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Global Demand For Human Productivity Impacts Software Companies
Vladimir L Pavlov, INTSPEI Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer

Let’s Benchmark


Global 500 Companies

21% 29%

Ideally … People should focus on three key things:
Making decisions Innovating Expressing themselves emotionally and artistically

All the rest should be "outsourced" to computers

Let’s Benchmark

Let’s Benchmark: Year Over Year Productivity Productivity Growth Growth


Productivity Strategies for a Software Company

In The Software World …. Productivity is Not About Software


Three Types of SDLCs

How Can INTSPEI Help You Grow Productivity Productivity of Your Employees? of Your Employees?

SDLC Fine-Tuning
The most important decisions (and most expensive mistakes) are done at the beginning of the project The initial amount of quality control is minimal and then grows as development moves forward. This results in a costly rework (often hidden) on the late stages of the project INTSPEI SDLC Fine-Tuning addresses this problem. We enable our clients to reduce delays between bug insertions and bug fixes After SDLC Fine-Tuning, your engineers will start discovering and fixing critical mistakes virtually immediately - when introduced - not at the late phases where they are the most expensive to resolve

Cost to correct a defect greatly depends on how early it was introduced and revealed

Cost to Correct

Requirement s Architectur e Detailed Design

Constructio n

Phase That a Defect is Created

Maintenanc e Constructio n Detailed Design Architectur e Requirement s

Phase That a Defect is Corrected

SDC In-A-Box: INTSPEI Creates a Software Development Subsidiary for You

Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other countries

Hiring, facility, logistics, infrastructure, local legal requirements, business-processes, etc. The development center is launched as client’s subsidiary, or we’ll manage it until you are ready

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IBM Rational Unified Phases Process
Business Modeling Requirements Analysis & Design Implementation Test Deployment Configuration Managem Environm
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Microsoft Solutions Framework

eXtreme Programming

Iterative Development

Traceability Management

SDLC Fine Tuning: The Process

SDC In-A-Box: Two Ownership Options

SDC In-A-Box: The Process