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HOW much DO


Do you love your liver?
How Can You Love it If You
Don't Know it?
Hi... I'm Your Liver!
Let me tell you how much I love
you…in 9 ways
1. I store the iron
reserves you need,
as well as a lot of
vitamins and other

Without me, you

wouldn't have the
strength to carry
2. I make bile to
help digest your

Without me,
you'd waste away
to nothing.
3. I detoxify poisonous
chemicals you give
me, and that
includes alcohol,
beer, wine and
drugs (prescribed
and over-the-
counter) as well as
illegal substances.

Without me, your

"bad" habits would
4. I store energy,
like a battery, by
stockpiling sugar
glucose and fat)
until you need it.

Without me, the

sugar level in your
blood could fall
dramatically and
you'd go into a
You couldn't have gotten
out of bed this morning if I
weren't on the job!.
5. I make the blood
that got your
system going even
before you were

Without me, you

wouldn't be here!
6. I manufacture new
proteins that your
body needs to stay
healthy and grow.

Without me, you

wouldn't grow
7. I remove poisons
from the air,
exhaust smoke and
chemicals you

Without me, you'd

be poisoned by
8. I make clotting
factors that stop the
bleeding when you
accidentally prick

Without me, you'd

bleed to death!
9. I help defend you
against the germs
going into your body
all the time. I take
those cold germs, flu
bugs and other germs
you encounter, and
knock them dead - or
at least weaken them.

Without me, you'd be

a sitting duck for every
infection known to
That's how much I love
you... but do you love
let us share about a most
common liver disease –
fatty liver …..
Fatty Liver
What is it?
• Fatty liver is the collection of
excessive amounts of fat inside liver
cells, also called steatosis.

• Mostly triglycerides.
Common type of Fatty Liver
1. Nonalcoholic
fatty liver
disease •simple fatty
(NAFLD) - liver
affect people (steatosis),
who drink usually
little or no causes
alcohol. no liver
2. Nonalcoholic
(NASH), a more In some cases, this
serious type. can progress
Cause by either to cirrhosis,
hepatitis which can produce
infection, progressive,
irreversible liver
malnutrition, scarring, or to liver
obesity, cancer.
mellitus, and
syndrome .
Reye's Syndrome - a deadly disease,
attack any child or adult without

All body organs are affected, with the liver

and brain suffering most seriously. 

Cause and cure remain unknown, research

has established a link between Reye's
Syndrome and the use of aspirin and other
salicylate-containing medications. 
All body organs are
affected, with the liver
and brain suffering
most seriously. 
3. Alcoholic
Cause and cure remain
Cause alcohol
unknown, research has
by abuse
established a link
between Reye's
Syndrome and the use
of aspirin and other

3.Nonalcoholic fatty liver - It's unclear

exactly what causes disease.
But many researchers believe the
contributing factors are:

– Obesity
– Hypertension
– Abnormal cholesterol levels
2. It's also unclear exactly how a liver
becomes fatty. The fat may come
from other parts of the body, or the
liver may absorb an increased
amount of fat from the intestine.

Another possible explanation is that

the liver loses its ability to change fat
into a form that can be eliminated.
What are the symptoms?

• Fatty liver usually produces no

• Jaundice
• right-side abdominal pain
• abdominal swelling
• fever.
At more advanced stage, liver
becomes cirrhosis
• Cirrhosis refers to scarring of the
liver. It replaces healthy tissue.
• Scar tissue cannot do what healthy
liver tissue does.
• Scar tissue also blocks the normal
flow of blood through the liver.
• Cirrhosis can be life-threatening, but
it can also be controlled if treated
A fatty liver is enlarged and has a
greasy, pale yellow look.
How is it diagnosed?

• The liver may be tender when the

abdomen is pressed.
• Blood tests - for liver function.
• Ultrasound or abdominal CT scan.
What is the treatment?
• Treatment for fatty liver is aimed at
eliminating or treating the cause of
the condition.
• In some cases, fatty liver is
reversible if caught early in its
• Pregnancy-related fatty liver is
treated by delivering the baby, if
• Severe liver damage can occur if
fatty liver is left untreated. In these
cases, the patient may eventually
require a liver transplant
AbN Statistic PGH – CT Scan
Abnormality 2005 % 2006 %
Fatty liver 17.52 24.12
Liver cyst 9.99 11.66
Renal cyst 7.04 7.77
Renal calculi 10.90 11.48
GB calculi 9.63 9.54
Prostatomegaly 4.39 6.18
ovarian cyst 4.58 4.77
uterine myoma 1.87 3.45
Total scan done 1661 1132
AbN Statistic PGH –
Abnormality 2005 % 2006 %
Fatty liver 9.82 18.82
Liver cyst 1.33 2.52
Renal cyst 1.60 3.45
Renal calculi 2.21 3.39
GB calculi 3.54 5.52
Prostatomegaly 1.48 2.83
ovarian cyst 5.10 8.58
uterine myoma 2.25 3.79
Total scan done 2627 3566
Fatty liver % detection vs no
of check-up 2006

2005 2005 2006- 2006

total % total %
Modality check- check-up
Ct Scan 1661 17.52 1132 24.12

Ultrasound 2627 9.82 3566 18.82

That shows some
people do not love
me enough… 
Let me tell you some
easy ways to love me,
your liver
• Don't drown me in beer,
alcohol or wine!
Even one drink is too
much for some people
and could scar me for
• Watch those drugs!
All drugs are
chemicals, and
when you mix them
up without a
doctor's advice you
could create
poisonous that could
• I scar easily.. and thosedamage
scars, called
me badly.
"cirrhosis" are permanent.

Medicine is sometimes necessary. But

taking pills when they aren't necessary is
a bad habit. All those chemicals can
really hurt a liver.
• Be careful with
aerosol sprays!
Remember, I
have to detoxify
what you breathe
in, too. So when
you are cleaning
with aerosol
cleaners, make
sure the room is
ventilated, or
wear a mask.
• That goes double for bug sprays,
mildew sprays, paint sprays and all
those other chemical sprays you use.
Be careful what you breathe!
• Watch what gets on your skin! Those
insecticides you put on trees and shrubs not
only kill bugs they can get to me right
through your skin and destroy my cells, too.
Remember they're all chemicals.
Cover your skin with gloves, long sleeves, a
hat and mask every time insecticides are in
the air or if you're handling them.
• Don't eat too much fatty food!
I make the cholesterol your body
needs, and I try to make the right

Give me a break. Eat a good, well

balanced nourishing diet. If you eat
the right stuff for me, I'll really do
my stuff for you!
I can't and won't tell you I'm in
trouble until I'm almost at the end
of my rope... and yours.

Remember: I am a non-complainer.
Overloading me with drugs, alcohol and
other junk can destroy me! This may be
the only warning you will ever get.
Take My Advice, Please!
• Check me out with your
• Blood screening tests can
identify some trouble.
• If I'm soft and smooth, that's
good. If I'm hard and bumpy,
that could mean trouble.
• If your doctor suspects
trouble, ULTRA SOUND and
CT scans can look into it.
• My life, and yours, depends
on how you treat me.
Now you know how much I
care for you.
Please treat me with tender
loving care.

Your silent partner and ever-

loving lover….LIVER