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The Zambia Foundation

Information, ideas and common interests for

a better Zambia

In partnership with

Zambia Diaspora
About The Zambia Foundation
“If the gains from trade in commodities are substantial, they are small compared to the trade in ideas”

The Zambia Foundation (“the Foundation”) exists to be the leading Zambia policy think tank on social,
economic and political issues. It leverages its wider network around the world to achieve four objectives.

Taking on Zambia’s Problems

Zambia is at crossroads facing many political and economic challenges. These challenges demand a new
generation of Zambian thinkers to provide solutions. By working with Zambians at home and abroad from all
walks of life the Foundation aims to make a real contribution in solving the nations intractable problems.

An expert network
The Foundation achieves onsiderable influence as a catalyst, bringing together and deploying the skills
of an extensive network of Zambia experts at home and abroad – policy specialists, businesspeople,
politicians, journalists, and others. A critical part of this networking is use of partner organisations. The
Foundation aims to place sound thinking and criticism on the political and social agenda.
It aims to develop future ideas that are both politically practicable and economically viable.

Thinking and Acting

The Foundation is not just a “think tank”, it aims to be “do-tank”. A key part of this is working with our
partners to turn some of the ideas into practical solutions. In addition, The Foundation aims to work with
Zambian students at leading institutions to support the future generation of Zambian leaders.

Spreading Ideas and Debate

Through the use of the internet and other mediums of communication, the Foundation aims to ensure that
it is at the forefront of spreading positive ideas to a new generation of Zambian thinkers and policymakers.
The Foundation is incorporated under the parent organisation Zambia Diaspora Connect, which is
registered in both Canada and Zambia.

Membership is drawn from the general public both in Zambia and abroad. An annual membership fee of
$100 is required. In addition all members are required to supply a short biography (no-more than 1 page)
setting out their areas of interest / expertise.

The activities of The Foundation are managed on day to day basis by the Policy Director (part-paid). The
Policy Director relies on key group of people from the existing membership to support his activities on a
voluntary basis until the Foundation has enough revenue stream to pay the supporting members.

Guidance from ZDC Executive Committee

The ZDC Executive Committee provides guidance and advice on the operations of The Foundation
through the Policy Director, working within the general principle of quasi-autonomous nature of The

Resources and Budget

The Foundation is self funding through the membership fees and the revenue from the project it undertakes.

The Foundation uses the ZDC website and an email based google group to communicate within and
outside the organisation. Where necessary meetings are also held via Skype, Blog Talk Radio and other
Why join the Foundation ?
Many Zambians want to see Zambia become better than it is, but are frustrated that many times the politics
get in the way of intelligent and effective dialogue on life and death issues. The Foundation provides an
opportunity to be part of policy platform for asking and debating important questions facing the nation. It
exists to try and encourage positive dialogue on the many pressing challenges facing the nation.

Life is about learning lessons. Joining the Foundation allows new members to be challenged by its many
expert contributors. Often as citizens and individuals we gravitate towards pre-conceived ideas. It is good to
see those tested and refined so that our perspective on life continues to improve. It also gives us an
opportunity to research new areas. If you like learning about Zambia, the Foundation is that place where
you can!

Sharing Experiences
The Foundation goes beyond simply emailing, writing long papers and lobbying decision makers
from a closed room! It provides a platform to interact with other Zambians (and non Zambians who
care about Zambia) thinking about the same issues and share experiences. It is a family of Zambians who
passionately want to make a difference.

The Foundation is able to leverage the ZDC brand to raise revenue for members and participating
consultants. There are specific “paid projects” which the Foundation undertakes on behalf our
stakeholders. The revenue from such projects are shared across the membership.

Making a difference
Membership with the Foundation provides the most credible way to make a difference to our great nation. It
would also raise your personal profile by connecting to movers and shakers in Zambia.
Where does the tank fit in within ZDC?
ZDC Executive
Administrative group, chaired by
the ZDC Chairman, comprising
of Secretary, Finance,
Government Liaison and Media
/ Marketing

Skills & Identity Doing Business

in Zambia
A thematic group
focused on education A thematic group
and cultural Issues. focused on investing
opportunities in in

The Zambia Foundation

A quasi autonomous think
tank led by a “part paid”
Policy Director
Ready to help change Zambia?

Further Information can be obtained from

Zambia Diaspora Connect

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The Zambian Economist

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