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The Five Classic Components of a Computer Processor Input Control Memory Datapath Output • Datapath: The processor elements that operate on and/or store data • Control: The processor element that decides how and when parts of the datapath are executed  FSM .

RISC processors typically support fewer and much simpler instructions. .INTRODUCTION • The MIPS processor. Compared with their CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computer) counterparts (such as the Intel Pentium processors). • Is a RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) processor. • A RISC processor can be made much faster than a CISC processor because of its simpler design. designed in 1984 by researchers at Stanford University.

– a store (s) instruction to write data to memory. • Two instructions for accessing memory: – a load (l) instruction to load data from memory. • None of the other instructions can access memory directly.INTRODUCTION (…) • RISC processors typically have a load-store architecture. .

5-Stage MIPS Stage 5 PC Instruction Memory (Imem) Stage 1 Registers Stage 2 ALU Stage 3 IFtch Dcd Exec Mem WB Reg ALU   IM   DM Reg Data Memory (Dmem) Stage 4 .

Read Registers 3) Execute: Mem-reference: Calculate Address R-format: Perform ALU Operation 4) Memory: Load: Read Data from Data Memory Store: Write Data to Data Memory . Increment PC 2) Decode: Instruction.STAGES OF EXECUTION IN MIPS 5 stage instruction pipeline 1) I-fetch: Fetch Instruction.

Block Diagram of MIPS single-cycle processor .

Datapath elements • Instruction memory – PC register. adder increment PC by 4 • Register file • ALU • Data memory Data PC Address Instruction memory Instruction Register # Registers ALU Address Register # Data memory Register # Data .

Edge Triggered Methodology • Unclocked vs. Clocked • Clocks used in synchronous logic – when should an element that contains state be updated? — wouldn't want to read a signal at the same time it was being written falling edge cycle time rising edge .

Edge Triggered Methodology Register file • A clocking methodology defines when signals can be read and written State element 1 Combinational logic State element 2 Write Data to Memory Clock cycle Instruction Read From Memory Value Written to Register File Read Register Values .

The MIPS instructions format .

a single cycle • long cycle time • Instructions same size • Source registers always in same place • Immediates same size.Single-cycle Implementation • All operations take the same amount of time . location • Operations always on registers/immediates .

LAB2 • You will become familiar with the MIPS instruction set by implementing a single-cycle core in VHDL – The example code will be uploaded to the website • You have two weeks for this project – don’t wait until the night before to tackle .

LAB2 • You will be given the design skeleton of a single-cycle MIPS processor that is capable of performing some instructions. . • Complete the design of the singlecycle implementation in order to support the required MIPS instruction set.

read registers . or.memory-reference instructions: lw.control flow instructions: beq . slt .Simplified to contain only: . sub.We're ready to look at an implementation of the MIPS . sw .Generic Implementation: .use the program counter (PC) to supply instruction address .get the instruction from memory . and.MIPS 32 Instruction Set .arithmetic-logical instructions: add.use the instruction to decide exactly what to do .


.DEMO • You'll want to build a suite of test programs to test the new capabilities of your implementation as you add them. – Test Programs IFETCH.vhd file are Stored in the • You will be expected to run a number of supplied programs.

REPORT • Objective of this lab and intro. • Your implementation • Your test programs and results (simulations) • Your conclusion • Attach your VHDL source code (email) .

Important Announcements! • Lab material (Tutorials. but we can be at the lab if there are questions . VHDL Files) will be uploaded in the website! • Deadline for Lab 2 is on: 1/10/2014 • No Lab Lecture next week.

Adding Instructions to MIPS (Tutorial) • Branch not Equal (Bne) • Load Upper Immediate (Lui) .

Branch Not Equal (Ben) .

Load Upper Immediate (Lui) .