: All musical sound is created by vibrations. These travel as pressure waves in the air.

3 MUSICAL COMPOSTIONS 3.a drama set to music. popular and romantic and often humorous.  Oratorio and Musical Comedy.also a drama set to music but is light.sacred musical drama in concert form. . -mostly sung with orchestral  accompaniment. Music combined with Other Arts  Opera. Operetta and Musical comedy.

.is the orderly succession of sounds beginning as phrase units and expanding into motifs or themes.ELEMENTS OF MUSIC    Rhythm. sway.the interplay of softness or loudness. the beat. Dynamics. Melody. the rocking or dance motion.refers to the swing.

the differences in timbre or qualities reminiscent of emotions represented by playing or singing of notes and kinds of created when people sing at the same time on different notes. Texture.the quality of tones heard and produced. Color. .   Harmony.

Has been influenced by the 377 year-long colonial legacies of Spain.WHAT IS THE MUSIC IN THE PHILIPPINES?   A mixture of European. American and Indigenous sounds. .