Up g r adin g Mas on ’s Em ai l Sys te m Ravi Udeshi

Student Senate February 28, 2008

Ove rvie w
 What’s the current situation?  What options are available?  What can we do?

W hat’s w r on g wit h the c ur r ent ema il ?

Sta gna tion v s Inn ovati on

POP 3 vs IM AP

50m b vs 50 00m b


Mob il e Acc es s

In- li ne Att ac hmen ts

Bui lt -in I nst an t Mes sa ging

Adv an ced S ear ch

Web: “J us t pla in aweso me -er ”

Ho w mu ch d oe s thi s all c os t?

 Brian Voss, chief information officer of Louisiana State University, estimates a $10 to $12 per user cost to provide institutional e-mail hosting to the average college student, including storage, servers, management, support, and other operational costs.

 Faculty – 2,893  Undergraduate Students – 18,589  Postgraduate Students – 10,956 33,225 x $12 $398,700



OK , s o w hat a r e our o pti on s?

 Microsoft Live@Edu  Zimbra Collaboration Suite  Google Apps for Education

Mic r os oft Liv e@E du

 “The Microsoft Live@edu program provides institutions of higher education and K-12 with a set of free hosted and co-branded collaboration and communication services for students, alumni, and applicants, leading with an offer of Windows Live™ Hotmail®, a hosted email service, and Office Live Workspace, an online space to collaborate on Microsoft Office documents. Although Microsoft hosts the e-mail, the institution maintains control: you continue to create, delete, and store institution e-mail addresses for your constituents —as you do today.”

Mic roso ft Live @Ed u
       Windows Live Hotmail Office Live Workspace Windows Live SkyDrive Windows Live Spaces Windows Live Messenger Windows Live for Mobile Windows Live Expo

Sc hools Us ing I t
 University of Pennsylvania  William Carey University  Ball State University  Canadore College  South Dakota State University  Baptist Bible College Indiana University Bryant University University of Wisconsin  University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign  University of Missouri  University of Texas   

Zim br a Col la bo r atio n Sui te

Full y Integrated Co lla boration Su ite
       Email Address book Calendaring Document Authoring/Sharing Mobile Access/Synchronization Advanced Search RSS, VOIP, Mash-ups (Zimlets), Tags

Sc hools Us ing I t
           Carleton College New York University, Stern Delaware State University School of Business Eastern Illinois University Plymouth State University Georgia Institute of Technology Prince of Wales Medical Institute Of Technology Tralee Research Institute Australia in Ireland Saint Mary's College Notre La Sierra University Dame Indiana           University of Alabama, University of Wisconsin Birmingham Milwaukee University of Bern (Switzerland) United World College of University of Hawaii Southeast Asia (Singapore) University of Indianapolis Western Illinois University University of Louisiana at Monroe McNeese State University Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Go ogle A pps Edu ca tion Edi ti on

     

Gmail Google Calendar Google Docs Google Talk (IM) SSO (Single Sign-On) Google Sites

Sa n Jose City Co ll ege
“We considered many options and choose Google Apps because of the quality of the products, the ease of implementation, and frankly because so many of our students already know and trust Google's search and communication tools. Google Apps has brought, and is continuing to bring, our whole campus community closer together. It's easier than ever for students and faculty to communicate with each other, and this aspect has a positive impact both in the classroom and around campus.” - Michael John Renzi, Director of Finance and Administration, San Jose City College

Ab ile ne Ch ris tia n Un ive rsity
“Almost every technology decision we make involves tradeoffs, weighing the operational costs against the benefits gained. With Google Apps, the balance sheet is very lopsided. The benefits are tremendous and costs are few.” -James Langford, Director of Web Integration and Programming

Ar izo na St ate Un ive rsity
“Google Apps is helping Arizona State University become a highly flexible university that can provide extraordinary technology experiences for its students. Google's integration of webmail, instant messaging and calendaring is second to none.” -Kari Barlow, Assistant Vice President, University Technology Office, Arizona State University

No rthwest ern Un ive rsity
“Our students approached us about a year ago, saying that we needed to improve our email and collaboration services. We actually had our student government tell us, 'we want you to implement Google Apps.' Higher education institutions have the opportunity right now to focus on their core competencies of education and of supporting true education. If other peripheral services -- communication services -- are being done by someone else in a best-of-breed fashion, why not take advantage?” Wendy Woodward, Director of Technology Support Services, Northwestern University

W hat c an we do ?

Sur vey the stu de nt bo dy

Pic k a for war dthi nk ing alt er nativ e

Wor k wi th IT U and D r. Hu ghe s

Dem onstr ate Student Gover nm ent ’s des ir e for changes to the Mas on em ai l sys tem…

… by p ass in g R .2 0

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