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A career is a sequence of positions /jobs
held by a person during the course of
her work life.
A career refers to different jobs hold by a
person in his /her life .
The process or activities which prepare
for a job are part of a career.

Career Planning

A process by which an individual lays

down his career goals and decides a
path to meet these goals.
Views on Career Planning
Individual view
Organizational view

Characteristics of Career Planning

A process of human development.

Means of Managing people to obtain
optimum results.
A continuous process not an event or
one time activity.
Aims to integrate individual and
organizational needs.

Needs for career planning

To provide suitable promotional

opportunities to current workforce.
To enable the employees to meet future
To attract and retain competent persons
for organizational success and reduce
Employee turnover.
To improve morale and motivation of
employees and maintain the age balance.

Career Planning process

Career Planning process Cont

The career planning process has four

Step 1: Knowing yourself
Step 2: Exploring Options
Step 3: Making decisions
Step 4: Taking action

Step 01 Knowing yourself

Begin by asking yourself the following
1. Where am I at now?
2. Where do I want to be?
3. What do I want out of a job or career?
4. What do I like to do?
5. What are my strengths?
6. What is important to me?

Step 02 Exploring options

This step is about exploring the occupations and learning
areas that interest you. Once you have some idea of your
occupational preferences you can research the specific
skills and qualifications required for those occupations.
1. Explore occupations that interest you and ask yourself
how do my skills and interests match up with these
2. Where are the gaps?
3. What options do I have to gain these skills or qualify for
these occupations?
4. What skills do I need?
5. Where is the work?

Step 03 Making Decisions

This step involves comparing your options, narrowing
down your choices and thinking about what suits you
best at this point in time.
1. What are my best work/training options?
2. How do they match with my skills, interests and values?
3. How do they fit with the current labour market?
4. How do they fit with my current situation and
5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each
6. What will help and what will hinder me?
7. What can I do about it?

Step 04 Taking Action

Taking action means once the skills
competencies are determined the
available occupations are explored
decision is taken for choosing of the best
suited occupation or career now it is
time to implement the plan and move on
for a job .