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 Sales Force Automation  Sales Lead Management  Opportunity Management  Account and Contact Management  Activity Management  Analytics and Forecasting  Customizable Sales Forecasts  Data Quality Management  Point-and-Click Customization  Integration to Anything and

Everything  Approvals and Workflow

Sales Force Automation

Sales force automation (SFA) is the most widely used of sales tools, speeding and streamlining all phases of sales from lead management to analytics and forecasting. From sales force automation more than 67,900 customers and 2 million subscribers worldwide can manage people and processes

Sales Lead Management
 With

sales force automation, you we manage, monitor, and distribute prospects to the right reps, so leads and opportunities are pursued quickly and never fall through the cracks.

Opportunity Management

Faster, smarter collaboration means higher productivity, greater pipeline visibility, and the ability to close more deals faster than with other sales tools. SFA enables all this by providing a single place to update prospect data, track milestones, and record every deal-related interaction. And because it’s Web-based, sales

Account and Contact Management.
  SFA

provides a 360-degree view of each customer and contact. Everyone gains deep knowledge of every prospect and account, enabling better collaboration and fostering strong, long-lasting customer relationships.

Activity Management.


Reps need to stay organized and coordinate their activities to provide customers with prompt attention, and speed the closing of sales. With Salesforce CRM sales force automation sales tools such as activity tracking and collaboration, team management, activity scheduling, and real-time alerts, your teams stay on track and on schedule. Activity reports can be generated for up-to-date snapshots

Analytics and Forecasting.

It gives you an up-to-theminute perspective on your entire business—one that’s more complete and comprehensive than any conventional sales software can supply. With SFA, you get easy-tocustomize dashboards that provide consolidated views of real-time data on sales. Tools for sophisticated analytics let managers and executives evaluate pipelines, assess win-loss metrics, take the

Customizable Sales Forecasts.


With Salesforce CRM sales force automation, you gain real-time forecasting capabilities far beyond those of traditional sales software. You’re empowered to create the timely, precise forecasts that are critical to expanding the business, aligning expenses, growing revenue, and predicting future demand. SFA leapfrogs outdated sales software and alternative sales tools— enabling you to set pipeline targets and quotas by rep and territory…create your own data views using the methodology and matrices you prefer…role up sales data across regions and levels…and

Data Quality Management. 
SFA lets you eliminate errors such as duplicate contacts, accounts, and leads that can mar analyses, impair forecasts, and delay sales.  Tools and utilities are provided inside sales force automation for quickly cleaning and clearing your CRM database, including account

Point-and-Click Customization.

 Every company is unique—and so are their sales organizations and processes. In contrast to legacy sales software, Salesforce CRM sales force automation is designed for easy tailoring to your specific business model, your products and services, and the methods and channels you use to sell them. Business professionals can customize their sales force automation experience with pointand-click ease, while developers and IT professionals have a full palette of

Integration to Anything and Everything.

Conventional sales software is notoriously difficult to tie together with other systems. But with SFA from, sales software headaches and limitations become things of the past. Technologies— Connect—gives you an ease and breadth of integration other sales tools just can’t match. Connect lets you seamlessly integrate your SFA with any enterprise application

Approvals and Workflow.


Manual, haphazard, and unenforced contact and lead management processes are a major bottleneck that holds up sales. Tools inside SFA create custom workflow management rules and triggers based on any business event or elapsed time period. They can be quickly and easily modified as your needs evolve. Similarly, SFA lets you set up multi-step approvals for any of your sales or business processes, such as discount requests or opportunity-close approvals. With these SFA capabilities, you can quickly and easily streamline routine activities, eliminate redundant tasks,

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