Deep Dive into
Windows Azure Virtual

Vijay Rajagopalan
Principal Lead Program Manager
Microsoft Corporation

Introduction & Getting Started
Patterns for running Virtual Machines
Provisioning in the Cloud
Image Customization
Bring your own Images / Disks & Best Practices

API Surface & Platform Programmability –
REST, Client Libraries
PowerShell Cmdlets
Cross Platform Cmdlets

Scalextreme – ISV building Cloud based Monitoring &
Inside Provisioning Virtual Machines
Application Patterns:- SLA, Building for availability, IaaS +

Getting Started with Virtual Machines
1. Create new VMs from Platform supplied “stock images” from VM Image
Tools:- Azure Management Portal / APIs / PowerShell cmdlets
2. Customize a platform stock image and “capture” for future usage
Tools:- Management Portal / APIs / PowerShell cmdlets
3. Bring your own VMs from on-premises
Tools:- Management Portal / APIs / PowerShell cmdlets &

Linux and Mac) New Disk Persisted in Storage Select Image and VM Size Boot VM from New Disk Server Blob Storage Cloud REST API .Cloud Provisioning Getting Started Management Portal > _ Scripting (Windows.

Customizing Stock Images in the Cloud Cloud Blob Storag e Identical/similar deployment instances using common OS image as start Base.Imaging in the Cloud :.VHD Boot VM Customiz e VHD Generali ze VHD Blob Storage Capture VM Capture VM Saves Customized Image to Your Image Library .

Bring Your Own Server/VHD On-Premises On Premises Virtual Server Cloud MyApp. script or API Create Disk or Image .vh d Use Case • Forklift Migration of VMs • “Sysprepped” Images Upload VHD VHD Must Be Fixed Disk • Ensure VHD is Fixed and Upload as PageBlob • RDP/SSH before Upload Blob Storage Best Practices Activation Paging File Time Sync Provision VM from Image or Disk using portal.

vh d Blob Storag e .Image Mobility On-Premises Cloud MyApp.

Windows Azure SDK Authoring Tools (CSUpload) Basic VHD validation Dynamic disk to Fixed disk conversion Multi-threaded upload Resume functionality Automatic Image/Disk registration Image Patching support .Bring your own Image/disk from onpremises We support Image & Disk based migration.

CSUpload under the covers Uploading an data disk is simple… Customer’s Storage Account Data Disk PUT Blob Windows Azure Storage API Data Disk .

CSUpload under the covers Uploading an OS disk is simple… Customer’s Storage Account OS Disk PUT Blob Windows Azure Storage API OS Disk .

What will work on upload… Sysprep’d Windows Server VHD on Hyper-V Images Windows Azure Image (Server 2008 R2 and Windows 8 Server) Windows Server VHD on Hyper-V (Server 2008 R2 and Windows 8 Server) Windows Azure Disk Disks .

G:\ .. Data Disks • .Persistent Disk Management Capability OS Disk Data Disk Host Cache Default ReadWrite ReadOnly Max Capacity 127 GB 1 TB Imaging Capable Yes No Hot Update Cache Setting Requires Reboot Change Cache Without Reboot.. F:\. Add/Remove without Reboot. C:\ = OS Disk • D:\ = Non-Persistent Cache Disk • E:\.

DEMO • • • Image Customization & (Capture) Bring your VMs / Data Disks Migration : .Bring your own VM from on-premises using System Center App Controller .

VHD Windows Azure Hypervisor Portal (API)   Hostname Password  … .Technology Behind Launching a Virtual Machine Base Customer Data Data Disk OS OS Disk Image s Storage Account Image Publisher Gallery ISO Cache VM UNATTEN D Provisioning Repository Add Server Storage API CACHE.

Virtual Machine Provisioning Options General Settings Computer Name Windows Update (default on) Windows Domain Join Settings (Script Only) Certificate/SSH Cert Deployment Networking Configure TCP/UDP Endpoints Subnet Name(s) Virtual Network Disk Configuration Modify cache and Add Data Disks . Public IP (VIP) myservice.Windows Azure Virtual Machine Architecture Cloud Service Clients Location: North Central US Name: myservice. Virtual MachineVirtual Machine Role Name: srv1 Subnet: sub1 Role Name: srv2 Subnet: sub1 DIP Windows Azure Storage VIP Load Balancer Deployment Virtual Network: MyVNET DNS Ips: 10. : : : : ReadWrite SPMigDemo1-spsql1-0-2012319124815 http://spmigdemo1.26.vhd MSFT__Windows-Server-2008-R2-SP1-with-SQL-Server-2012- .azurepreview.Virtual Machines Under the Hood Virtual Machine RoleName: spsql1 Subnet: AppSubnet InstanceStatus: ReadyRole IP Address: LoadBalancerProbe: LoadBalancedEndpointSetName: Data Disk HostCaching : ReadOnly DiskLabel : sqldata DiskName : SPMigDemo1-spsql1-0-2012319124817 Lun : 0 LogicalDiskSizeInGB : 20 MediaLink : https://spmigdemo1.11-29-2011 Input Endpoints EnableDirectServerReturn : False LocalPort : 3389 Name : RDP Port : 61388 Protocol : tcp Vip : 65.52.190.blob.core.71 OS Disk HostCaching DiskName MediaLink SourceImageName Eval.249.

Virtual Machine Management Remote Desktop Fully Configured. Windows Update “On” by default Preferred mode for keeping your VMs up to date No Coordination between VMs and platform updates VM Customization & Software Acquisition Interactively with RDP Web PI Data Disk FTP Server Hybrid –SMB Server .

Protocols and Endpoints UDP Traffic Supported in WA Load-balanced incoming traffic and allows outbound traffic Support for All IP-Based Protocols (VM to VM) Instance-to-instance communication TCP. UDP and ICMP. allowing granular control of health checks Port Forwarded Endpoints Direct communication to multiple VMs in the same cloud app . Support for dynamic ports Custom Load Balancer Health Probes Health check based on Probes HTTP and TCP based probing.

core.core.Delete Management.Read U .windows.Update D .net/ Management.Service Management REST APIs.“A Bird’s eye View” Entity Reference Parent – Child C Subscription Subscription (R) (R) Images Images (CRUD) (CRUD) Disks Disks (CRUD) (CRUD) Deployment Deployment (CRUD) (CRUD) Virtual Virtual Machine Machine (CRUD) Data Data Disk Disk (CRUD) (CRUD) Configuration Configuration Set Set (CRUD) Hosted Hosted Service Service (CRUD) Storage Storage Account Account (CRUD) Service Service Certificate (CRUD) (CRUD) Location Location (CRUD) (CRUD) OSFamily OSFamily (CRUD) (CRUD) OS OS (R) (R) Operation Operation s s (R) .Reference Create R .

Create Virtual Machine) Delete Role Get Role Shutdown/Restart Role Modify Role Deployment Level APIs Attach Disk Capture Role Detach Disk Download RDP file Modify Disk Attribute Get/Set/List Virtual Networks ..REST APIs for VM Operations Add Role (i.e.

“OSDisk”: { “SourceImageId”:”PlatformWin2k8R2Apr01” }.Create Virtual Machine POST<subid>/services/compute/myService/Deployments/myDeployment/Roles { “Name”:”MyWebServerFrontEndH1”. “InstanceSize”:”Medium”. “AdminPassword”:”ac63783093bbef82729==”. “DataDisks”: [{ “LogicalDiskSizeInGB”:15 }].core. “ConfigurationSets”: [{ “ConfigurationSetType”:”ProvisioningConfiguration”. “ResetPasswordOnFirstLogon”:”true” }] } Response 202 Accepted x-ms-requestid : 3874857458459420685695 . “RoleType”:”PersistentVMRole”.windows.

Capture a Virtual Machine POST https://management. “PostCaptureAction”:”REPROVISION|DELETE”.windows.core. “AdminPassword”:”baac7364384948==”. “ConfigurationSets”:[{ “ConfigurationType”:”ProvisioningConfiguration”.net/<subid>/services/compute/myService/Deployments/ myDeployment/Roles/MyWebServerFrontEndH1/Operations?OperationType=”Capture” { “TargetImageName”:”MySQLServerSP3BaseImage”. “ResetPasswordOnLogon”:”true”. “MachineName”:”SQLServerv11” }] } Response 202 Accepted x-ms-requestid : 3874857458459420685695 .

.Introducing Client Libraries for Service Management We will deliver .NET Reference Library for all the management scenarios Prescriptive & Consistent Client Scenario Wrappers to enable Microsoft & ISV products. Java & PHP Libraries for non-Windows scenarios.

Announcing Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets Subscription Management Cloud Services/Deployments New/Upgrade/Delete/VIP Swap Instance Management Add/Remove/Reboot/Re-Image Diagnostics Management Configure/Download/Clea Basic Storage Operations Upload/Download/Delete Create/Manage Storage Accounts Storage Analytics Virtual Machine Management Create/Managing Virtual Machines Hot Add Disks/Endpoints Manage VNET Settings .

Scripted Deployment $vms = @() $vms += New-AzureVM -RoleName 'vm1' -InstanceSize Small | Add-ProvisioningConfiguration -Windows -AdminPassword $pwd | Add-OSDisk -ImageName $imgname -MediaLocation $vm1storage $vms += New-AzureVM -RoleName 'vm2' -InstanceSize Small | Add-ProvisioningConfiguration -Windows -AdminPassword $pwd | Add-OSDisk -ImageName $imgname -MediaLocation $vm2storage New-AzureDeployment-NewCloudService -ServiceName $svcName -Location 'North Central US' -Roles $vms .

DEMO • • • • REST API Surface area Command Line Tools Building Webfarm using PowerShell Managing Virtual Machines from Linux/Mac .

Scalextreme .

etc. today Directly integrates with Windows Azure through management API’s Worked closely with Microsoft to ensure native integration . Budgets & Cost Control. Complements Azure management functionality with actual server launch and management capabilities – Windows and Linux fully supported. you can use your own Monitoring. general-purpose Job Automation.ScaleXtreme Overview Cloud-based Systems Management “Instant On” Manage existing servers or create brand-new servers – no need to use our images. Patch Management.

scalextreme. Create free account at http://www. Link your Azure account to ScaleXtreme 3.Super Easy 1. Put agent on existing servers or start launching new ones . job automation) instantly available! . All functionality ( 2.

Demo! .

Application Patterns SLA & Building for High Availability Highly Available Application Pattern SQL Mirroring for Availability SharePoint Designing VMs with Domain Controller Connecting Cloud Services & VMs over VIP Connecting Cloud Services & VMs over VNet Mixed Mode (PaaS + IaaS working together) .

power failure Hardware upgrades.95% for Virtual Machines (in Availability Set) 4.75 hours of downtime per year What is included Compute Hardware failure (disk. Guest OS Updates .Network failure. memory) Datacenter failures .Service Level Agreements 99. Software maintenance – Host OS Updates What is not included VM Container crashes.9% for single Virtual Machine 8. cpu.38 hours of downtime per year 99.

Availability Set Visualized Fault Domain Fault Domain Rack Rack Virtual Machine Virtual Machine IIS1 Web Availability Set Virtual Machine SQL1 IIS2 Virtual Machine SQL Availability Set SQL2 .

Primary Virtual Machine SQL Server .9 SQL Server .95 Availability Set SLA 99.Primary Virtual Machine .Primary Virtual Machine SQL Server .How Does this Relate to SLA? SLA >= 99.

Add both VMs to the same availability Set at every layer 2. Configure a load balanced endpoint on Port 80 for UI IIS Web Application Web Role Business Components & Entities Persisten t Disk Virtual Machine SQL Server Virtual Machine .End to End Highly Available Solution IIS Web Application Web Role Internet Business Components & Entities Persisten t Disk SQL Server Virtual Machine SQL Mirroring Redundancy at every level Virtual Machine LB Tips :1.

95% (DB Mirroring) Single Instance Availability 99.Summary – SLA and Availability SCENARIO WINDOWS AZURE SQL SERVER Multiple Instance Availability 99.9% Disaster Recovery Windows Azure Storage Geo-Replication Log-Shipping/Backup .9% 99.95% (Availability Sets) 99.

8.8. Capture as an Image Virtual Virtual Machine Machine Search Search and and Index Index Virtual Virtual Machine Machine DC DC DNS DNS Local Local DNS DNS Virtual Virtual Machine Machine Open Open User User Access Access (Website) Domain joined to On-Premises On-Premises Network Network L B Internet SharePoint SharePoint FrontEnd FrontEnd SQL Virtual Virtual Machine Machine SharePoint SharePoint FrontEnd FrontEnd Virtual Virtual Machine Machine Internet Server Server Accounts Accounts Virtual Virtual Machine Machine Search Search and and Index Index Persistent Disk Virtual Machine Machine Virtual SQL Virtual Virtual Machine Machine SQL SQL Mirroring Mirroring Persistent Disk Virtual Virtual Machine Machine SQL SQL SQL Mirroring Mirroring SharePoint SharePoint FrontEnd FrontEnd L B Configure the Virtual Network Configure Gateway to On Premise Configure your on premise router Start the gateway . Configure databases on it. Sysprep and shut it down.8. 10.Tips :- SharePoint 10.8. x x VNet On On Premises Premises DC DC DC DC User User Accounts Accounts DNS DNS DNS DNS Virtual Virtual Machine Machine Local Local DNS DNS Create second VM from the Images Create load balanced endpoints Put both VMs in the same availability set Virtual Virtual Machine Machine Server Server Accounts Accounts SQL Virtual Virtual Machine Machine SharePoint SharePoint FrontEnd FrontEnd Create first VM from SQL Server.

Building Complex LOB Applications with Domain Controller VNet Active Directory Web Tier UI Process Components DNS Business & Data Tier Business Components & Entities SQL Server Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Domain joined to Network .

DEMO • Building Complex Applications using Domain based Automation .

Power of Choice Virtual Machines(IaaS) & Cloud Services(PaaS) Better Together Connect Cloud Services via VIPs Easily compose services by connecting public endpoints Direct Connectivity Using Virtual Networking Simple. secure and highly efficient method of using IaaS and PaaS side-by-side For advanced connectivity scenarios such as Active Directory or DCOM Mixed Mode: Virtual Machines and Web/Worker Roles in the Same Cloud Service .

Connecting Cloud Services via VIPs SQL Data Access Traffic Through Public Endpoint Cloud Service1 Load Balancer 80 WA Web Role Secure Endpoints with Firewall Cloud Service 2 2001-1433 Load Balancer SQL Server Strengths Simplicity Tenant Autonomy VIP Swap (stateless roles) Easy Local Dev/Test Persistent Service is Easily Accessible (even from other services!) Weakness Higher Latency Less Secure Management/Deployment Overhead .

0/8) FrontEndSubne t ( 80 Load Balancer Cloud Service1 WA Web Role Direct Access via VNET AD AD Subnet ( SQL Mirror Strengths Simplicity Tenant Autonomy VIP Swap (stateless roles) Easy Local Dev/Test Persistent Service is Easily Accessible (even from other services!) Weakness VNET Complexity No iDNS – use BYOD .0.0.Connecting Cloud Services with VNET ContosoVNet (10.0/1 6) Cloud Service 2 SQLSubnet (10.

update and management unit Virtual Machine WA Web Role Weakness No VIP Swap (coming in the future) Coming in the future .Mixed Mode: PaaS/IaaS in the Same Cloud Service Cloud Service Load Balancer 80 Strengths Internal DNS (iDNS) Low latency connectivity Single deployment.

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