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Trusted Transactions. Enabled.

Neha Bhatia
+91 95 4007

Naspers Globally
$45B Media and Internet Company

4 Continents

16 Countries

13 Years of



250 million+
Transactions in

#1 in South Africa, Eastern

Europe and India



PayU Payment Gateway

Best Conversion rates
Typically 12% higher than

State of the art

Proven Technology

Dynamic Switching, Retry

Framework, Intent to Pay,
Refund Information System

Amazing Customer
(Technical, operational,
Accounts) which responds

Reduce your costs

Transactional cost, technology

development cost, accounting

PayU Serves more than 4000

Businesses in India

Customer Testimonials
We have a customer care team who used to call up the customers whose
transactions would fail. Since PayU, this team is sitting half idle. PayU has
significantly improved our success rates and have offered some amazing
technology features
The difference in conversion rates between PayU and a very large competitor in
steady state is more than 12%. PayU Delivers!
We were looking for a Payment Gateway Partner who could understand our needs
and provide us customizable solutions. Our search ended with PayU. It is one of
the few online payment companies who provide exactly what you need and
support it by awesome customer support. We are proud to be associated with

All Payment Options

Live in 2

of 35 Banks

Mobile Payments

Only Service Provider with understanding and readiness for Mobile Payments
Intelligent APIs to determine Device and Browser in real time
Acceptance of wide variety of Mobile Browsers including Default Browsers of most OS
Android, Windows, Java/Symbian, Blackberry, iOS.

Accept Payments beyond your website



Most advanced IVR payment solution

in India

On-the-fly OTP generation

Store card solution on IVR
Easy retry in case of transaction failure
IVR transaction initiation via APIs

Send an email to collect your payment

No need of integration
Create and send professional e-invoice
to your customers
The customer receive and can pay
online in a single click

Technologically Most Advanced!

Conversion Rates

Auto-Retry and Recommendation

Dynamic Switching
Card Issuer & NetBanking Downtime Identification

Detailed Analytics

Classification of failed transaction by intent to Pay and

much more

Better User
APIs for everything

Non-PCI Seamless Flow

Collect and Store card details

Capture, Cancel, Refund, Update and much more than


Auto Retry and Recommendation

In case of a failed transaction, we give user an option to retry
Exhaustive mapping of error reasons into some thing which is
understandable and can be recommended to user
If transaction allows Cash on Delivery, then the option is shown for CoD

Dynamic Switching
We give each of our merchant
multiple acquirers or PGs to process
their Visa/ Mastercard/Maestro i.e.
card transactions
Dynamically choose the best
gateway for every transaction to
maximize conversion rates
Our Dynamic Switching (DS)
Algorithm increases the success
rates by 2.00-2.25% as compared to
no DS

Card Issuer & NetBanking Downtime

We deal with both scheduled and
unscheduled downtime of banks
Our algorithm auto-detect if a payment option
is not working based on certain transaction
responses for that payment option
The customer is notified with a message if
he/she selects that payment option
The algorithm reactivates the payment option
as soon as it is up.
The customer also gets an option to get
notified via email/SMS once that payment
option is up.

Transaction Process Flow - Analytics

State of the art Payment Analytics

Complete transparency into
both successful and
unsuccessful transactions
Classification of transaction
by their intent to pay
Insights into the users
payment behavior
See all the reports
graphically in real time

Seamless Flows
Using PayUs seamless flows, you can collect card
details on your website
Get seamless flow without PCI DSS certification
With PayU, your PCI DSS requirements reduced by 90%.
Get it in about 2 weeks at 1/5th the cost!

Express Checkout

Give a store card feature to your customers and

makes the online payment a 1-click job
Ultra secure offering which reduces the transaction
time by manifolds

Update API with all banks

In case of no
response from
transaction, we call
banks update API
to get the status of
the transaction

This helps in realtime status update

as we do not need
to wait for
reconciliation to
get final status of
the transaction

Next day recon

issues reduced to
0 in case of cards
and by about 85%
in case of

Completely customizable Payment Page

Customize colors,
fonts, sizes,
borders, logo etc.
using an easy Do
it yourself
You can also add a
custom note for

Easy Integration

Integration Engineers to
resolve all your queries

Plug and play kits for

over 15 shopping carts

Sample codes in PHP,

JSP, .NET, Ruby, Python
and more

Integrate within
days if not hours!

We also think about your accounts team

Billings tab to tell you in detail
about your payments, settled
transactions and transactions
waiting to be settled.
We Auto-capture all your
transactions. No need to do it
Settlement in T+2. Most
times for card payments, we
achieve T+1.

Top Notch Customer Service

Aim to resolve problems immediately
Dedicated account managers, call
any time
Tons of data shared on merchant
panel to enable you more
Unhappy? Call/Email our Country

Best in class Risk Management

Offer comprehensive risk management system
which works in over 16 countries
Velocity and Value rules on all possible parameters
Positive and Negative databases
Device Fingerprinting
Neural Network

Tie-up with the best Global Risk Processor (sees

about 10% of worlds transactions) for your
international transactions.

Reliable Infrastructure
No Single Point
of Failure
Multiple Paths
24 x 7

Redundancy for:
Load Balancers
Web servers and Database servers

Within India, directly connected to 4 Major ISPs

For International, connectivity to 2 different undersea cabling paths

24 X 7 NOC (Network Operations Centre) Team

Continuous Monitoring of connectivity and performance

The Pricing

PayU India - Awards

Knowledge Faber - Excellence Award
For Market Leadership (highest number of
transactions both in value and volumes)
For Best Customer Education/Marketing
Campaign (1-click checkout)
For Leading Technology for Solving
Customer Pain Points (PayU Paisa)

Franchise India
Retailer Technology Award 2013: Card and
Payments Store Technology of the year
Indian Education Awards 2014: Best
Online Infrastructure & Resources Provider

How Can I Help?

Neha Bhatia

+91-954 00