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Payroll processing

service in Delhi

About us
We Pankaj Billa & Co. (PBC) are a firm of competent
chartered accountants offering varied professional services
such as Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Payroll
Administration, Preparation of Annual Income Tax
Statements etc. The firm offers financial and management
advisory services, tax and corporate counseling and other
relevant services as well. PBCs continuous endeavour is to
render competent and International class professional
services to our esteemed clients, for which the firm uses
methodologies and techniques in accordance with the
International Accounting and Audit Standards. To augment
to the services available, the Company has developed the
capability to collect, mobilise and organise project teams
from a pool of affiliated institutions and professional
consultants and practitioners.
PBC is empanelled with the Comptroller and Auditor General
of India to undertake audit and other assignments of Public
Sector Undertaking.

Our Services
1. Audit services
2. Chartered Accountant services
3. Payroll Processing Service
in Delhi NCR
4. Direct Taxes
5. International Taxation
6. Back End M
anagement Support

Audit services
The edge we deliver
At PBC, we conduct Internal Audits, Statutory Audits and
Tax Audits for both individual and corporate
assessments. We undertake in-depth analysis on the
course of business and its working environment to
devise comprehensive risk assessment and risk
mitigation audit strategies, and perform audit
procedures accordingly. Our assurance services include
due diligence, providing quality opinions on accounting
standards, transactions advisory and certification work
across various domains and matters.

Chartered Accountant services

Now manage your ascertain actual position of accounts,

Debtors Reconciliation and C-Form collection services
with help of our reputed
Chartered Accountant services in delhi NCR.

Payroll Processing Service

With our deep understanding of the complexities of
payroll, we provide businesses of all sizes (especially
those with large employee bases) precise and
timely end-to-end payroll solutions in the form
of a simple, convenient and micro-customized
interface that not just empowers, eliminates
administrative burden and facilitates employee
interaction, but also goes considerably beyond that
to ensure compliances, generate reports, assure
transparency, unlock business insights and steer the
enterprises towards better human capital
management in order to aid revenue growth and build
competitive advantage.

Direct Taxes
We help our clients stay abreast of the latest
compliance requirements in the domains of Value
Added Tax, Central Sales Tax, Work Contract Tax
(across India) and Service Tax. As we custom-tailor
a 360 degree solution to these domains, we
extricate the management from the niggling worries
of Income Tax authorities, freeing up their attention
and energies for core activities. Enabling our clients
to liaise with revenue authorities for conducting
assessments and clarifications on various taxation
issues also comes under this portfolio.

International Taxation
Our veteran team helps clients compete in
globalized markets by keeping pace with the fast
changing tax, legislative and regulatory
developments around the world we untangle
challenges like new business models, liquidity
concerns and evolving information technologies.
Our tax department remains agile and versatile
across both internal and external developments,
and is capable of handling competing goals.

Back End Management Supp

With our flexible and strategic approach, we work
collaboratively with you to cobble an end-to-end
solution that helps you with decision making, settle
compliance related issues, ascertain actual position of
accounts and other comprehensive tasks such as CForm collection, account reconciliations and cash

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