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Religious Education:

Lukes Gospel
Revision cards

Luke got his information

from mark, Matthew,
Quelle, eye witnesses and
stuff he knew. It was
written in 70-90BC.
Lukes interest were:
supernatural, sick, good Gentilenews for outcast/poor,
non Jew
good news for all, prayer,
women, joyful events.

Synoptic gospels mean similar but not the

same there are three: Matthew, mark and
Luke. Tax collectors: took money, gave to
Romans, Zacchaeous. Zealot: carried a
dagger. Messiah: Jesus, almighty God, our
savior . Oppression: people had no rights
led to persecution. Romans: ruled in time
of Jesus, oppress Jews. Pharisees: devout,
followed religious laws, focused on
religion when Romans ruled.

Annunciation: in the 6th month of Elizabeth's

Lukes coincides with what Isaiah
pregnancy God sent angel Gabriel to a town
prophesied Luke's says Mary will give
Nazareth to give a message to a woman
birth Isaiah says child is born also
named Mary who was gong to marry Joseph.
Davids throne Luke says descendant of
peace be with you .. You are greatly
blessed.' Mary was troubled the angel said David.
dont be afraid you will become pregnant andJesus means God
have a son named Jesus. Hell be son of thesaves shows God
most high. Im a virgin the holy spirit will
intervenes in
come upon you Remember Elizabeth. Im the
history through
Lords servant may it happen as youve said.

his son.

Mary and Joseph went for purification

and to dedicate Jesus like the law said.
They sacrificed 2 doves( poor offering).
Simeon led by the holy spirit went into
the temple. Simeon took the child and
thanked God. let your servant go in
peace.. Light to reveal your will for the
gentiles Mary this child is chosen for
destruction and salvation.

revision cards
Tobi Ojo

Jesus was baptised whilst praying

heaven opened. The holy spirit came
down as a dove and God said you are
my son I am pleased with you

Sadducees: Rejected Jews expected

belief of resurrection, to be saved
so-operated with
from Romans
Romans, wealthy.
Salvation: When God
intervenes in history
to save. Messiah:
anointed one chosen
to bring salvation.

The birth narratives about Jesus arent

true?: Mary was a virgin shows God
can do anything, Mary wasnt a virgin
Augustus ordered a census. Mary

and Joseph travelled to Jerusalem

birthplace of David. Mary was tired they
found an inn to stay in a she gave birth
wrapped him in cloth laid him in a manger.
Angels then appeared to shepherds Dont
be afraid we have good news your savior
is born an army sung praises they went to
find Jesus. amazed

Background: Luke was thought to be

a doctor which means he studied his
sources. Also he wrote the gospel to
give an orderly account of the
happenings in the time of Jesus.

Orderly account:' time of emperor

Augustus, Nazareth to Jerusalem.
Jesus messiah: your savoir.
Outcasts: angels appeared to
shepherds. Supernatural: army of

Explain how the annunciation story

Jesus went back to Nazareth and on the
shows that Jesus is the \messiah: Refer Sabbath went to the synagogue. Jesus
to similarities to Isaiahs prophesy
read from the scroll the spirit of the Lord
( child born, be made a king, David,
from Jordan filled with the Holy is upon me everyone looked at him
reign came

spirit and was led to the desert. Where he waswhen he said today this has come true
they were amazed. He compared himself
tempted 40 day. The devil said turn the stone
to bread humans dont live on bread alone to Elisha and Elijah everyone was angry
ill give you all power worship only the lordand wanted to throw him off a cliff but he
throw yourself dont test the Lord. Devil left
Unbelievable for
after hed finish.
his town.
A woman bled severely she went to doctors Jesus
went to the house of a Pharisee for
A sinful woman heard and came
Jesus unpopular (blasphemy). Jairus
was wetting his feet and
higher position. Jesus touched dead body
cloak and the bleeding stopped who
cleaned it with her hair (perfume) they
Daughter: A man named Jairus a
were shocked. Jesus told them about the
synagogue official came to him. And begged touched me everyone denied there are
many people around peter said I felt the
men with debts. And how she welcomed
for him to help his 12yr old dying daughter
him but they didnt your sins are
there was a crowd. A messenger came to tell power go out of me the woman fell at his
them she was dead. Jesus said dont be afraid feet and confessed my daughter your faith forgiven whos he to forgive you faith
made you well
has saved you
believe he went in with a few people and said has
We can learn Jesus loves everyone no
Significant she used oil. Its said the
shes not dead just sleeping Get up my
matter who you are. He is more
messiah will be anointed with oil.
child they were amazed.
powerful than imaginable.
The annunciation is not a true story?:
Agree- in order to be pregnant you
need a man and woman not holy
spirit, cant be a virgin. Disagreetranslation in Hebrew young girl
means virgin. Isaiah 700 years before
Luke but still similar. Me- god can do
faith, desperation, trust,

Jesus gets authority from: holy spirit,

God, and titles. The first hints of

trinity in the baptism story.

Oder this stone to bread: shortage of
food could get him followers. Give you
power: overthrow Romans. Throw
yourself down: perform miracles.
Temptations significant roaming in
desert 40 years Israelites.

Son of man the most important title:

agree- authority, found in old
testament, preferred it, represents
majesty of lion, close to God.
Disagree- doesnt mean its true
actions louder than words, crowd
shows authority not just name.
How the Christians might use the
story of temptations: only worship
God, resist, material things dont
satisfy, temptations not always
obvious, tempted when vulnerable.

Jesus was teaching some Pharisees and

teachers of the laws from places. The
power of the lord was present there
was paralyzed man brought in from a
roof cause of the crowd. your sins
are forgiven blasphemy why do you
think this.. Ill prove the son of man has
authority on earth get up and go
home everyone was amazed and
praised God.

Ways Jesus demonstrates his

authority: forgiving sins, heals man,
Lord was with him, lots of people,
son ofmessiahMan. anointed one , in

old testament, Lord- comes from

great king, Mary and Martha, Son
of God- Old testament, trinity,
representation of God to people,
Son Of Man- preferred, close to
God, Jews understood.

Importance of the transfiguration: Elijah Mary and Martha: Jesus and his
and Moses greatest prophets who talked
disciples were on their ways when
about the Messiah, Jesus portrayed
heavenly, Receives authority from God, they came across and lady named
shelter, cloud Gods presence, Moses
Martha. Mary listened to everything
important people respected. Jewish faiththe Lord said. Martha was cleaning
Jesus was a human being nothing more
and said Lord dont you care my
nothing less: agree- every human is
born Jesus was born, hew was baptized sister has left me to do all the work
(followed customs), tempted, looked likeyou are worried over many things
a human, he suffered/died. DisagreeMary has chosen better and it wont
stood next to Moses and Elijah, cloud,
be taken away.
Gods voice, resurrected , miracles.
Which stories show universalism: the
Jesus only cares about sinners: AgreeA Pharisee asked what must we do to
Lukes gospel is all about loving
centurions servant- servant non-Jew, prodigal son was a sinner( embraced
your neighbour : Agree- good
receive eternal life what does the scriptures widow of Nain- non Jew, good
when he came back brother was
samaritan, Jesus demonstrates love
say love thy God and neighbor who is my Samaritan- Samaritan, lost sonignored, Jesus came for those who are
to outcast (woman with
neighbor. he then told the story of the good sinner, Zacchaeous tax collector.
sinners the son of man came to seek
haemorrhage), acceptant of outcast
Jesus was passing through Jericho.
Samaritan and asked who was the better
and to save the lost, Paralysed man
(Zacchaeus) Disagree-No its an
Zacchaeous wanted to see Jesus but he was forgave him then healed him.
neighbor. Jesus said then you go do the
orderly account dear
short so he climbed up a sycamore tree. Jesus Disagree-rejection at Nazareth the
, Luke
Peter was not
a good
of a
saw and said hell dine at his place. People spirit of the Lord is upon me to bring
There was a son who wasted his share of
grumbled has going as a guest to a sinner
inheritance he realized this and went
because he denied Jesus. Disagreehe said hed payback everyone. The son of woman with haemorrhage my
back to his fathers house they then
honest I am a sinner, respectful
daughter, gentile widow of Nain.
Man has come to seek and save the lost.
called Jesus Lord trusting left
everything for God.
Judass action were right do you agree: Lukes gosple is without error do you
Explain how Jesus taught his disciples As
they were on there way a man said Ill
agree: agree orderly account, Luke was
agree-it was decided by God preabout the cost of discipleship: give up follow you Jesus said the son of man
destined, disagree-no evidence Jesus thought to be a doctor (concerned with money and wealth e.g. the rich ruler.
has no place to rest. Another said hell
detail) diasgree- transfiguration was on a
was the messiah could have been a
Jesus was persecuted so they would
follow him let him just bury his dad Jesus
hill at that time no hill, some material isnt
The gospel
of Luke was written too
be, Giving up our homes and luxuries
said let the dead bury the dead. Another
long after Jesus lived to be of value
follow with all our heart and mind i.e
said Ill follow let me say bye Jesus said
do you agree: agree- written in 70rich man who lived well, a poor man Lazarus the would be followers. Foxes have
90bc 40 years later oral tradition
a person who begins to plough but looks
who sat outside gates for leftovers. He died andholes birds have nest but the Son of
unreliable. Disagree- Luke has
back is of no use to the kingdom of God,
went to heaven the rich man died but went to Explain
man has no where to rest.
collected loads of evidence lots in
hell. He ask Abraham to send Lazarus to cool Christians who are oppressed?: gives
common with gospels. orderly
my tongue. Begged him to warn his brothers hope, shows God came for everyone
i.e. sinful woman, stories focussed on

Peters declaration: Jesus was praying

alone when the disciples came he asked
who do they say I am some say John
the Baptist, Elijah, prophet
resurrected who do you think I am he
said to peter Gods Messiah.

Jesus took Peter, John and James up a

hill to pray his appearance changed and
he became dazzling white. Moses and
Elijah appeared an talked about how
hed fulfill Gods will. The rest were
asleep Peter woke up and asked to make
tents for them. A cloud appeared. this
is my son Ive chosen listen to him.
They told no on of the happenings.

but if they didnt read the word their wasnt

Explain how Lukes gospel can help Your cannot be saved if you dotn have
Christians who are oppressed?: gives faith; agree- if you dont have faith you
hope, shows God came for everyone wouldnt even approach Jesus, woman
i.e. sinful woman, stories focussed on with the hemorrhage you faith has
healed you disagree- widow of Nain
Explain how one Christian has shown had not faith, Jesus will help us even if
we dont have faith Son of man has
commitment thats is required by
Jesus: Eric Liddell, runner destined for come to seek and save the lost
big things, 100 meter tryout was on
Sunday, meant to be a sacred day,
competed in 400, went to China to be
a missionary, gave up everything for
God like peter.

Jesus broke bread for them all to eat.

Jesus took the cup and gave thanks. do
this in memory of me.. This cup is a new
covenant sealed with my blood.. The son
of man must die as decided
Catholics- transubstantiation during
mass bread and wine change into
Jesus body, when taking mass we
become on with God. Protestants:
symbolic representation,
remembrance of what Jesus did do
this in memory of me

Gethsemane( mount of olives0 she

Jesus at his weakest whatd you think:
agree-Jesus demonstrates fear shown
in fervent prayer sweats blood, Jesus
pleads with God take this cup of
suffering disagree-Jesus accepting
death strongest your will, not mine
be done, more vulnerable when he
was a baby, demonstrates humanity.

Significance of the
curtain of the temple
tearing in two: God
dwells in the temple,
sacred place only for
high priest. Jesus
death meant
humanity can be in a
relationship with

The words he has risen are the

most important in Lukes
gospel: agree- core of belief,
words give hope life after
death. Disagree- This is my
son whom I am pleased with
shows divinity son of God.,
my friend your sins are
forgiven Jesus came to save

Persistent in
prayer is
important: agreewoman with
persistent trying
to get to Jesus,
Also paralyzed
man friends did
all they could do
to get him
healed, persistent
neighbor ask and
was totally to
youll receive

Was Jesus wise to go to Jerusalem

if he knew what would happen to
him: agree- Gods plan had to
come to past no matter what, the
son of man will die as God has
decided location was irrelevant
disagree-knew he was gonna die
could avoid it, he was innocent so
why not go to Jerusalem memeant to be.

blame for Jesus

death: agree- had final say in what
happens to him, strategic afraid Jesus
would overthrow him. Disagreecounsels fault falsely accused Jesus
didnt want to believe he was
Messiah, also the crowds pressurized
Pilate to charge Jesus me- God
because it was pre-destined Jesus had
to die.

Why is Jesus resurrection so

important to Christians: it gives
hope we will rise again life after
death, proves Jesus was the
messiah, marks difference between
other beliefs that think Jesus didnt
rise from the dead.

Christians should not wear crucifixs

as an item of jewelry : agreebecause Jesus has risen he not on
the cross anymore, shouldnt have to
show our salvation through fashion
disagree-draw comfort from it,
reassurance personal reminder of
what Jesus did for us.

Its difficult for a teenager to be a

Christian in todays world: agreepersuaded to be disciples of celebrities
instead i.e. Beyonc, pressure to fit in,
disagree- difficult but not more for
adults, draw from the fact Jesus was
tempted like them.