IP Multimedia

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Analog (Telephone Voice Switches)
Digital (Voice
• Concept “softswitch” emerged(i.e. Open
API to bridge a PSTN and VOIP)[1].
standardized reference architecture
• emerging architectural framework,
• based on SIP and IP, for offering
multimedia, VoIP services and fixed
mobile convergence.

University College Cork CS6316


Introduction Defined by 3GPP and 3GPP2 standards and organizations based on IETF Internet protocols. 802. • standardized reference architecture • University College Cork CS6316 3 . 802. • It is access independent as it supports IP to IP session over wireline IP. CDMA.15. packet data along with GSM/EDGE/UMTS and other packet data applications.11.

Cable.) can interface with IMS University College Cork CS6316 4 . Multi-access: diverse access networks (WiFi. reliable and trusted – Multi-services: Any type of service may be delivered by a common QoS enabled core network. IP based network   secure. CDMA2000.The IMS will provide a multi-service multiprotocol. etc. WiMAX. multi-access. UMTS. xDSL.

GSM.Web.SIP.CDMA.RTSP) Transport (Wi-Fi.Messaging) IP CSCF (SCTP.IMS Layers Applications (Voice ..IP. Video.SS7) Access Network University College Cork CS6316 Access (PSTN) Services Control Transport Devices 5 .

routing distribution of IMS traffic between the transport layer and the service layer.High Level Functioning •Transfer Layer  responsible for the abstraction of the actual access networks. media servers. For example.  doing initial IP provisioning  facilitating the registration of devices with the higher layers. a pay-per-download service Call Session Control Function (CSCF) which facilitates the correct interaction between the application servers. and the Home Subscriber Service (HSS) University College Cork CS6316 6 . •Control Layer     authentication.

Elements of IMS Service layer :.High Level Functioning(cont) •Service Layer Final Level of Abstraction provides multimedia services to the overall IMS network  contains network elements which connect to the Serving-CSCF (Call Session Control Function) using the IP multimedia Subsystem Service Control Interface (ISC).OSA Service Capability Server and IM-SSF University College Cork CS6316 7 .SIP Application Server.

it is the endpoint. Core network:   This is a major element within the IMS architecture and provides all the core functionality. the user equipment or UE is part of the IMS architecture resides with the user . Access network:   This is the portion of the IMS architecture through which the overall network is accessed. Application layer:   The application layer contains the web portal and the application servers. which provide the end user with service and enhanced service controls. University College Cork CS6316 8 .IMS Architecture Basics     Main Elements :User equipment:   As the name implies.

IMS architecture functional view Simplified view of the functional IMS architecture University College Cork CS6316 9 .

Call Session Control Server provides the registration of the endpoints provides routing for the SIP signalling messages links to the interworking and transport layer to provide QoS University College Cork CS6316 10 .Main Elements of IMS •IMS CSCF .

•SLF (Subscription Locator Function) – Need when there are more than a single HSS(User address mapped to HSS).Slide Title •HSS .Home Subscriber Server   subscriber data base for the home network(Implemented using DIAMETER protocol). University College Cork CS6316 11 .

•BGCF .Breakout gateway control function  SIP proxy which processes requests for routing from an S-CSCF when the S-CSCF has determined that the session cannot be routed using DNS or ENUM/DNS Iincludes routing functionality based on telephone numbers University College Cork CS6316 12 .

Media Gateway Controller Function  interworks the SIP signalling manages the distribution of sessions across multiple media gateways •MSCF .Media server function control This manages the use of resources on media servers.SIP applications server service execution platform on which one or more services are deployed. •SIP-AS .Slide Title •MGCF . University College Cork CS6316 13 .

Common IMS core overview University College Cork CS6316 14 .

establishing emergency connections and controlling the communication with other networks[2]. • University College Cork CS6316 15 .CSCF – Call Session Control Function  Basic Features :- Used to process SIP processing. • intercepts call signaling and passes it to the application services for them to handle. • Comprises all functional modules required to manage signaling from enduser equipment. allocating application servers.

Proxy. •Secure SIP signaling transmission. University College Cork CS6316 16 . •Interface towards the Policy control architecture for authorization of the media.Call Session Control Function (P-CSCF) •This SIP proxy is first point of contact for IMS terminal. •Detection of IMS Emergency services.

Forwards SIP request or reponse to the S-CSCF. University College Cork CS6316 17 .Interrogating Call Session Control Function (I-CSCF)    located at the edge of an administrative domain Queries HSS to retrieve the address of the S-CSCF and assign it to a user performing SIP registration.

Responsible for routing and translation of the sessions. Assists in authenticating the user upon registration and retrieve the users service profile[3]. University College Cork CS6316 18 .Serving Call Session Control Function (SCSCF)    Central node for the provision of the SIP signaling.

Role of SIP in IMS      Main signaling protocol used in IMS. To establish.Works end to end. SIP signaling packets within IMS are normally processed by Call Session Control Function(CSCF). University College Cork CS6316 19 . Designed to enable additional multimedia sessions. modify and terminate multimedia sessions. There is single protocol.

com/fj/ourportfolio/products/cal l-session-control-function-cscf •[3]White Paper : Introduction to IMS.References •[1]http://searchnetworking.com/definiti on/ •[1]  Lucent IP Multimedia Subsystem Overview •[2] http://www.Ericsson (March 2007) University College Cork CS6316 20 .ericsson.techtarget.