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The fruit based beverages category is one of the fastest
growing category, and is growing at a CAGR of 30% on
the last decade.

Industry valued at around INR1500 cr., and expected to
increase by CAGR of 15% over next 3 years.

Dabur, pepsico, coco-cola are largest market share

Healthy proposition  THREATS Intense competition from local manufacturers. tier3 & rural unrecognized players. Differentiated packaging and variants.INDIAN FRUIT INDUSTRY -SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS WEAKNESS More health. hygienic Low capital intensive consciousness Low entry barriers. Changing demographics and to low confidence in industry Demand is seasonal consumer behavior Huge untapped market dependent OPPORTUNITIES Increasing Organization of retail stores. Low quality standards of areas. industry attracts new entrants.  Government regulations and pricing policies Uninterrupted logistics and Rise of tier 2.leading .

BUSINESS BACKGROUND  Product Offerings  Delicious juices made from raw ingredients  Pioneered concept that cleansing benefits can be available to everyone .

organic products Green juice a day mentality Healthy living lifestyles becoming increasingly popular in the US Women 18-34 more likely to participate in juice cleanses Increased number of healthy beverage products . consuming more natural.MARKET TRENDS Trend toward healthy eating.

after coffee and cereal Sources: Beverage Industry Magazine. exotic flavors of juice on the rise Sales of tradition al juice flavors decreasi ng Juice is the 3rd most consumed breakfast item. Wall Street Journal. .MARKET TRENDS Sales of new.


eg-fiber enriched. no sugar. Product extension.dryfruit apple juice.from single fruit to mixed fruit.sachets of fruit powder. Unique offerings.UNBOUNDED OPPORTUNITIES      Shift towards 100% juice from concentrated juices. . Wider option. Healthy

CATEGORY ASSESSMENT  Consumers purchase juice for several uses. but consumption as an everyday beverage is the leading occasion Usage Occasion % Respondents 60 50 40 30 52 20 10 0 Source: Brand Survey. November 2013 Q: How do you typically consume raw or organic .

maaza Fruit juice 100% 30% Real active Nectar drinks 25-90% 10% Real cranber ry .COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS :DIVIDED INTO 3 SUBCATEGORIES Catego ry Fruit conten Market Examp share les t Fruit drinks 30% 60% Frooti.

for fruit juices and concentrates Share by segmentation 8% 7% 65% 20% North East West South Source.0% 5.1% 2001-02 – 2006-07 10.3% 2004-05 – 2009-10 9.MARKET GROWTH Time period Market growth 1990-91-1996-97 40.3% 1996-97 – 2001-02 16.Ministry of food processing industry .0% 2009-10 – 2014-15 8.3 Demand in billion Rs.

enabling practical living for all nutritional lifestyles. organic raw juice. Blueprint is full of nutrients.BLUEPRINT:POSITIONING STATEMENT For 25-35 year old young professional women seeking a healthy lifestyle. . Offering a variety of juices and cleanses. Blueprint will be the original 100% cold pressed.

raw juices with no additives Focus on high quality Use fresh. locally sourced fruits and vegetables Cold pressed and not pasteurized Juices available at health food retailers nationwide Free cleanse delivery in LA and NY • • • • • High resonance Strong brand loyalty Highly trusted as a cleanse Positive perception: associated with health and wellness 43% would purchase over other brands • • • • Feeling healthy and happy Energized.EQUITY PYRAMID • • • • • • • • • • • • • • High quality All natural Good for you Socially responsible/ Environmentally friendly Organic. organic image Easily recognizable blue lid Clear typography listing ingredients of each juice to facilitates user discovery High brand awareness within category: 45% Aided awareness Moderate brand awareness as a cleanse Low brand awareness as a healthy juice product 52% would purchase as refreshment. focused Treating your body well Sense of pride and selfrespect Fashionable and trendy Feeling like you’re doing something good for yourself • • Resonance • • Judgment Feelings Imagery Performance Salience • • Minimalistic design Logo with leaves and droplet reiterates the brand’s healthy. 32% as meal replacement .

Treat your body right. . Juice should never be cooked. Drinking fresh juice and eating real food is a smart long-term strategy for maintaining good health. Don’t have separation anxiety. Even “flash” pasteurized means cooked.CORE VALUES OF BLUEPRINT The core values we live and juice by: QUALITY The freshest fruits and vegetables makes the best juice. Only additives can prevent the natural settling process and who wants to drink additives? Stop staring and give me a little shake shake. Keep me cold. Cooking juice kills vitamins and live enzymes.

BLUEPRINT MANIFESTO: SUPERIOR SERVICE We aim to surpass our clients’ expectations with an exceptional level of service. SOCIALLY & ENVRIONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE We use 100% organic. As the only cleanse company with an in-house nutritional consultant. Our bottles are the most recyclable of bottle options. PETE 1 plastic bottles. Our clients health and nutrition is our highest priority. and help you choose the best program according to your goals and dietary history. whole. which are vital to preserving the shelf life and taste of our juice. Our Client Services team will be available seven days a week to answer questions. education and support. We offer one-on-one nutritional consultants for those who wish to incorporate the benefits of raw food and juicing into their everyday diet. unprocessed and locally sourced ingredients from farms that practice sustainable agriculture. provide support . We minimize our waste & carbon footprint by using recyclable materials and composting. natural. . we are committed to providing professional nutritional guidance at ever turn.

Business professionals College Grad Learning to cook healthy food Buys natural beauty products when she can Orders an egg white omelet and bottomless mimosas at brunch Splurges on cupcakes Goes to farmer’s market on weekends Prefers iced tea or water to soda Casual chic style .Flips through magazines TARGET GROUP OF BLUE PRINT -CUSTOMER PROFILE Reads fashion blogs and checks out celeb gossip Is Social Online Prefers herbal supplements to medication Wants to maintain youthful skin Shops for clothes often Goes to yoga after work to relax Recycles Shops at Whole Foods Watches TV Young .

MARKETING OBJECTIVES  Grow market share within the cold-pressed juice market in 2014  Opportunity  worth $6MM annually Increase distribution in retail grocery outlets and convenience stores by December 2015 .

COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES  Increase brand awareness of BluePrint juices within target market from 45% to 60%  Reposition BluePrint as a more holistic wellness solution  Create stronger association with juice as an everyday consumption occasion vs. part of a cleansing program .

Juice Your Way Blueprints' loved juices are now available in single servings to power you through your day . .SOCIAL MEDIA  Blueprint’s target audiences are spending their time on social media Female 18-34 year olds are the most active social media users Social media led conversion     71% use social media regularly 54.2% of women have engaged in a social sharing activity based on something seen in an ad Social media leads to almost 2X the marketing leads that direct mail. or tradeshows produce rates are 13% higher than average led conversion rates Females 18-34 respond to brands via social media   59% have bought something due to coupon or offer on social media 42% more likely to follow brands due to coupons and discounts Source: 2013 Social mom report Neilsen/Babycenter. Hubspot.

SOCIAL MEDIA  Opportunities  Focus on juice as part of everyday life   Increase frequency of offers for customers   Solicit examples of daily juice consumption Avoid campaigns that offer rewards for “likes” Social care: 1 in 3 customers prefer customer service via social over phone   Offer advice. answer customer questions Announce distribution and availability Sources: 2012 Nielsen Social Media Survey NM Incite: State of Social Customer Service Study 2012 .

Students  Print buy will be amplified through digital extension . women ages 25-35:  Women’s Health  Gyms and Shape parlours  InStyle: Professionals .MEDIA PLAN – PRINT  Print placements should align with the target consumer.

MEDIA PLAN – DIGITAL PARTNER Women’s Health Shape Fitness Retargeting RATIONALE  High index against target audience  Contextual relevance  Retarget users who have visited Blueprint site  Increase frequency per user TACTICS  Sponsorships  Leverage 1st party data to reach highly interested prospects  Capture audiences at lowest stage of funnel .

MEDIA PLAN – SOCIAL AND SEARCH  A significant portion of the media budget would allow BluePrint to increase the reach of its message through always-on social and search tactics:  Social – promote own social content through Facebook ads. promoted Tweets and potentially Instagram ads  Search – paid ad word targeting on search engines and within social media channels (e. Sponsored Stories.g. Twitter) .

promos. sampling details  . hash tagged user photos Facebook likes  Posting at least 2x per week  Inspirational quotes. sampling info.SOCIAL MEDIA Blueprint’s Social Media – Promotion Strategy  Twitter     Instagram     followers tweets Photos. contests followers posts Promotions. coupons.

MEDIA PLAN – OUT-OF-HOME  Local placements is the most cost efficient way to execute impactful out-of home advertising  Small-format billboard placements in close proximity to retail location will reach consumers closer to the point of purchase  Locals buys on gym ad networks in will ensure we are reaching our target consumer when she is a captive audience .

g. but also offer consumers the opportunity to try other varieties . Newspaper and Magazine Vendors)  Sampling would focus primarily on green juice.MEDIA PLAN – IN-STORE SAMPLING  Focus on in-store will help BluePrint get closer to the point of purchase and convert buyers on the spot  Sampling plan would be focused on retailers who have a close alignment with consumer (e.

MEDIA PLAN – COUPON  In-store coupons will be distributed at sampling tables to help spur trial and – ideally – repeat purchasing  Leverage Catalina marketing to serve coupons to purchasers of competitive cold-pressed juice  Plan for social coupon later in year once a stronger social community is established .

MEDIA PLAN .PRODUCTION  Estimated production costs by medium: PRODUCTION PLAN Budget $ Full Social content $ OOH $ Print $ Coupon $ Digital $ Mobile $ Search $ Total $ Production 10000 10000 Year 3000 2000 1500 1500 1000 750 250 .

CATEGORY ASSESSMENT  Taste is the leading product attribute for juices. but price is a strong barrier to purchase Top 3 Reasons for Purchase Top 3 Barriers to Purchase • Like the taste • Too expensive • Healthy beverage option • Do not like the taste • Convenient for on-thego Source: Brand Survey. November 2013 Q: What are your main reasons for purchasing/not purchasing raw or • Poor value for the money .

BLUE PRINT OPPORTUNITIES AND FUTURE OUTLOOK Functional Waters Flavored Water  Fruit flavoured  Vitamin/ Mineral fortified  Added fibre/ performance enhancing ingredients  Beauty ingredients  Strengthen immune system/ treat specific diseases  For diabetics  Natural Flavours  Sugar Free Differentiated Packaging  Premium Packaging  Appearance changing  More eco-friendly .


728x90 160x600.00 2.00 11000 440. 728x90 160x600. 728x90 160x600.000 50. 300x250. 300x250.000  21670  800.00 120 6. 300x250.000 50.000  . 300x250. 728x90 160x600.00 6000 240.000 50. 300x250.DIGITAL SPEND BREAKOUT PARTNER PLACEMENT Blueprint (Orange flavours) Blueprint Real Mix Juice Blueprint Sugar Free BLUEPRINT Blueprint Energy Booster Blueprint Blue Berries Diabetes Blueprint Pomegranate   CREATIVE COST(RS SIZE ) 160x600. 728x90 160x600.000 10.00 2350 94. 300x250.000 40.00 200 10.000 40. 728x90 TOTAL UNITS NET COST (RS) 40.

MEDIA PLAN – MONTHLY BUDGET  Heaviest media weight is in first half of the year .