Psychological Types

& Negotiations:
Conflicts and Solutions
Suggested by the
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Prof. John Barkai
William S. Richardson School of Law
University of Hawaii


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Perceiving E–I S–N T–F J-P .Myers-Briggs Preferences Extraversion – Introversion Sensing – Intuitive Thinking – Feeling Judging .

Extraversion or Introversion E -I .

Description Extraverts Introverts Outer directed Energy & excitement Love "people" action Inner directed Quiet People drain them .

ready . ready. fire.Communication Style Extraverts Introverts • Fast & talkative • Think out loud • Ready. aim • Slow & quiet • Internally thoughtful • Ready.

Negotiating with them Extraverts Introverts • Small talk is ok • Ask open-ended questions • Impasse? Change energy • Draw them out • Give them time to think • Send it in writing .

Tips for you Extraverts Introverts • Slow down & listen • Warn them about you • Get them to brainstorm • Be clear & forceful • Once is not enough • Smile .

Judgment or Perception J-P .

Description Judgers Perceivers Like control & structure Want to get it decided Aggressive at decisions Want more information Keep options open Dislike schedules .

Communication Style Judgers Perceivers Discuss aggressively Quick to decide Blame someone else Informal style Love to brainstorm Discuss contingencies .

Negotiating with them Judgers Perceivers They need structure Don't constrain them Last minute changes Help them select options Get details before closure They sound more definite than they are .

Tips for you Judgers Perceivers Have all the facts? Avoid fast conclusions Allow others some time Reduce the options Assert your preferences Just pick one .

Sensing or Intuition S-N .

Description Sensors Intuitivies • The 5 senses • Practical reality • Status quo • Possibilities • See the Big Picture • Theoretical overview .

Communication Style Sensors Intuitives • Hear things literally • Step-by-step • They don't brainstorm • Jump around a lot • Hear things figuratively • Consider facts as limits .

Negotiating with them Sensors Intuitives • Stay in "here-and-now" • A concern for history • Factual & detailed • Brainstorm novel ideas • Metaphors & analogies • Assist getting to action .

Tips for you Sensors Intuitives • More than just the facts • Peel the onion • Same fact cuts both ways • Stick to the issues • Settle easy things first • Don't overlook details .

Thinking or Feeling T-F .

Description Thinkers Feelers • Objective • Logical • Focus on the task • Subjective values • Harmony • Sociable & friendly .

Communication Style Thinkers Feelers • Brief & concise • Impersonal terms • Pros & Cons • Talk story • Friendly • Perhaps time consuming .

Negotiating with them Thinkers Feelers • Be logical & organized • Cost-benefit analysis • Avoid emotions • Be interested in people • Start with agreements • Don't criticize them .

Tips for you Thinkers Feelers • Allow some emotions • Don't take it personally • Find out what they feel • Be brief & don't repeat • Any "people" issues? • Forget harmony this time .


ISTJ ISFJ INFJ INTJ “Take Your Time and Do It Right” “On My Honor. Be Happy” ESTJ ESFJ “Taking Care of “What Can I Do Business” For You?” . to Do My Duty…” “Catalyst for Positive Change” “Competence + Independence = Perfection” ISTP ISFP INFP INTP “Doing the Best I Can With What I’ve Got” “It’s the Thought That Counts” “Still Waters Run Deep” “Ingenious Problem Solvers” ENFP ENTP “Anything’s Possible” “Life’s Entrepreneurs” ENFJ ENTJ “The Public Relations Specialist” “Everything’s Fine – I’m in Charge” ESTP ESFP “Let’s Get Busy!” “Don’t Worry.

TYPE Table Quadrants ISTJ ISFJ INFJ INTJ Inspector Protector Counsellor Investigator ISTP ISFP INFP INTP Analyser Supporter Idealist Architect ESTP ESFP ENFP ENTP Trouble Shooter Energiser Improviser Catalyst ESTJ ESFJ ENFJ ENTJ Co-ordinator Harmoniser Mentor Strategist .