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Leszek Ksiazek
Akademia Rolnicza w Krakowie, Katedra Inżynierii Wodnej
Agricultural University of Krakow, Dept. of Water Engineering


Seminarium dyplomowe
25 Listopad 2004, Kraków

Plan prezentacji:
1. Wstęp
2. Przykład pompy strumieniowej (jet pump)
3. Zasada działania pompy „Venturiego”
4. Przykłady zastosowania + film (6 min.)


1. In any pump ENERGY is put in and then taken out in a different form. in a CENTRIFUGAL PUMP. A fluid may be either a GAS (like air) or a LIQUID (like water) or a changeable substance (like steam). by definition. You will notice there are no moving parts. It is not the same as a VENTURI PUMP or an AIRMOVER. A jet pump is a pump (!) and is therefore. or FAN. used to increase the pressure or the speed (or both) of a FLUID. . For example. the energy is introduced through a rotating shaft. What is a Jet Pump (pompa strumieniowa)? A JET PUMP is the same as an EJECTOR or (sometimes) an INJECTOR or an EDUCTOR.

In both it is taken out mostly as increased pressure of a stream of fluid passing through. In a jet pump this stream is called the SECONDARY FLOW or the INDUCED FLOW and is said to be ENTRAINED by the primary flow. or the MOTIVE FLOW. .What is a Jet Pump? In a jet pump. The primary flow and the secondary flow are discharged from the pump as a mixture called the COMBINED FLOW or the DELIVERED FLOW. or sometimes the TOTAL FLOW. it goes in as a high speed jet of fluid. called the PRIMARY FLOW.

Typowa pompa strumieniowa – typical jet pump (1) .2.

Jet – wysokociśnieniowy strumień cieczy .

Typy pomp strumieniowych .

por . Zwężka Venturiego 1 1 2 2 p. Równanie Bernouliego dla cieczy idealnej dla przekrojów 1-1 i 2-2 E1  E2 (1) .3.

Równanie Bernouliego dla cieczy idealnej dla przekrojów 1-1 i 2-2  p1  p2   z1    z2 2g  2g  2 1 2 2 1 = ? 2 = ? strat = 0 p1 = ? p2 = ? z1 = 0 z2 = 0 (2) .

Po podstawieniu do równania (2)  p1  p2  0  00 2g  2g  2 1 2 2  p1  p2    2g  2g  2 1 2 2 (3) (4) .

Analiza jakościowa  p1  p2    2g  2g  2 1 2 2 (4) Równanie ciągłości strugi Q1=Q2. F1v1=F2v2 prędkość v2 > v1 dlatego v22/2g > v12/2g dla cieczy idealnej E2 = E1 z bilansu energi wynika p2/ < p1/ .

cieczy) .Przykład podciśnienie p1   2g 2 1 v22/2g > v12/2g p2/ < p1/ p2   22 2g zasysanie z zewnątrz (powietrza.

4. A Jet Pump in action .


it can pump up to 20 tons/hour of solids of up to 38mm/11'' size.The AUS016 is a jet pump. . It is made of stainless steel. It weighs only 22kg/49lb. and so has no moving parts. Driven by medium pressure water. acetal and high-chrome iron for long resistance to both wear and corrosoin. It can deliver to more than 60m height or 100m distance. Branch sizes are 80mm/3'' and 100mm/4''.

. and is equiped with disintergration or dilution jets. rov or other means. It is made of acetal or hardened steel and stainless steel. It will pass solids of up to 75mm/3'' at up to 40 tons/hour.The Seaton Pump is a lightweight (18kg/37lb) jet pump for deployment by diver. Supply water is up to 7bar/100psi.

or the MOTIVE FLOW (a high speed jet of fluid) – stru wymuszający ruch cieczy the SECONDARY FLOW or the INDUCED FLOW – przepływająca miesz cieczy i zawiesiny. której ruch został wymuszon .Jet Pump .pompa strumieniowa PRIMARY FLOW.

Jet pump – pompa strumieniowa .

Jet pump – pompa strumieniowa .

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