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Practices in

The Thruth About

Hospitals in India

Issues at Hospitals in
UnEthical and Greedy
Negligence and Mal-Practices
No laws for Patients Protection
Unsanitary Conditions
Additional problems

UnEthical and Greedy

Hospital administrators create compensation

packages for doctors and surgeons based on

the amount of billing per month.Means more
patients are charged, moremoneythe doctors
Hospital owners cut corners in medical
systems and training.
Hospital Administrators meet owners
demands in which ever way they can, usually
it means compromising patient safety.

Negligence and Mal-Practices

Negligenceby Doctors is rampant at Hospitals

in India.A few reasons for Negligence

&Malpractice are:
1. Lack of training
2. Lack of proper systems to help avoid mistakes
3. Over crowding at hospitals
4. Doctors and Administrators focus on money
rather than patient welfare.
5. Administration Greed. Negligence usually
leads to Malpractice.

No laws for Patients Protection

Form Filling during emergency cases
In Accident cases the first Police complain
Robbery of new born baby from Hospitals
Demand of money by hospital before


Unsanitary Conditions 1 reason for death on a certificate is


The reasons for infection:

None of the nurses uses hand sanitizer.
Doctors uses hand sanitizer 50% of the times.
Nurses do not wash their hands between
Lack of cleanliness
Bio-medical waste from hospitals is not
disposed off safely,the bio waste is disposed
into open drains andgarbage bins.

Additional problems
Shortage of beds and necessary equipments

(ex:MRI machines)
Unavalibility of staff (doctors ,nurses,security
guards etc)
No safty measures (ex-fire hose is not
connected to the water at the back. In case of
fire, the whole hospital is at stake)

Our Thoughts on Improving

Healthcare System
The government needs to push healthcare to the

top of its agenda and constantly work to have

the policies, strategies and regulation that are on
par with the developed healthcare systems.
It needs to empower and expand the role of the
Medical Council to act as an overall ensurer of
good practice by members of medical profession
and to act firmly against those who are outside
the framework of expected professional and
behavioural standards.

It also needs to strengthen and expand the

role of hospital accrediting agencies and make

compliance mandatory for all healthcare
It needs to promote the development of
specialist medical bodies that govern and
oversee the practice of members of their
specialty and issue periodic guidelines and
clinical pathways to attain uniform practice.

If all parties make a coherent effort, things

should improve quite quickly.

It is up to healthcare experts, policy makers
and medical leaders to build an operational
and regulatory framework that incorporates
these responsibilities.
We just need to put them all in the right place
and order.