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Nabeel Julian Henry


A comparative study of Training &

Development Practices between
Shaukat Khanum and Agha Khan

Introduction of the Project

My project A comparative study of Training & Development Practices is an effort to
explore the nature of training and development programs of given organizations from
same sectors. Organizations want everyone who works for them to reach their full
potential by developing skills through wide range of career progression and professional
development opportunities. Every organization, whether it is a multinational, private
business, government offices, etc. depend on its people. These people must be trained
and kept motivated, offered good working environment and must be acknowledged at
work. In this definition, training about quality improvement aims to create an ethos of
continuous reflection and a commitment to ongoing improvement. Training and
development practices aim to provide practitioners and managers with the skills and
knowledge needed to assess the performance of healthcare and individual and
population needs, to understand the gaps between current activities and best practice
and to have the tools and confidence to develop activities to reduce these gaps
Training and development is the field which is concerned with organizational activity
aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings.

Objectives and Significance


To study the training and development practices of the chosen organization.

To see, dose T & D department in both organization achieving their goals.
To identify that which company is better in terms of training and development
practices on the basis of comparison.
To provide suggestions for improvement.

Reader will enhance their skills through knowing how to manage team more
effectively in medical sector.
My research will become a great source of motivation for other healthcare
institutes and their employees.
My research will elaborate the past and current achievements in development
of healthcare in selected organization.
My research will help to project the image of Pakistan in healthcare sector

Research Methodology
Data collection Source
Primary Source
Primary source of this research were employees of both

Secondary Source:
Secondary sources were include internet articles, newspapers and other
previously conducted studies on similar topic.

Data Collection tools

Questionnaires were used as tool for collection of data from the employees.

Sample Size and Sampling technique

Simple size was 100 (50 each from organization)

Convenience sampling technique was used for data collection from the employees.

Data Processing

Collected data was processed using Excel spreadsheet whereas for data
analysis the following techniques have been used
1. Mean

Data Analysis
Mean of
Value of

Shaukat Khanum

Mean value Agha Khan

Training Opportunities
Training Content
Training Methodology
Frequency of Training



Organizational Support for

Training Need Assessment
Development Programs






The study involved five variables against which the research has been
conducted. The training opportunities showed the majority of respondents
chose more satisfaction level with the Shaukat Khanum rather than Agha
Khan. This shows that training opportunities and amount of ample training
provided to employees is very much satisfactory.
The training content also showed the better satisfaction level of employees of
Shaukat Khanum rather than that of Agha Khan. They selected strongly
agreed for the design of training programs for its being well designed and wellaligned.
The training methodology also showed better satisfaction level for Shaukat
Khanum employees that organization uses different training programs and
opportunities for new comers. The satisfaction level for Agha Khan was lower
than Shaukat Khanum.
The frequency of training also showed better satisfaction level for Shaukat
Khanum employees that organization conducts frequent training programs for
their employees meeting their needs and requirements of the their work. The
satisfaction level of Agha Khan was lower.


The organizational support for training also showed better

satisfaction level for Shaukat Khanum employees that they have a
full-fledged program and it is rewarded to better skilled employees.
They also showed that Shaukat Khanum is proactive in improving
their employees and making them useful and purposeful. The
satisfaction level for Agha Khan is lower than that of previous.
The training needs assessment also showed higher satisfaction
level for Shaukat Khanum employees that they get a training which
is identified by a properly designed performance appraisal method.
The satisfaction level with Agha Khan, employees is lower.
The development programs showed higher satisfaction level for
Shaukat Khanum employees that they are encouraged for training
programs by their supervisors and they get the chance to show
their training techniques learned to be shown to others. They also
showed that training policies are constantly evaluated and
improved. The satisfaction level for Agha Khan is lower than that of
Shaukat Khanum.
Overall it has been observed that Shaukat Khanum was performing
better in their training and development practices towards their
employees as compared to Agha Khan.


Agha Khan should increase the training programs and practices in their
organization and improve its quality.
The training programs should be well-aligned and managed at Agha Khan.
A competent faculty and inducted training programs should be introduced at
Agha Khan.
The training duration should be adequate to meet the needs of every employee.
Agha Khan needs to enhance their performance appraisal system in order to
enhance their training and practices.
The training programs should be such that would be useful for the employees
in their working.

Thank You