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Marketing innovation
My issue Idea for our project

Done by // Al Bin Shaikh,HM – 2041060047 Advisor // Dr.Jameel

? What is our project
( Our project will be under(Products Development or new Product Every student will be designer or collector a part of photos : Product development = One or All Of following ( improvement (fast ,quality ,easily, style -1 Save Cost -2 more uses -3

? How can I start
step(1) - bring any photo of products from any source like ,

step (2) – determine the stage of product live cycle

Step (3) – add your modify and you additions

: Step ( 4 ) writing Report • ( save cost ,improvement. more uses as paragraph )

Step ( 5) – If you finish from your idea • make it as photo ( jpg ) Put the old photo and the new photo as one photo
Before After

Sample of product


Step ( 6) -Send it with your name and ID to my e-mail

? What is the profit
( 1st 5 mark in this course (important 2nd train yourselves in design 3rd( improve you skills in marketing (Product 4th when you finish, you can sell your idea in ( web site (important /

Thank you for your Interest •

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