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Microsoft technologies enabling

Gov 2.0 (Open


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• What is Gov 2.0?

• Why Gov 2.0?
• Microsoft technologies enabling Gov 2.0
• Case Studies and Solution Examples: Gov 2.0 at Work
• Summary of Benefits
• Resources
Open Government Directive:
Today governments are facing a number
of megatrends and challenges

mproving Staff Productivity

ontinuous Cost Reduction ncreasing Operational Efficiency

orking Collaboratively and

Taking Advantage of Shared Services

everaging the Power of Technology

ore Efficient and “Greener” IT
Infrastructure aring for the Environment

elivering Social Care

mproving Customer (Citizen and Business)

Service Delivery

mproving Compliance and Accountability

ncreased Citizen Interaction
aising Standards in Education

ustaining the Local Economy

eGovernment Gov 2.0 solutions
address a number of these challenges

mproving Staff Productivity

ncreasing Operational Efficiency

Gov 2.0 is the
application of Web • Empowering orking Collaboratively and Taking
Advantage of Shared Services
2.0 technologies Citizens
to the practice of everaging the Power
of Technology
government to make • Efficient
aring for the Environment
it more efficient, Government
transparent, elivering Social Care
participative • Transparency and
and responsive Accountability mproving Customer (Citizen and
Business) Service Delivery
to citizens
mproving Compliance
and Accountability

aising Standards in Education

ustaining the Local Economy

Key Government Challenges

• Improving Staff Productivity

• Increasing Operational Efficiency
• Working Collaboratively and Taking Advantage of Shared Services
• Leveraging the Power of Technology
• Caring for the Environment
• Delivering Social Care
• Improving Customer (Citizen and Business) Service Delivery
• Improving Compliance and Accountability
• Raising Standards in Education
• Sustaining the Local Economy

ntegrated Development
esktop Productivity Software

esktop Operating System obile Operating System
pplication nified
ollaboration & nterprise Res. ustomer Rel.
Content Mgmt Planning Management
ntegration ommunication
dentity & Access
ata Warehousing ystems Management ecurity orkflow

erver Operating System

Gov 2.0

ov 2.0


isual Studio
indows Client indows Mobile
OSS ynamics ERP ynamics CRM izTalk xchange

QL Server ystem Ctr. D/ADFS orefront NET Framework

indows Server

Solution Component
Optional Component
Gov 2.0 is based on familiar Microsoft products

• Microsoft SharePoint Server

• Microsoft Dynamics CRM
• Microsoft SQL Server
• Windows Server
• Microsoft Office Communications Server
Microsoft Citizen
Service Platform Demo
CRM Accelerators
CRM Accelerators
CRM Accelerators –
Enterprise Search
From the
intranet we
can access
the Citizen
will then
receive all the
cases from
We can also
pick a Citizen
from CRM to
filter the list

All these
cases can be
shown on a
A partial name
can be
entered and
The list is now
filtered by the
Selecting a
case will
cause it to be
The details
are shown
and the full
case can be
We can also
search across
CRM data in a
CRM Accelerators –
From any list
in CRM
We can not
subscribe to
We can use
any RSS
subscriber to
read the data
Or we can
select from a
list of
You can
select the
Entity and the
These are all
the possible
And we can
select the
view that we
And we can
select the
view that we
CRM Accelerators –
A Citizen can
log into the
And can
select the
and existing
cases are
Detailed are
pre-filled from
the Citizens
And the
citizen can fill
in new forms
Stimulus360 Home Page
Stimulus360 Home Page (bottom)
Stimulus360 Process Management
Stimulus360 Live Search
Stimulus360 Funds Management
Stimulus360 Funds Management
Stimulus360 Funds Allocation
Stimulus360 Geospatial Component
Stimulus360 State Impact

If it’s vital to you, it’s mission critical to

Stimulus360 Project Portal

If it’s vital to you, it’s mission critical to

Stimulus360 Project Management

Stimulus360 manages the lifecycle of incoming

and outgoing funds including performance &
impact management, transparency and reporting
Stimulus360 Funding Requirements
Stimulus360 Project Funds Sources
Stimulus360 Project Details
Stimulus360 Project Mapping
Stimulus360 Major Communications
Stimulus360 Weekly Updates Reporting
Stimulus360 Mandatory ARRA Report
Italian province increases Citizen engagement
in politics with new web portal

ustomer Profile

ustomer: The Italian Province of Genoa

egment: Government – Local

ize: 3,500 employees

ustomer Challenge olution
• Province comprised of 67 • SharePoint Server • Increased citizen
local authorities with provides a platform to interaction
around 900,000 enable online collaboration • Employees can update
inhabitants • Civil servants have shared and manage portal
• Wanted to encourage calendars hosted on the themselves
collaboration with citizens site • Workflow is used to
and increase awareness • The portal is used to host streamline document
• Need to allow citizens to discussions and gather publishing
express their views on feedback from citizens • Integration with Microsoft
budget allocation Office means employees
use familiar tools
City Council boosts maintenance capability
300 percent with mobile reporting

ustomer Profile

ustomer: The Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City

egment: Government – Local

ize: 5,000 employees

ustomer Challenge olution
• Needs to provide • A Windows Mobile • Easier citizen participation
responsive services solution was developed as with on citizen submitting
to 2.6 million residents it gave the best end-to-end over 9,000 reports
• Old environment process solution. • Improved city productivity
was paper based and • Employees can report, has allowed cases to rise
very inefficient track progress and receive from 20,000 to 80,000
• Wanted to give citizens assignments remotely annually with no additional
access as well as • Residents also have resources
mobile employees access to the system with • By mashing up photos,
more than 600 reports per maps and data a more
month accurate view is created
Town of Claremont (Australia)

ustomer Profile

ustomer: Town of Claremont, near Perth, Western Australia

egment: Local Government

eats: 60 officials and 10 elected members

ustomer Challenge olution
• New legislation and the • The EDRM solution, • Regulatory compliance
need for greater enables the Council to
efficiencies prompted the simplify administration and
• Increased security
Council to replace its meet legislative and • Improved efficiencies
convoluted manual records regulatory compliance for
management system for the storage and retrieval
• Greater ease of use
storing all records of records. • Platform for future
including building permits, developments (Citizen
development approvals, portal)
health licences and other
statutory records.
Towngas (Hong Kong)

ustomer Profile

ustomer: Towngas -The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Hong Kong)

egment: State Owned Utility

eats: 21,000 employees; 50 staff in core critical-response team

ustomer Challenge olution
• Committed to safety, • Built a Corporate • Improved efficiency:
Towngas wanted to Emergency Management streamlined business
enhance its emergency System portal on Office processes, automated
plan with a new SharePoint Server. document management,
emergency management • Unified repository of enhanced search
system for risk mitigation all data on single, and reporting
planning and high-level easy-to-use platform • Greater transparency:
emergency incident real-time tracking and
preparation • Based on a familiar
Microsoft technology, it is historical analysis
fast to deploy, easy to use, • Continuous improvement of
and simple to manage. emergency responses
Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames (UK)

ustomer Profile

ustomer: Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames (UK)

egment: Local / Regional Government

eats: 2,500 employees

ustomer Challenge olution
• Kingston (one of the • Dynamics CRM, integrated • First-call resolutions
smallest London borough’s with Office SharePoint improving to 80 percent
with 160,000 residents) Server, and deployed a data • Call volume capacity
experienced difficulty hub using BizTalk Server to increased 100 percent
managing the myriad calls synchronize resident data
for the 500 services it across multiple systems. • Backlogs for service
received from its residents. requests reduced
or eliminated
• Accountability and
transparency increased

ustomer Profile

ustomer: National Climatic Data Centre division of National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (US)

egment: Federal agency

eats: 6,900 employees

ustomer Challenge olution
• 320m paper records with • A single automated, • Seamless adoption due to
over 200 years of climate integrated application ubiquitous and familiar
& environment data not (EDADS) for delivering products and interfaces
easily accessible for forms based workflow all • Improved service to
research form a unifying web based international researchers
• Ten year old system, now interface
• Future-proof system with
needing to support global • Built on Microsoft Office scope to scale up to double /
internet access SharePoint Server 2007 and treble current volumes over
• Issues for future capacity its extensive document the next decade
of records management as management and workflow
capabilities • Lowered overall cost of
data availability multiplies ownership

Open Government / GOV 2.0

GOV 2.0 Kit

CRM Accelerators

Facebook Kit for SharePoint

Stimulus 360
Summary: Gov 2.0

Microsoft can deliver the technology

for your organization to deliver
on its Gov 2.0 goals
Enterprise grade
Social Computing software
A platform for smooth collaboration
across agencies and organizational units
Improve communication
and interaction with citizens
Thank You