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 Ardeshir godrej started manufacturing locks in a tiny shed
in Lalbaug, in Central Mumbai.
 Presently exporting their products to 30 countries.

 The first company in the world to develop the technology
to manufacture soap with vegetable oils.

 The spirit of entrepreneurship, the vision of a dynamic
tomorrow, and the capacity to build and realize dreams!
This is the essence of the Godrej group.

CSR Policy’s:  CSR Area:  Environment  Health Care  Education  Community Development  Overall CSR Policy’s • • • • Their Corporate Environment Policy has identified biodiversity enhancement as a focal point. . Godrej strongly believes that this green environment enhances productivity and quality. Godrej's entire campus. The preservation of open spaces and specially green open spaces such as mangroves. is an industrial garden township. known as Pirojshanagar.

453.63 1.437. In crore March-14 Operating income Adjusted PAT March-13 March-12 1.Rs.75 .44 15.03 122.48 38.55 1.464.

they have articulated a more cohesive direction for the Godrej Group. which represents both the focused set of businesses that they participate in. there approach is called CREATE.In order to achieve there planned trajectory of growth as per there 2020 Vision. CREATE stands for:  C – Consumer and Chemicals  RE – Real Estate  A – Agri Business  T – Transformation  E – Emergent Businesses . along with some of the key imperatives that they are pursuing across the Group.

 GCPL was ranked 31st globally in Forbes World’s 100 most innovative growth Company’s list and was the highest ranked amongst Indian Companies in that list.  Continuous focus on innovation. (GCPL)  GCPL will continue investing judiciously for the longer term to improve it’s position. delivering in core categories. create sustainable competitive advantages and emerge stronger than ever before. .C – Consumer and Chemicals Product Ltd. prudent cost management. and stimulating growth in the key geographies will hold GCPL in good stead for future progress.

Cont…  they will at the same time focus on intensifying efforts in enhancing the distribution network and improving productivity through technology. With the strategic foundation in place. .  GCPL maintains focus on the 3x3 strategy as it believes that the opportunities across all its geographies and categories are immense. there Company is confident of sustaining GCPL’s growth going forward.

. the National Capital Region. Godrej Properties Limited delivered healthy financial results in a challenging environment reporting a growth of 20% in revenues. 21% in EBIDTA and 15% in Net Profit in 2013-14. GPL signed 8 new projects adding 13 million sq.R E – Real Estate (GPL)  The real estate subsidiary of there Company. The new projects are located in Mumbai. ft. Bengaluru and Chennai. Pune.  During the year. of saleable area to its portfolio.

This is testimony to the strong brand equity whilst also ensuring that the heritage brand is relevant and dynamic. .Cont…  Godrej was ranked 3rd in the all India rank for most trusted Brand (6th in the previous year).

and the Animal Feed vertical of GAVL crossed the one million tonne mark of animal feed in fiscal 2013-14 with strong profitability.  GAVL’s consolidated revenue grew by 16% and net profit by 80%. .  This strong performance was backed by innovative products as a result of R&D efforts and efficiency in buying.A – Agri Business (GAVL)  A healthy monsoon combined with a strong and innovative Agri product basket enabled there Company to register yet another year of strong growth across all agri-verticals.

Cont…  they are focusing on strengthening there sales and distribution network. .  A strategic development during the year was introducing Temasek as an investor and a partner in GAVL.  This will prove to be highly beneficial given their global credentials and knowledge in agribusinesses and should enable GAVL to accelerate its strong momentum going forward.

they believe in inclusive growth that aims at enhancing the competitiveness of there businesses while simultaneously advancing the economic and social conditions of the communities in which they operate.T – Transformation  As a Group. .  This focus is implemented Group wide through the shared value initiative called ‘Godrej Good and Green’.

Cont…  As part of Good & Green. rural entrepreneurship and animal husbandry. they have been able to train thousands of unemployed or underemployed youth in the last year. Through employability programs in beautician training. .  The Group has made good progress on each of the objectives during the last fiscal year. channel sales. a greener India and innovate for products that are greener or cater to the bottom of the income pyramid. the Group aspires by 2020. to create a more employable Indian workforce.

Cont.  Building on there human capital has always been a priority and during the year they undertook various activities that assisted in enhancing leadership capabilities through specially designed programs. ..

through the years. there gourmet food retailing business.  they are now spread across 6 key metros in India through 27 outlets. . with contribution to performance coming from rising same store sales as well as opening of new stores. Natures Basket. they have selectively incubated businesses and grown them successfully. is one such business where they see good potential.  The progress witnessed by this business has been encouraging.E – Emergent Businesses  As part of there business strategy.

which is still in a nascent stage. . they divested there stake in the Godrej Hershey joint venture. In line with this portfolio strategy.  There commitment to superior value creation for all stakeholders. Godrej Seeds and Genetics Limited. has reported encouraging performance during the year and through concerted efforts they are confident of significantly building this business in the coming years. in September 2012.Cont…  there seeds venture. they have been following a disciplined approach to profitably grow there core portfolio of businesses and make clear choices to focus on areas where they have a competitive advantage and the best growth opportunities.

.  GIL agreed to continue its inhouse JV with Godrej Hersheys Ltd.Recent Happenings  Acquisition of 8 acres of MIDC property in Ambernath as a process to shift its main operational facility from Vikroli to Ambernath.

Strategies for the future  Go Green Initiative  Technical developments .

Go Green Initiative  Trailing 1 million urban and rural population in skilled employment  Achieving zero waste and carbon neutrality  Using 30% of energy from renewable energy sources  Water recycling and reusing  Having higher quality products for lower section of the population .

Technical developments  Low priced raw materials to manufacture high quality products  Faster and higher volume productions  More qualified personnel to operate machines  Newer chemicals manufactured after following the trends of global markets .