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JBOSS Online Training

Introduction to JBOSS
Red Hat JBoss Middleware leverages community powered
enlighten innovation and standalone open source application
server program. It enables single deployment platform for web
applications. Hybrid connection model accelerate application
development and flexible to handle client loads. It helps in
memory management, achieve zero copy transfer to static
content. JBoss training teach JBOSS Tools which is a set of Eclipse
plugins which will make it into JBoss Developer Studio in an
umbrella project.

Course Curriculum
Unit 1: Overview of Java Enterprise Edition
Topics- What is Java EE?, Open and Standard-based, Multi-tier, Web-Enabled, Server
Centric, Component-Based Distributed Architecture, Enterprise Applications, J2EE architecture
and Java EE Contents and Services

Unit 2: Overview of JBOSS Application Server

Topics- Server JBOSS Organization, Server JBOSS AS Background, Highlights of JBOSS AS,
What is new in JBOSS AS 5 and 6 ?, Server JBOSS AS Architecture, Server JBOSS Micro container
Layer,Services Layer, Aspect Layer, Application Layer, Server JBOSS AS Services and

Unit 3: Installation and Configuration of JBOSS AS

Topics- Getting and Installing Java, Configuring Java, Getting JBOSS AS, Installing JBOSS AS 5
Unit 4: Controlling the Life-Cycle of JBOSS AS
Topics- Starting JBOSS AS, Verifying JBOSS AS Startup, Stopping JBOSS AS, Starting From
aRemote Server

Unit 5: Deployments on JBOSS

Topics- Java EE Deployment Lifecycle, Deployment Descriptors, Deployment on JBOSS AS,
Deployers on JBOSS AS, Deployment Dependencies, Hot vs. Cold Deployment, Bootstrapping

Unit 6: Web Application Administration

Topics- Web Technologies, CGI vs. Servlets/JSPs, Tomcat Web Container, Tomcat's
server.xml, Tomcat's web.xml, Session Configuration, Serving Static Content, Virtual Hosting
with Tomcat, Web Access Logging
Unit 7: Database Integration on JBOSS
Topics- Steps Involved, Resource Requirement, Install JDBC Drivers, Define a RDBMS DBCP
Resource, Map our Resource, Using our DataSource (RDBMS DBCP), Hypersonic Database,
Detecting Connection Leaks, Lab: Database Connectivity
Unit 8: Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting in JBOSS
Topics- JVM, Tomcat, Log4j and other services Tuning, Slimming JBOSS, Troubleshooting the
production issues w.r.t JBOSS and Web server, Taking thread dump and heap dumps to
analyzing the issues
Unit 9: Web Server
Topics- Installation of Apache web server, Configuration of Web server, Types of virtual
hosting, Overview of httpd.conf file
Unit 10: High Availability and Scalability on JBOSS
Topics- Requirements of Clustering: General understanding, Clustering and JBOSS, Simple
Web Architecture, External Load Balancer Architecture, Smart Proxy Architecture, General,
configuration for the following examples, Fronting with a Web Server with Apache HTTPD,
Installing and Configuring mod_jk. Simple Load Balancing, Enabling Sticky Sessions,
Clustered, Session Replication, Clustering Single Sign-On, Clustering with HA-JNDI

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