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Dating Systems

Dating Systems • Date this was posted: • August 12. 2012 • Or is it? .

H. 2765 A.• 26 Ab 5772 ● Jewish Calendar • 24 Ramadan 1433 A.C. (after Hijra) ● Islamic Calendar • pridie Idus Augustas.U. (from the founding of the city) ● Roman Calendar • 12 – 19 – 19 – 11 – 9 ● Mayan Calendar .

.• The most commonly used calendar in the world is the Western (Gregorian) calendar. • Why? • European/Western global influence over the past 5 centuries.

• Its origins? • Ancient Egyptian solar calendar – • Modified by Roman dictator Julius Caesar • Adopted by the Roman Catholic Church • Reoriented by the Church to divide history into two eras: .

giving that year the date of A. 1 • A.D.• These eras were divided by • the birth of Jesus Christ • The Roman Catholic Church calculated the date of Jesus’ birth.D. means “in the year of the Lord” in Latin .

.C. means “Before Christ” • There is no year “0” in this system. • B.C.• The year before Jesus’ birth was given the date of 1 B.

• Dates of years grow larger as you go further back in time before the year 1 B.C. was further back in time than 44 B.C. (the year Julius Caesar was killed) .D.D. • A. 1875 was more recent than A.C.• Dates of years grow larger as you move toward the present. 720 • 1543 B.

/ A..C.C.C.• Instead of B. – and . – “before the common era” – Years are the same as dates referred to by the suffix B.D. dates for our course will be in the form of • B.E.

D.• C. • This naming system was introduced a few decades ago to reflect the fact that the B. is used around the world by Christians and non-Christians alike) . names reflect Christian society.C.D./A./A.E. and all of the world is not Christian (although B.D.C. – “common era” – Years are the same as dates referred to by the prefix A.

dividing line is the same. .E. the B.• But the dates are still the same./C.E.C.

dates falling between 1 and 100 C.E. .• Note that you may refer to centuries and millennia by other numbers that reflect their place in this dating system. can be described as having taken place in the 4th century C.E.E.E. can be described as having taken place in the 1st century C. • For example. • Dates falling between 301 and 400 C.

in the 21st century. • There is no century “0” – you begin counting with 1 in the first century. for example. .• Why the difference between the date of the year and the date of the century? • We live in 2012.

was in the 16th century B. • 1546 B.C.C.C.E. • 255 B. was in the 3rd century B.C.• The same thing is true as you go backwards in time.E. .E.E.

E. • Its dates: 2001-3000 C.E.C.• What millennium do we live in? • 3rd millennium C. • Civilization began in the 4th millennium B.C.E.) . (between 3001 and 4000 B.E.

E.C.C. in? • What century was 543 C.E.• Brief quiz: • What century was 243 B.E.E.C. in? . in? • What millennium was 1643 B. in? • What millennium was 1211 B.