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Presentation On

Women Entrepreneurship: Scope and

challenges of Beauty Parlor Business
Prepared by: Mutual

Prepared for:
Dr. A.F.M Aowrangazab,
Department of management Studies

University of Chittagong.

Presented by

Shaheda Chowdhury
Syeda Jabunnesa Jalal
Thonima Abedin
Fatema Sultana Mumu

We visited ten beauty parlors for conducting our

report. These are:

New Look Beauty Parlor

Sanonda Beauty Parlor
Rifa Beauty Parlor
Rani Beauty Parlor
Cherry Beauty Parlor
Roma Beauty Parlor
Lucy Beauty Parlor
World Beauty Parlor
Queens Beauty Parlor
Nasima Beauty Parlor

The main objective of the study was to evaluate the scope and
challenges of beauty parlor business. Following were the specific
objectives of the study:

How these business are creating economic solvency.

To identify the major constraints for women entrepreneurship
To make a present status of these business.

Beauty Parlor
-A beauty parlor is an establishment dealing with cosmetic
treatments for men and women. Other variations of this type
of business include hair salons and spas.
- Beauty Parlor provide services related to skin health, facial
aesthetic, foot care, aromatherapy, even meditation, oxygen
therapy, mud baths, massage, facials, manicure, pedicure
and innumerable other services.

Scope of Beauty Parlor

Business can start with less investment.

It requires less sophisticated technology.
Its a labor intensive business.
This business can spread up in small towns, villages
and economically lagging region.
Scope to start this business in abroad.
Mainly a home based entrepreneurship.
Government initiative.

Data analysis and findings

Reasons for entering this business:

Most of the women entrepreneur (70%) came this business to create self
dependency and inspiration from family.

90% women mostly inspired by their husband,
because it is easy and safe business for

Business plan:
50% women made business plan to get loan from

All of them received training before starting the business. Training and experience
is a big tool for doing well in this business.

Data analysis and findings

Sources of starting capital:

50% women were used bank loan. They also utilized

their own savings.
We found that 50% women started their business with
20,000-50,000tk from their home and gradually they
developed their beauty parlor.

Income depends on the service, occasion, size of parlor, goodwill etc.

In normal time start from 8000-1,00,000tk

In peak season: 1,50,000-2,00,000tk
In dull season : 6,000-60,000tk

Data analysis and findings

Nature of ownership:
50% beauty parlor are owned by sole proprietor,
40% are joint family business and 10% are
partnership business.

Profitable business:
It is a profitable business for the women.

For operating the business there are some cost such as salary of the employee,
equipment cost, rent etc.

Data analysis and findings


Trade license: It costs yearly 1000-2,500tk

TIN certificate

Facility for the staff:

Bonus in festival
Accommodation facility
Give loan in financial crisis

Social responsibility:

Providing free training to the poor women and garments worker.

Marketing and business promotion:

All of them use business card and signboard.

Few of them give advertisement in newspaper, T.V.
Give discount in different festival.

Problems face by Women

To do a Beauty Parlor Business, women Entrepreneur face different
problems. These are:

Financial problem:

Unavailability of money creates a big burden to her to start a new business.

Bank credit is related with collateral
Interest rate is very high.

Training Problem:

Lack of international standard training institute.

Lack of professional skilled trainers.

Location problem:

Suitable location demands much money to hire.

Load shedding
High cost of equipment

Problems face by Women


Complex registration process

Complex process
Time consuming
Lack of co operation
Sometimes they take bribery from women entrepreneur

Access to IT
Marketing and business promotion
Negative attitude
Business plan and Management
Accounting/ bookkeeping.


Interested women must be trained to operate their business well.

Govt. should give financial facility to improve these businesses.

Women Entrepreneurs should be provided collateral free loan as

they have no assets.

Interest should be very low and long term interest free loan
should be available.

Govt. should arrange training program and hire trainer from

For new women enterprise tax may considerably reduced or


Issuing of trade license should be made simply and free for women
More research work on women entrepreneurs of beauty parlor
Govt. should establish sufficient number of International standard
Beautification Training Institute.
Arranging management training for beauty parlor business.
Organize training on marketing and develop business network

Guideline for new

Mrs. Nigar Sultana (New Look), Mrs. Rani (Rifa Beauty parlor), Miss
Sonia Farjana (Cherry Beauty parlor) gave us some suggestions for
new entrepreneur:

Interested person should take training before starting the business.

It will useful for them if they at first practice this business for 6month1year at their home.
They need to aware about customer demand and their satisfaction.
Gather knowledge about update service providing by other parlor.
Social responsibility.

Thank you