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Things Fall Apart by

Chinua Achebe

The culture and tradition of the Igbo society include:
i.) Talking in proverbs
- The Igbo people use proverbs in their conversation
before stating their intention or hitting the main subject.
Having spoken plainly so far, Okoye said the next half a
dozen sentences in proverbs. Among the Ibo the art of
conversation is regarded very highly, and proverbs are
the palm oil with which words are eaten. Okoye was a
great talker and he spoke for a long time, skirting round
the subject and then hitting it finally.
Pg. 7, Chp. 1

ii.) Sounding of the ogene (a type of gong)

- The villager will sound the gong when something
has happened in the village.
Gome, gome, gome, gome , boomed the hollow
metal. Then the crier gave his message, and at the
end of it beat his instrument again.
Pg. 9, Chp 2

iii.) Holding a feast or ceremony

- It is their custom to gather with their kinsmen on
a feast or ceremony.
- In their tradition, they will drink the palm wine
starting from the eldest to the youngest.
The younger of his sons, who was also the
youngest man in the group, moved to the center,
raised the pot on his left knee and began to pour
out the wine. The first cup went to Okonkwo, who
must taste his wine before anyone else. Then the
group drank, beginning with the eldest man.
Pg. 19, Chp. 3

iv.) Breaking of the kola nut

- Breaking the kola nut as a sign of welcoming guests.
- The host will prepare the kola nut and a person will
break it. It is an honour to break the kola nut.
Thank you. He who brings kola brings life. But I
think you ought to break it, replied Okoye, passing
back the disc.
No, it is for you, I think, and they argued like this
for a few moments before Unoka accepted the honour
of breaking the kola.
Pg. 6, Chp. 1

v.) Courting ceremony

- The bride side will determine the bride price
by using broomsticks.
- The bride-to-be will be questioned by the
elders about her virginity.
Uchendus eldest daughter, Njide, asked the
Remember that if you do not answer
truthfully you will suffer or even die at
Pg. 132, Chp. 14

Todays Society
People do not use proverbs any
longer to show their intentions.

Todays world is filled with advance

technologies appliances such as
hand phones, internet, television and
radio to convey messages.
We can communicate anytime and
anywhere with anyone.

Certain society especially in the city

does not practice the value of
e.g. In the past, they will help each
other when someone is having a
wedding ceremony (taking part in

People in current society have

different ways in welcoming their
Guest is well respected that the host
will prioritise the guest.
e.g. Serving drinks and food to the

- Some people still practice the tradition of

the courting ceremony, but It differs
according to the race of the people.

e.g. Other people who are not practicing

their tradition will just state the bride price
without using any object to represent the
bride price.
- the elder today will just advise both the
bride and the bride-groom on their

the Igbo culture and todays society have
many differences but some are similar as well.
culture and tradition plays an important role in
inculcating values within an individual.
Culture and tradition teaches ones to behave
according to their society norms and laws.
We as the younger generation should follow
the example of Achebe and try to preserve
our own culture

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