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How to start an Incubation

Entrepreneurship in India is on the verge of

explosive growth. This also throws new
opportunities for the eco-system to take
shape. Angel investors, venture capital,
media, startup clubs, service providers,
mentors and training companies are going
to grow.

electricity (the tangible benefits of an incubator) or the spirit to work along with fellow entrepreneurs. internet. get access to quality manpower and experienced advisors (the intangible benefits of an incubator). This will help you identify the real pain point of your customers (the entrepreneurs) and address their needs most effectively. chance to meet investors. It is very important to ask the question – why do we want to setup an incubation center? .Assess the market conditions and entrepreneurs requirements  One important thing to keep in mind is what do entrepreneurs really want from an incubator – is it access to cheap office space.

as they are the ones who will drive the incubator. faculty and investors. while the incubatees will drive their individual businesses. investors. The team that manages the incubator has to be A-class. students and faculty – the real test comes in execution. It is also good to identify a set of advisors – preferably a mix of industry veterans. mentors. trainers.Identify team and service providers While it may sound great to have an incubator which connects the entrepreneurs. . which always guides the incubation managers on strategic issues.

copier. restaurants etc. Few of them are listed below: a. wi-fi. Data center d. Space b. cubicles f. Connectivity – internet/telephone/electricity c. printer. scanner. IT Infra and Support – software. LAN. Others – board rooms. Access control system g.Arrange for resources An incubation center needs resources during setup and operations. security e. coffee machines. . table. leased lines. meeting rooms. Furnishing – chair. Services – maintenance.

or media (TV. industry associations like CII. Many incubators are not able to perform well for themselves or for their portfolio companies because of being too internally focused. Nasscom etc. . lawyers. it is very important to establish industry linkages – maybe even before the first company starts operations. print etc. CAs. FICCI.Establish industry linkages Once the incubation center is setup. and other parts of the eco-system like investors. This maybe contact with local entrepreneurs.).

Conducting training programs. which keeps the incubator always charged.Draw out a calendar of activities It is important to draw out a calendar of activities. product showcases. mentor meets. job fair. technology demonstrations etc. talks from experts. from time to time helps the community to grow and brings in a great network effect! .

an incubators’ primary reason of existence is entrepreneurs! The team needs to think about ways to attracting.Attract. So it is important to communicate the same in advance to avoid disappointment. selecting. but not the least. retain and manage startups Last. A clearly conceived and stated criterion for selection is important – for example. retaining and managing startups that inhabit their planets. select. most college based incubators do not allow anyone else other than their own alumni/students to get incubated. Another benefit of a government supported incubator is that the portfolio companies get service tax rebate – which again is a way to attract startup entrepreneurs .

IIT Mumbai Technology Business Incubator. Kerala Startup Village Indian Angel Network (IAN)(National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board and the Department of Science & Technology of the Government of India.Top 10 Startup Incubation Centers in India Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE).) Technopark TBI(a joint association of . IIT Delhi Technopark Technology Business Incubator (T-TBI).

was launched recently in 2011 in Bengaluru by well known names in the Indian tech industry like Bala Parathasarathy. The areas that AngelPrime aims to incubate in are mobile payments. ecommerce and smartphone / tablet apps. . Shripati Acharya and Sanjay Swamy. It has already begun incubating a mobile payments company and a smartphone and tablet startup. Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE).Centre for Innovation. IIM Ahmedabad NSRCEL. IIM Bangalore GSF Accelerator AngelPrime.

 -5-famous-startup-incubation-centers-india/ .