Leadership Workshop

♦ Objective – Relationship With “CHRIST” – Purpose – What is Leader – Process- mission, vision, goals and actions – Vision, Direction and Planning – Team Work – Rules and Responsibilities

Relationship With “CHRIST” Relationship With “CHRIST”
Which reinforces my… Prayer Life Spiritual growth, vision Straight, etc… Determine my…

Growth & Development Yourself, family, church Community, God, etc…


Behaviors Actions, views, walk talk, etc...

Which drives…

Which influence...

Wiliness Support, serve give, etc…

My Relationships God, others, trust Church,etc…

Which affects…

Yourself Church Community

What is Leader
♦ One who is always doing what’s right. ♦ Follows Godly attitudes ♦ Inspirers others ♦ Loving ,encouraging and serving ♦ Takes responsibility ♦ Builds teamwork to achieve goals ♦ Embracing growth as a blessing from God.

Church Structure

♦ Mission: Statement that defines the purpose and outlines the overall intent, or “reason for being”. ♦ Vision: Mental image of the successful accomplishment of the Mission. ♦ Goals: An end (desired future) toward which effort is directed in support of the Mission.

Key “process” Elements
♦ Engage those to be involved ♦ Work from common understanding ♦ Address critical issues ♦ Agree on how planning is to meet the




“if you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t matter which way you go’

♦ Establish Direction ♦ Identify Expectations ♦ Improve Teamwork ♦ Heighten Performance ♦ Establish Standard
Planning is a management tool to choose a desired future(VISION, GOAL) and develop an approach to achieve it. Planning is knowing what is needed to complete-it. With out plan all you are doing is something and achieving nothing.


Rules and Responsibilities
“All teams develop rules of conduct and responsibilities to help them achieve their purpose and performance goals. Such roles promote focus, openness, commitment, and trust – all oriented toward performance.”

Clear Goals
♦ All working toward the same end ♦ Work between team meetings to support the goals ♦ Know when to have the party!

Overall Structure

♦ Of the two methods of communication, the more important involves daily

reading of the Word of God. Though I am aware that some “prayer warriors” will challenge me, I am convinced that it is more important for us to hear from God than for God to hear from us. Certainly we are not going to tell him anything he doesn’t know, but reading his Word regularly will flood the searchlight of his truth upon the pathway of life along which we walk.

It is impossible for a man to walk in the control of the Holy Spirit unless he knows God’s will, which is communicated to us through the Scriptures. Men and women who do not read and study the Bible regularly are just kidding themselves if they think they are walking in the Spirit. They are so uninformed about the Word of God that they don’t even realize when they are disobedient to him. To find his will, we must read it daily.