The Mid Columbia Senior Center

Vision Statement: Every Senior lives with joy in an enriching and fulfilling environment knowing they are loved.

Mission The Mid Columbia Senior Center To promote healthy aging by sharing and caring

Healthy Aging Means:
 Physical Health  Emotional Health  Social Health  Nutritional Health  Educational Stimulation and Mental Health


Sharing and Caring

Meals on Wheels
 

Meals on Wheels is our Primary Partner An integral part of the Senior Center since opened in 1986

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels feeds 85-120 each day in the dining hall at the senior center This serves as a good meal, a trip out of the house, and some socialization for these seniors.

Meals on Wheels Delivers
  

80 – 100 meals per day Milk delivered Frozen Meals for emergencies and weekends Check up and Love Dispensed

Meals on Wheels

All Meals are Delivered by Volunteers

Senior Center and Meals on Wheels

Working with American Red Cross as Disaster Kitchen and Disaster


Programs: “Next Chapter” Lecture Series
 Every Tuesday at 11:00 AM lecture in

Deschutes Room  Varied Subjects that affect and are important to Seniors  Brain Stimulation  Medical Issues, Fun, Legal Issues, Political Forums

Programs: Exercise Classes
 Strong Women  Yoga  Aerobics  Dance  A MCCOG

supported Program

Programs: New Computer Lab

Thanks to Google, and an Eagle Scout Project by Rhett Mullins we have recently opened our new 6 station computer lab Wildly popular with 55 signed up for classes

Mid Columbia Quilters

Bingo is both an activity and a fundraiser for both MCSC

Lyn Dalton

Nu2U Supports Seniors and the Center Fund raiser and Source of excellent recycled “senior” clothes

Tap and Clogging Classes


organizations that are partners think of the partner first. What we do must make our partners more successful and cause

Partner: Meals on Wheels

Wasco County
 Veterans

Service Office

Area Agency on Aging

Partner: MCCOG and Area Agency on Aging

Office Space for “one

stop shopping” Closer ties for classes Exercise Programs

Partner: Columbia Gorge Community College

  

Classes: Credit and Non Credit Classes offered on site at the Senior Center Large collection of quality speakers and advice to help the senior center Small Business Consultation Grant Writing Community Education

Partner: Boy Scouts

Partner: Mid Columbia Gun Club

An Original Partner, they have a rifle range in our basement..

Partner: City of The Dalles
The City has agreed in principle to sponsor and help us write a federal “Community Development Block Grant” which could be as much as $700,000.00 to defray much of the project construction cost.

A Doctor AND a Physician’s Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner

Gerontology Specialist

Foot and Diabetic Clinic Lab

Medical Care Coordination Office
 Insurance

Help  Laboratory for Blood Drawing  Help with scheduling Xrays or any other appointments.  Scheduling appointments with all other doctors or specialists  If you need an appointment with a doctor you WILL NOT LEAVE THE DESK WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT.

The Senior Center is in the perfect location to support seniors.

Multipurpose Rooms/ Classrooms/Meeting rooms
 For more classes from the college  For clubs/lectures/Multiple Uses  College Classes, arts, crafts,

photography, etc.  Provides Public Meeting Spaces for groups of all kinds.  Student/Senior Computer Mentoring

Exercise Room
Our exercise classes are very

popular Despite the fact we have NO FACILITY for exercise

Senior Center Foundation Board
      

Dr. Ned Kice, retiring anesthesiologist Ken Liebham, professor, CGCC, CPA, accountant Ted Lovell, accountant, volunteer Sandy Olsen, Columbia River Bank Branch Manager Mary Gale Wood, Member of Multiple Boards and Foundations Patty Kaseberg, local CPA Heather Runyon, Investment Broker, Edward Jones

Mill Creek Greenway
 

The area in back of the senior center has not been used yet it is beautiful The Greenway will eventually connect the Columbia River and Riverfront Trail to the Senior Center An outdoor area with seating and a covered area to allow us to see and enjoy the beauty of Mill Creek More windows in the back of the senior center will enable us to see and enjoy the creek and the trees

Partners and Potentials
   

 

Wasco County City of The Dalles Columbia Gorge CC MidCol Council of Governments (MCCOG) Agency on Aging MCMC Chamber of Commerce

       

Meals on Wheels Design Structures Mill Creek Point Senior Center Board Rotary Club Lions Club Kiwanis Club Others

Increase Usage of the Center
 The Center is busy from 11:30 – 1:00

each day.  Most days there is little usage early in the morning, after 1:00 pm and in the evenings. (exceptions: Bingo Thurs and Sat, Music Program on Tuesday evenings)  Even those times involve use of only the one main dining room.

Meals on Wheels is Supportive and Wants to Grow With the Senior Center Serve till in the evening Sandwich/Soup/Salad/Juice Cater events

Classrooms / Multipurpose Rooms

Covered unloadin g area.

Time Line
       

Nothing has been Decided at this Point Focus Groups to Aid in Planning Plan and Permitting Fund Raising Grant Writing Community Block Grant in Conjunction with The Dalles City Government (Owns Land) Construction Celebration – 2011????

Questions / Comments

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