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Tools Menu

GageView Pros Device Tools

menu has been enhanced for the
The menu includes:

Editable Parameters
Database Backup/Restore
DGS Probe Library
Upgrade Device Software
Splash Screen
Remote Display
Device Info
Set Options Key
Measurement Setup

Tools Menu - Editable Parameters

Editable parameters are standard on all EPOCH XT instruments. With this

feature the user can customize the values that appear above the function [F1]
[F5] keys for the setup parameters below.

Gain Step


These parameters can also be

edited on the EPOCH XT
instrument by pressing [INSTR
SETUP] and scrolling to the
EditPara tab.

Tools Menu - Editable Parameters (cont.)

To modify the Editable Parameters through GageView Pro:

1. Select Editable Parameters from the Device Tools menu
2. Press Receive to display the current parameters on the
3. Select the parameter you want to change, highlight the
specific value, and modify as necessary
4. Press Transmit to send
the new set of parameters
back to the EPOCH XT.
5. Press Save to create a file
on the PC containing the
editable parameters.
6. This file can be opened
on any EPOCH XT by
pressing Open and
selecting the saved file.

Tools Menu Database Backup/Restore

The GageView Pro Tools Menu allows the user to back and restore all file from
the EPOCH XT using one tool:
Backup: The Backup tool requires that an EPOCH XT Database is already
created on the PC
Use the Browse button to locate the EPOCH XT Database (file extension *.EPXT)
Enter a new Dataset name in the box labeled Enter Name for New Backup Dataset
Press Backup to begin the backup process

Tools Menu Database Backup/Restore

Restore: The Restore tool requires that the user has already created a New
Backup Dataset
Use the Browse button to locate the EPOCH XT Database (file extension *.EPXT)
Use the drop-down menu to select the Dataset to be used for Restore
User can only restore from a Dataset that was created during the Backup process

Press Restore to begin the restore process

WARNING: Restoring the Database will delete all contents currently on the EPOCH XT

Tools Menu Custom DGS Probes

GageView Pro allows the user to define custom Straight Beam and Angle
Beam probes for use with the DGS/AVG software option.
These probes can be defined and stored in the GageView Pro probe library
and uploaded to any EPOCH XT.
Define custom probes
in the Tools Menu
Define custom probes
in the Main View
Edit Custom Probes
Download and Save
current probe library
Upload saved probe
library to the EPOCH

Tools Menu Custom DGS Probes (cont.)

To define a Custom DGS Probe in the Tools Menu:

1. Press Receive to download
the current DGS Probe
library on the EPOCH 1000
2. Select either Custom
Straight or Custom Angle
and click Add New
3. Input the required data for
the Custom Probe in the
screen below

Tools Menu Custom DGS Probes (cont.)

Once the Custom DGS Probe has been defined through the Tools Menu, it is
automatically added to the Probe list on the EPOCH 1000.
To edit the selected probe, double click on the probe from the Custom
library to return to the Probe Configuration screen
To delete the highlighted probe, press Delete

Custom DGS Probes Setup Main View

Custom DGS Probes can also be set up in the main GageView Pro window.
The PC pane of this main view contains a folder (under the Data folder)
called DGS Probe Library.

The standard DGS Probe Library is

stored in this location for reference
under an EPOCH XT Database
called Probe.mdf.

A new Database called LocalProbe.xtp

exists to store any custom DGS probes
even when they are not loaded on the

Custom DGS Probes Setup Main View (cont.)

Custom Probes can ONLY be defined in the LocalProbe.xtp Database.

To define a custom DGS probe in the Main View:

1. Highlight either the Custom Straight or Custom Angle Dataset
2. Under the File menu, select
New > Probe
-or1. Click the New Probe
icon in the lower GageView
Pro view pane


Custom DGS Probes Setup Main View (cont.)

Input the custom probe data in the window and press OK

The custom probe is now available to upload to any EPOCH 1000.

Custom DGS Probes Uploading

To upload a Custom DGS Probe that is stored in the LocalProbe.xtp Database

to an EPOCH 1000:
Highlight the custom probe and drag it to the EPOCH 1000 Datalogger in
the TOP GageView Pro pane

Custom DGS Probes Uploading

Custom DGS Probes stored in the LocalProbe.xtp Database can also be

uploaded through the Tools Menu:
1. Enter the Device Tools Menu
2. Click on DGS Probe Library
3. Click Receive to view the current
Probe List on the EPOCH XT
4. Click Add Local to bring up a list
of probes stored in the
LocalProbe.xtp Database
5. Highlight the desired probe
and press Transmit

Custom DGS Probes Saving

Clicking Save in the DGS Probe Library selection of the Tools Menu updates the
Probe.mdf Database in GageView Pro with any custom probes or edits from the
connected EPOCH XT. Probes can be copied from Probe.mdf to

If a DGS calibration or inspection file is stored on a PC via GageView Pro, it can
be uploaded to any other EPOCH XT even if the probe definition for that file
uses a custom probe not located on the EPOCH XT.

If a DGS calibration or inspection file is transferred to GageView Pro and

includes a custom probe definition not stored in GageView Pro, the file can still
be transferred and viewed in GageView Pro without first storing the new probe.

Tools Menu Upgrade Device Software

Upgrade Device Software allows the user to upgrade the software running on
the EPOCH XT to a new version, when necessary. These upgrade file(s) will be
provided by Olympus NDT.