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Rural Recreation

 Concept of Rural Recreation
 Evolution of Rural Recreation and

Recreation in the Countryside
 Patterns of Rural Recreation
 Types of Resorts

 A stretch of inland or coastal countryside,

including small towns and villages, where
the main part of the area is used for:
- agriculture, forestry, fisheries
- economic and cultural activities of
country-dwellers (crafts, industry,
- non-urban recreation and leisure areas

Rural Tourism
 Located in rural areas
 Built upon the rural world’s special

 Permits participation in the activities,
traditions and lifestyles of local people
 Provides personalized contact
 Traditional in character

Rural Recreation

 Rural recreation areas have grown rapidly

in recent years, and recreation and tourism
development has become a popular vehicle
for rural economic development.
 Encompasses all economic growth that

results from people moving into the
community to take advantage of its
recreational amenities.

Rural Recreation
This kind of development has the
potential to dramatically transform a
stagnant rural community into a
thriving community by:
1)Attracting retirees, entrepreneurs, and

young workers
2)Diversifying the economy
3)Improving the quality of life with a
broader array of goods and services.


 Agri-/agro tourism

- Tourism products directly
connected with the agrarian
products or stays
- Staying on a farm (room or
camping), educational visits,
meals, sale of handicrafts

 Farm Tourism

- Staying in a farm
accommodation and seeking
experiences from farm operations
and attractions
 Wilderness and forest tourism

- Forestry recreation,
establishment of community forests

Range of tourism and
recreation activities in
the countryside

1) Touring
 Hiking (footpaths, fitness

trails, nature parks)
Touring in gypsy caravans,
Motorized touring (trail riding,
all-terrain vehicles, motoring)
Small town/village touring
Adventure holidays/wilderness
Donkey riding
Cross-country skiing

ATV Tour to Mayon Lava

ATV Tour to Mayon Lava


Pinatubo Crater Lake

Pinatubo Crater Lake

Pinatubo Crater Lake Trekking

Mount Pulag

Round-Trip: 65 miles, 3 to 5

Alberta, Canada
Round-Trip: 27 miles, 3 to 5

Newfoundland, Canada
Round-Trip: 23 miles, 3 to 5

Round-Trip: 8 miles, 1

New Zealand
Round-Trip: 44 miles, 3 to 5

St. Elias National Park &
Preserve, Alaska

Banaue- small village



GR20, France

Inca Trail, Peru

Machu Picchu

Indian Himalayas, India

2) Water-related activities

 Fishing
 Swimming
 River/canal tourism

(houseboats, narrow boats )
 Canoeing, kayaking and
whitewater rafting
 Windsurfing
 Speedboat racing
 Sailing

One can sail or enlist in sailing lessons in
either Tagaytay or Manila. Sail tours are
also available, with jump-off points in
Manila, Subic, Surigao, or Cebu.

 An artificial waterway or artificially

improved river used for travel,
shipping, or irrigation.

Canals of Venice… “The City of
Water,” Venice is the crown jewel
of water cities with over 150

Flooding occurs more frequently now,
the ground floors of buildings have
been abandoned and many people
have moved away.

During medieval times, Venice was a
thriving metropolis of 250,000 people;
today the population is a mere 60,000.

Canals of Amsterdam

Panama Canal

Panama Canal
 “Throughout the program’s lifecycle,

all parties will have the confidence
that their project information is
accessible, accurate and secure.” 

 The project consists of the

construction of two new lock
complexes – one on the Pacific and
one on the Atlantic side of the Canal
– which will be 40 percent longer and
60 percent wider than the originals.

 According to statistics provided by

the Panama Tourism Bureau, in 2006
the tourism industry contributed
$1.45 billion dollars to the nation's

Bangkok Klongs

Stockholm in Sweden is situated on
14 islands; canals and boats are

3) Aerial activities

 Light aircraft
 Hang-gliding
 Micro light

 Hot air balloons

Hot Air Balloon Festival
Clark Field Pampanga
April 10-13, 2014

Hot Air Balloon Festival
Clark Field Pampanga
February 12-15, 2015

Air Racing – parasailing, parachuting,
kiteboarding, and flying.

4) Sporting activities

Rock climbing

Water Racing – kayaking, whitewater
rafting, tubing, swimming, surfing, and

Land Racing – mountain biking, off-trail
driving, rappelling, trekking, caving,
horseback riding, hiking, and
orienteering, as well as various
adventures on scooters, in-line
skates, roller skates, and the
zip line.

5) Cultural activities
Restoration sites
Rural heritage studies
Local industrial,
agricultural or craft
 Museums
 Folk groups
 Cultural, gatronomic,
and other routes

UNESCO World Heritage

Las Casas Filipinas de AcuzarBagac, Bataan

6) Health-related

 Fitness training
 Assault courses
 SPAs and health


7) Passive activities

 Relaxation holidays in a rural milieu
 Nature study in outdoor settings

( birdwatching and photography)
 Landscape appreciation

8) Hallmark events
 Rural sporting festivals
 Agricultural shows
9) Business-related

 Small scale

 Incentive tourism short-breaks