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States /

Execution Style
Combination of Fantasy and
Slice of life


Ads is having Nostialgic appeal

Spokesperson/TestimonialFeatures a
celebrity, company official, or typical
consumermaking a testimonial or
endorsing a product.


Emotional Appeals

Musical Appeals

Execution Style :Personality Style

Ad PositioningProduct Price &

Ad Appeal- Rational
Ad Execution styleStraight Sell

Print ad catering to the

Asian market
Ad Positioning- Bycultural
symbols; the above ad tries
to associates with a
meaningful symbol so its
easily identifiable and
Ad Appeal-Emotional
appealis been used here
,its basically acts on the
sentimental value of the
customer. Ad is been made
such it will get
m the Asian customers
Ad Execution style-Imagery
,ad is associating customer
with the brand .

A hatke brand like Chings needs an

equally hatke brand ambassador.
Ranveer Singh, being the hottest and
most hatke star of his generation, is
a perfect brand fit. As a brand aimed
at todays youth and young
housewives, we felt Ranveer was the
ideal youth icon who has pan-Indian
appeal across all age groups," says
Mr. Ajay Gupta, MD, Capital Foods.

Advertising Execution:
Creative execution refers to the manner in which an advertising appeal is carried
out or presented. A particular advertising appeal can be executed in a variety of
ways and a particular means of execution can be applied to a variety of advertising
appeals. Some of the more commonly used execution techniques include:
1. Straight-sell or factual messagethis type of execution relies on a
straightforward presentation of information about the product or service such as
specific attributes or benefits.
2. Scientific/technical evidencea variation of the straight sell where scientific
or technical evidence or information is presented in the ad to support a claim.
3. Demonstrationthis type of execution is designed to illustrate the key
advantages or benefits of a product or service by showing it in actual use or in
some contrived or staged situation.
4. Comparisonthis type of execution involves a direct or indirect comparison of
a brand against the competition.
5. Testimonialsmany advertisers present their advertising messages in the
form of a testimonial whereby a person speak on behalf of the product or service
based on his or her personal use of and/or experiences with it.

6. Slice of lifethis type of execution is often based on a problem/solution type of format.

The ad attempts to portray a real-life situation involving a problem, conflict or situation
consumers may face in their daily lives. The ad then focuses on showing how the
advertiser's product or service can resolve the problem. Slice-of-life executions are also
becoming very common in business-to-business advertising as companies use this
approach to demonstrate how their products and services can be used to solve business
7. Animationthis technique used animated characters or scenes drawn by artists or on
computer. Animation is often used as an execution technique for advertising targeted at
children. Some advertisers have also been Roger Rabbit style ads that mix animation with
real people. For example, Exhibit 9-18 shows an image from a Star-Kist tuna commercial
featuring Charlie the Tuna that mixes animation with real people.
8. Personality symbol this type of execution involves the use of a central character or
personality symbol to deliver the advertising message and with which the product or
service can be identified. The personality symbol can take the form of a person who is used
as a spokesperson, animated characters or even animals. The text discusses how AFLAC
has made effective use of this execution style by developing commercials that have made
a duck a popular personality symbol for the company.
9. Fantasythis type of appeal is often used for image advertising by showing an
imaginary situation or illusion involving a consumer and the product or service. Cosmetic
companies often use fantasy executions although the technique has also been used in
advertising for other products such as automobiles and beer.
10. Dramatization this execution technique creates a suspenseful situation or scenario
in the form of a short story. Dramatizations often use the problem/solution approach as
they show how the advertised brand can help resolve a problem.
11. Humor humor can be used as the basis for an advertising appeal. However, humor
can also be used as a way of executing the message and presenting other types of
advertising appeals.
12. Combinations many of these execution techniques can be combined in presenting
an advertising message. For example, slice-of-life ads are often used to demonstrate a

Music Appeals
Has intrusive value.
Gains attention and increases the retention of visual
Can increase persuasiveness of an advertisement.
Design Questions What role will music play?
Will a familiar song be used or new song created?
What emotional feeling should song solicit?
How does the music fit with the message of the ad?