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SAP ABAP Online Training

Introduction to SAP ABAP

Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) is a 4th
generation high level programming language used for
developing applications for SAP R/3 system. Database interface
is the key component of the ABAP run-time system which
handles the communication with the relational database. Reports
and module pools are the two types of executable programs. The
programs are composed of statements are end with periods and
words are separated by space. SAP ABAP training teach the basic
concepts how to create a structure in ABAP directory to
advanced debugging and modularization techniques.

Course Curriculum
Unit 1: Introduction To ERP
Topics- What is ERP?, Why we need ERP?, Advantages of ERP, Major ERP Packages
Unit 2: Introduction To SAP & R/3 Architecture
Topics- What is SAP? ,History & Features of SAP, SAP R/2 Architecture (Limitations
ofR/2Architecture), SAP R/2 Architecture (Types of work processes), SAP R/3 Application Module,
SAP Landscape

Unit 3: Introduction To ABAP/4

Topics- What is ABAP?, Logon to SAP Environment, Transaction Codes, Multitasking
Commands,Comments, Errors, ABAP/4 Editor (SE38), Steps for Creating a Program, Elements in
R/3 Screen, Output Statements, Operators in ABAP, Data, Parameter & Constant Statements,
Data Types & Classification, Data Objects & Classification, Text Elements, String Operations,
Control Statements, Field Strings

Unit 4: ABAP Dictionary

Topics- ABAP Dictionary Introduction, Data Dictionary Functions, Data Dictionary
Objects,Data Base Tables, Structures, Views, Data Elements, Type Groups, Domain, Search
helps, Lock objects
Primary Key and Foreign Key, Table Maintenance Generator

Unit 5: Packages
Topics- Creating a package, Difference between local objects & packages, Transferring local
objects to packages

Unit 6: Variants
Topics- Variants Introduction, Creating variants in ABAP Editor & Data Dictionary
Unit 7: Message Classes
Topics- Message Class Introduction, Message types, Calling message class in Report &
Dialog Programs
Unit 8: Selection Screens
Topics- Selection Screen Introduction, Parameter Statement, Select-options Statement,
Selection-screen Statement, Screen tables and its fields, Dynamic screen modification by
using Modif ID Key
Unit 9: Open SQL Statements
Topics- Select, Insert, Modify, Update, Delete
Unit 10: Internal Tables
Topics- Internal Tables Introduction, Declaring Internal Table, Populating Internal Table,
Processing Internal Table, Initializing Internal Tables, Inner Joins and for all Entries, Control
Break Statements
Unit 11: Debugging Techniques
Topics- Debugging Techniques Introduction, Break-points (Static & Dynamic), Watch Point,
Dynamically changing internal tables contents

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