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People, Service,

and Profit at
Jyske Bank
Presented by :
Amartojit Basu ()
Arushi Rajvanshi(37142)
Devesh Kumar Singh (37)
Garima Nagpal(37171)
Kashmira Brahmane()

Very successful bank in Denmark,
founded in 1967
Second-largest bank in Denmark with
119 branches and operations in
several other European countries
In 2007 Jyske Bank received a longterm A+ rating from Standard and

To be the most customer-oriented bank in
Equal respect to employees, shareholders,
and customers
Flat and decentralized organizational
It takes at most two people to make a decision
As few rules as possible; operate on principles,
guidelines, and empowerment

Financial performance is very important,

but they take a long-term focus

Case Situation
Describes the change process that Jyske Bank
went through, laying special emphasis on its
value system
Goals of change process
To become the most customer-focused bank in Denmark
Build a strategy focused on Jyske Differences

To achieve its goals Jyske went through a process

Identifying core values, and
Making many tangible and intangible changes

Highest customer satisfaction of any bank in Denmark
Highest employee satisfaction of any major bank in
High return to shareholders average of 17.9% for ten

Core Values

Have common sense

Be open and honest
Be different and unpretentious
Have genuine interest in and
equal respect for people
Be efficient and persevering


Tangible Differences


Tangible Changes
Re-design of branches
(modern/warm/original art)
Caf coffee available/juice
for kids
Play area for children
Business cards with photos
Large round tables where
bankers are seated
Customers sit next to

Tangible Differences

Value Chain

Jyske Banks values and differences
and the banks value chain provided
ways to achieve the balance they
wanted among their 3 stake holders:
employees , customers and
With large capital investments 2003,
net income expected to increase
considerably in the coming years.
While the banks leadership was
pleased with the banks success,
they were interested in determining
how the bank would remain in a
position of leadership while keeping
the interests of its key stakeholders
in balance.

Whatis Jyske Banks new positioning or

competitive differentiation strategy?
What changes did the bank make to get to its
new position? What effect did these changes
Analyze Jyske Banks success using the Service
Quality Gaps Model. What are Jyske Banks
strategies for closing the 5 gaps in the model?
In your opinion can Jyske Bank sustain its
growth and success? Would you invest in Jyske