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Region X
Student Section Leadership
Training Seminar

September 9, 2000
Brian Dietz
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Presentation Outline

Planning in General Sense

Planning Specific to ASME

Planning Work Session

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What Is Planning?

Planning is a management tool to

choose a desired future (goal) and
develop an approach to achieve it.

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Why Plan?
Establish Direction

Identify Expectations

Improve Teamwork

Heighten Performance

Performance Standard

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“If you don’t know where
you’re going, it doesn’t
matter which way you go”

Cheshire Cat
Alice in Wonderland

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The Process



Action Plan


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Mission: Statement that defines the
purpose and outlines the overall intent,
or “reason for being”.
Vision: Mental image of the
successful accomplishment of the
Goal: An end (desired future) toward
which effort is directed in support of the
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The Process
Task 1: Identify opportunities for goals.

Task 2: Write goal statement.

Task 3: Develop goals

Task 4: Formulate action plan.

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Key “Process” Elements
Engage those to be involved

Work from common understanding

Address critical issues

Agree on how plan to be


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1. Identify Opportunities
Opportunities exist all around us

Developed form our needs, wants, and


Can be anything that contributes to the


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2. Write Goal Statement
Make SMART Goals
Action oriented
Time- and Resource-constrained
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Key “Content” Elements

Internal and External focus

Balance Dream and Reality

Language, concepts, and format simple

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3. Develop Goals
Classify by type
Prioritize within each type.
Establish standards of performance.
Identify obstacles to goal achievement.
Determine “W.I.I.F.M.” (What’s in it for

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Classify and Prioritize
Classify by type:
 Essential: Must be done
 Problem-solving: Ought to be done

 Innovative: Nice to be done

Prioritize by:
 Relativeimportance
 Time sequence

 Cost-benefit relationship

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Establish Performance
 Indicateprogress made
 Tell when goal has been achieved

Should specify:
 When improvement expected
 What situation will be

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Identify Obstacles
Identify and form plan to overcome
Physical Obstacles
Conditional Obstacles
Psychological Obstacles
Unproductive Activities

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Determine “W.I.I.F.M.”
A critical element for success

Better performance when convinced of

personal benefit

Monetary, recognition, pride, and self-

improvement are a few

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4. Formulate Action Plan

The action plan incorporates

results of the previous tasks
into logical and executable
action items.

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Goal Achievement

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Key “Usage” Elements
Actively use plan as a management tool

Organize work in context of the plan

Institute plan for controlling the process

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“Well begun is half done”

Mary Poppins

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ASME Section Planning

What is the Mission or Purpose of

your Student Section?

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Purpose of the Society
Promote the art, science and practice of M.E.
Encourage original research
Foster engineering education
Advance the standards of engineering
Promote the exchange of information
Broaden usefulness of the engineering profession
Promote a code of ethics

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Purpose Of The Section

. . . shall be to promote the work

of the society by a local
organization of members . . .

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You have to decide what is important

for your section in service to the
membership and engineering

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ASME Management Skills Development
Program Manual
Goals and Goal Setting, Planning to
Succeed-By Larrie A. Rouillard, Crisp
ML-10, Section, Subsection & Local
Group Operations

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