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FPRA Flexi Power Rectifier

Marko P. Komulainen
November 1st, 2009

For internal use

Nokia Siemens Networks

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FPRA Flexi Power Rectifier Overview

FPRA has the same conceptual approach like any Flexi BTS platform

3U high chassis build up from IP54 building blocks (rectifier and controller)
Final IP55 protection achieved with front and rear covers (same covers as used
with FlexiBTS)
Same FPRA unit used both indoor and outdoor environments
Indoor and any outdoor cabinet installations without front/rear covers
Outdoor stand alone installations (wall/pole/stack) with front/rear covers mounted
Back to Front airflow like on FlexiBTS modules

common solution for any existing or new BTS platforms
equal to Flexi BTS module in terms of dimensions and weight supporting Flexi
platform modularity
Same fixing points, same mounting options

No special system specific SW needed

Only web browser needed for local connection to make the commissioning
For internal use
Nokia Siemens Networks

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Overview contd

FPRA has no air filters => reduced maintenance needs => lower OPEX
Output power scaleable from 2kW to 6kW (3 x 2kW)
No space for batteries inside the FPRA
Fan cooled rectifier modules
Fan unit at rear of the each rectifier module
Wide operating voltage range
Wide operating temperature range
-33+50C, temporarily up to +55C
Limited DC-distribution
2x63A breakers for BTSs
3x63A breakers for battery connections
FPRA has 6 user configurable external alarm (EAC) outputs and one alarm input
Up to three FPRAs can be chained to increase power on need basis
Chaining cable is part of every FPRA delivery

For internal use

Nokia Siemens Networks

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FPRA Flexi Power Rectifier Outlook

FPRA without front/rear covers

FPRA with front cover mounted

For internal use

Nokia Siemens Networks

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Single rectifier module 2kW

FPRA with rear cover mounted

FPRA Flexi Power Rectifier Cabling principle

LCD Display


Module front

For internal use

Nokia Siemens Networks

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Rectifier Rectifier Rectifier

FPRA Flexi Power Rectifier

Case with integrated DC distribution for rectifiers (provides IP55
protection to controller and rectifier modules when fitted with
Flexi front/rear covers)

FPRA with/without Flexi

Covers (FMCA)

IP54 Rectifier Module

IP54 PDA unit incl. controller
and distribution (delivered with
For internal use
Nokia Siemens Networks

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Main Modules (1) Rectifier Module

- Maximum output power 2000W
- Wide input voltage range of 90310VAC
- Output power limited at lower voltages

For internal use

Nokia Siemens Networks


~0.51kW power / rectifier provided

~1.62kW power / rectifier provided
Full power provided

- Automatic disconnect at input voltage <90VAC and >315VAC

- Automatic recovery when back inside the limits
Efficiency ~92%
Hold-up time 20ms
Wide temperature range -40C+75C
Dimensions WxDxH
- 81.8 x 383.7 x 100mm
Fan cooled rectifier
Hot swappable unit
Easy, quick mounting and removal
Weight 3.9kg
Airflow Rear to Front

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Main Modules (2) PDA Power Distribution


- 2 x 63A for BTSs
- 3 x 63A for batteries

For internal use

Nokia Siemens Networks

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FPRA Applications

UltraSite ID/OD cabinet

(sidewall mounting)

With tall SiteStar

Together with battery box

Any 3rd party ID cabinet Wall/Pole installation


Stack installation

UltraSite ID cabinet


FPRA inside FCSA

For internal use
Nokia Siemens Networks

(roof mounting)

FPRA outside FCSA

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Flexi ID cabinet

With small SiteStar

Thank You !

For internal use

Nokia Siemens Networks

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