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Chapter 11

Pricing Concrete Work

• Upon completion of this chapter,
you will be able to:
– Describe the job factors and the labor
and management factors that
influence the cost of concrete work
– Calculate and compare the costs of
different concreting methods

Objectives (cont’d.) – Describe the factors that should be considered when pricing concrete materials – Identify the factors to consider when pricing formwork systems – Calculate the price per unit area of form systems – Describe the factors that influence the price of reinforcing steel .

Objectives (cont’d.) – Price miscellaneous items associated with concrete work – Complete the recap and pricing of concrete work using manual methods – Use Excel spreadsheets to price concrete work – Adjust prices and productivities in MC2 ICE estimates .

Cast-in-Place Concrete Work Generally • Concreting activities categories: – Supply and placing concrete – Construction and removal of formwork – Supply and placing reinforcing steel – Miscellaneous associated items .

Supplying and Placing Concrete • Costs include: – – – – – Cement Sand Aggregate Water Equipment to mix and transport • Concrete mixing and batching plant • Ready mix concrete .

Productivity Placing Concrete • Cost of placing concrete in required position – Depends on a large number of factors • Job factors • Labor and management factors .

Job Factors • Method of placing concrete – – – – – Pouring Hand-operated or powered buggies Concrete pumps Conveyors Combination of two or more methods • Ready-mixed concrete – Delivery rate .

) • Properties of the concrete to be placed – Higher-slump mixtures: sloppier – Lower-slump mixtures: flow more easily – Superplasticizer additives: produce high-slump – Fiber reinforced concrete: improves tensile strength .Job Factors (cont’d.

) • Size and shape of concrete structures – Large volume concrete “pours” cost less – Placing concrete continuously is more economical – Size and shape will impact placing method • Amount of rebar in forms – Large amounts may call for high slump .Job Factors (cont’d.

1 .Job Factors (cont’d.) • Concreting productivity rates – Most contractors maintain a database of historic unit prices • Previous cost reports • Site observations of work in progress – Refer to Figure 11.

Concrete Materials • Prices for ready-mixed concrete – Obtained from local supplier price list • Quotations usually have conditions and extra charges attached • Several issues to consider • Waste factors – Allowances for waste and spillage • Increase takeoff quantities or raise price .

Formwork • Wide range of methods – Number of costs to consider: • Building and maintaining the form system • Setting up the system • Removing the system • Other costs (e.g.) . storage. etc.. transportation.

Formwork Productivity • Items that impact productivity and cost: – – – – Potential for reuse of a form system Complexity of formwork design Use of “fly forms” (“gang forms”) Number of form ties required for a system • Formwork productivity rates: – Refer to Figure 11.3 .

Pricing Formwork Materials • Material costs include: – Rental or purchase cost of all components – Form hardware cost • Total system price: – Expressed as a price per square foot or square meter of formwork • Calculating price: – Use of computer programs .

Reinforcing Steel • Includes welded wire mesh and reinforcing bars – Additional cost constituents: • Rebar shop drawings • Raw steel bars • Handling. chairs. cutting. bending. saddles. and identifying rebar • Transporting the bars to the site • Spacers. and ties used • Labor cost of installation .

) • Reinforcing steel—installation productivity: – Affected by: • Size and lengths of the reinforcing bars • Shapes of the bars • Complexity of the concrete design • Amount of tolerance allowed in spacing of bars • Amount of tying required .Reinforcing Steel (cont’d.

Miscellaneous Concrete Work Items • Concreting operations – Several associated items • Pricing miscellaneous concrete materials – May not be exactly clear • Example: items of setting slab screed .

00 Cement finisher: $37.00 Rebar rodman: $43.00 Carpenter: $38.00 Laborer: $30.00 .Wage Rates • Basic hourly wages – – – – – – – Equipment operator: $40.00 Carpentry foreman: $41.00 Labor foreman: $33.

9 through Figure 11.Examples • Concrete Work Recap and Pricing Notes Example 1—House – Refer to Figures 11.11 • Concrete Work Pricing Notes Example 2—Office/Warehouse Building – Refer to Figure 11.12 .

13 and 11.15 .Pricing Using MC2 ICE Software • Items measured in takeoff – Automatically priced from the unit price catalogue – Can be modified • Labor rates: refer to Figures 11.14 • Material prices: refer to Figure 11.

17 .Using the Drill Down Navigation Bar • Estimate Maintenance window – Values may be changed • Set up to show all items measured in takeoff – May be useful to focus on specific parts of the estimate • Refer to Figure 11.

Summary • Main categories for pricing concrete: – Supply and placing concrete – Construction and removal of formwork – Supply and placing reinforcing steel – Miscellaneous items associated with concrete work • Productivity: – Influenced by several factors .