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Difference between

Growth and development

Prepared by Shumaila Aurangzeb
MSc, B.Ed and M.Ed (In progress)

What is growth?

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines growth as an increase

in the size or the amount of an entity. The word growth is used
for all those structural and physiological changes that take
place within individual during the process of maturation.
For example, the increase in weight, height, and different
organs is called growth. It is a biological process and
continues for birth to adulthood.
From the very beginning, a child needs food. When he eats
food, it becomes a part of his body. During this time new cells
are produced which results in physical increase. This physical
increase is called growth.

What is development?

The Encyclopaedia Britannica defined the

word development as the progressive change
in size, shape, and function during the life of
an organism by which its genetic potential
(genotype) are translated into functioning adult
systems (phnotype). This means that
development includes the increase not only in
the size but also in the function of an organ.

What is development?

Thus development is the name of all those

psychological changes that take place in the
functions and activities of different organs of
an individual. For example, when the muscles
of legs become strong, a child begins to creep,
then stand, and then starts walking. So, this
creeping, standing and walking are called

Difference between Growth and


Most people use the word growth and

development in the same meanings. But there
is difference between these two terms. The first
term, i.e growth means the change in the
physical or physiological structure. The second
term, i.e development is the change in the
function and activities of different organs. This
shows that growth is a physiological change
whereas development is a psychological

Difference between Growth and


Similarly, we can say that growth is external in

nature and can be directly measured because
its chief concern is with physical aspect of an
individual. Growth stops at a particular stage.
But, development is internal in nature. It can
not be measured directly. It can only be felt. It
chief concern is not only with increase in the
size of the brain but thinking process also.

Difference between Growth and


Moreover, growth is generally taken to be

quantitative in nature whereas development of
intelligence and emotions. Development
goes on into senility but growth stops at
maturity. Development indicates the changes
in the character or behavior more

Difference between Growth and


Growth and development are interrelated and

inter dependant. Both influence each other.
When growth stops because of illness, or there
is a premature stoppages of growth,
development is equally affected.

There are four aspects of


Cognitive development
Social development
Emotional development
Physical development

Cognitive development

Its referents to activities that involves thinking,

perceiving and problem solving. Its also called
intellectual development Perception through

Social development

It refers to behaviour that involves

relation/interaction with others.It refers to the
behaviour that how you behave in certain

Emotional development

It refers to feelings and attitutdes.

Physical development

An organised increase in volume. Physically

growth but in organized form is called
physically development. Organize growth is
called development.