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Business Research


Course Title:
Business Research Methods

Text Book:
Research Methodology: A step-By-Step Guide For
Beginners by Ranjit Kumar

Must Read Books:
 Business Research Methods by William G.
Zikmund 7. ed

M. and roduction-to-research-methods  Saunders. A. Research Methods for Business Students. (4th ed. Prentice Hall . Ventus Publishing. Lewis.. . S. FREE download: http://bookboon.Financial Times.Reference Books:  Greener. (2007).). P. (2008) Business Research Methods.


What is Research? .

thereby increasing their knowledge” Saunders et al (2007. p.. etc. in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions” Oxford English dictionary  “A process of finding out information and investigating the unknown to solve a problem” Maylor and Blackmon (2005)  “Something that people undertake in order to find out things in a systematic way. sources. “The systematic investigation into and study of materials.5) .

Business Research .

.Business Research Defined Business systematic research and is defined objective as process the of generating information for aid in making business decisions.

So what's not Research? .

 No contribution to new knowledge.  No contribution to new knowledge although this might make existing knowledge more accessible. Research isn’t information gathering:  Gathering information from resources such as books or magazines isn’t research.  Research isn’t the transportation of facts:  Merely transporting facts from one resource to another doesn’t constitute research. .

or hypothesis. .  Often divides main problem into sub problems.Research Characteristics  Originates with a question or problem.  Guided by specific problem.  Follows a specific plan or procedure. question.  Accepts certain critical assumptions.  Requires clear articulation of a goal.  Requires collection and interpretation of data.

Types of Business Research .


.Application View Point Basic Research  Attempts to expand the limits of knowledge.  Not directly involved in the solution to a pragmatic problem.  To test theory or to discover more about a concept.

Basic Research Example  Is executive success correlated with high need for achievement?  Are members of highly cohesive work groups more satisfied than members of less cohesive work groups?  Do consumers experience cognitive dissonance in low-involvement situations? .

.Applied Research Conducted when a decision must be made about a specific real-life problem.

Applied Research Examples  Should McDonalds add Italian pasta dinners to its menu?  Business research told McDonald’s it should not?  Should Procter & Gamble add a high-priced home teeth bleaching kit to its product line? .

Summarizing Applied And Basic Research .

Applied research is research undertaken to solve practical problems rather than to acquire knowledge for knowledge sake. . Basic research is experimental and theoretical work undertaken to acquire new knowledge without looking for longterm benefits other than the advancement of knowledge.

Kind of Research Key Characteristics Basic research Focuses on generating fundamental knowledge Applied research Focuses on real-world questions and applications .