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Compressed Air

Production Using
Vehicle Suspension
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D.Santhosh Kumar
S.Aravindh Kumar


AIM Using vehicle suspensions to produce the compressed air for automobiles. .

. The control mechanism carries the air cylinder (vehicle suspensor).  Non-conventional energy system is very essential at this time to our nation.  Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor needs no fuel input power to produce the output of the air.  Conversion of the force energy in to air.ABSTRACT  Collecting air cylinder and store this energy to the compressor tank as non-conventional method by simply driving the vehicle. quick exhaust valve. Non-return valve and spring arrangement.


Major COMPONENTS USED      Vehicle Model Pneumatic single acting cylinder Quick exhaust valve Air tank Gate valve .

 The process of compression is begin by the same way.WORKING OPERATION  The reciprocating motion is converted into compressed air by proper driving arrangement. .  The compressed air forced through the non return valve to the storage tank.  Suspension system is return to the normal stage by using external spring arrangement. the piston(which is in the pneumatic cylinder) compress the air.  When the load act on the vehicle suspension.

advantages  Major advantage of using compressed engine is that a pure compressed air vehicle produces no pollution  in the tailpipe.  Compressed-air technology reduces the cost of vehicle production by about 20%. is non-flammable. on its own. fuel tank.  Air. because there is no need to build a cooling system. Ignition Systems or silencers.  Use of renewable fuel. .

engines. .Conclusions  The model designed by us is a small scale working model of the compressed air engine.C. When scaled to higher level it can be used for driving automobiles independently or combined (hybrid) with other engines like I.