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Urban Planning Case Study

Hammerby Sjostad, Stockholm, Swedan

Jagannadh Vangala [11110059]

Location and Background Hammarby Sjostad is a district in Stockholm. cultural and recreational programs .000 square meters of commercial space The district also provides for a wide range of educational. which is a brownfield site that is being developed as a sustainable neighbourhood 200 hectare district will house approximately 20. Sweden adjacent to the downtown.000 people in 9000 housing units Providing 200.

It is situated along the lake (Sjo) Hammarby.’ Amenity Distance Wheel . Companies 55.9% Public Housing 23% Individuals.000 Population Density: 133 Persons/Hectare Division: Dwelling Units: 5171 100% Multi-family Dwellings 21.1% Public Spaces History Hammarby Sjostad is located in the south-central inner city of Stockholm.Context and History Hammarby Sjostad Total Population: 20. and its name literally means ‘Hammarby Waterfront Town.

Developed by Municipal Housing Company Hammerby Sjosted Housing Project aims to provide hosing for Lower-middle class and Middle class communities This project is completely developed and maintained by Stockholm Municipality and is owned by the Stockholm city .How Housing Works In Sweden? Most housing in Stockholm falls into one of two categories. 1)Private housing arrangements .Developed and owned for Private use 2)Public housing arrangements .

concurrent with the economic boom which led to the decision to redevelop Hammarby Sjostad as part of the “build inwards” strategy. it was classified as a site because of its close proximity to the city center it was regarded as attractive for residential purposes .The Project In the early 1990’s there was a strong demand for housing in Stockholm. Although Hammarby Sjostad was a well functioning industrial area.

and which would use half of the amount of energy used in a typical development. the City of Stockholm is setting out to create an international model of sustainable development . In achieving its mission goal.The Design Goal The overall goal is to create an urban district which would be twice as good in terms of reduced environmental impact.

The Hammerby Model The Hammarby Model objectives were summarized as ‘twice as good’ as ordinary developments of that time. More public transport options to discourage car use. Recycling of water and waste . The program includes targets for Decontamination of land. Reduce energy consumption.

Approaches To Design Hammarby Sjostad adds a new ring to Stockholm’s urban growth It is a modern. More local production . semi-open. Energy efficiency. block-based city. Respect for ecology and natural systems. Hammarby Stostad has adapted the urban design theories of: New Urbanism Minimum impact development. Eco-friendly technologies. with a combination of a closed and traditional inner city with more modern planning To realize the Core Design Strategies.

Increase walking and reduced automobile dependency Smart Growth into its core Smart Growth Theory is applied to the project by focusing on concentrating urban growth in city centers by planning and transportation systems to avoid ‘urban sprawl.’ The theory advocates for: compact urban development. and mixed development land use planning .Transit Oriented Development Sustainable urban living being well connected to city core through effective public transport systems.

Integration of Urban Morphology of Stockholm City Core Hammarby Sjostad has a vibrant urban centre that is contiguous with and integrated into the inner city and the city core due to its extension of the typical Stockholm character Stockholm has four types of landscape and five types of public waterfront. as well as twelve different types of urban tissue and as many street profiles .

views of the water and green spaces .Adopted Strategies This traditional city structure of Stockholm has been adopted and combined with modern architectural principles of: maximizing light.

where possible.Landscape Architecture Approaches A network of varied parks. green spaces and walkways runs through the district to provide a counterbalance to the dense urban landscape Roads have also been covered with vegetation The natural landscape. has been preserved and has provided inspiration for the development .

Landscaped Spaces .

Green Spaces Network .

Environment Friendly Approaches The total energy supply for the community that will serve 30.000 people living and working in Hammarby Sjostad will be based only on renewable sources. The electricity sources are mainly solar cells. hydropower and bio fuel Solar panels have also been located technology on roof tops and solar cells cover building facades .

Environment Friendly Approaches Recycling nutrients from sewage for use on agricultural land. ecological-friendly materials have been used throughout the project. while methane recovered from this sewage is to be used as biogas to fuel not only homes. butenvironmentally also cars and buses To be truly friendly. . sustainable.

walking .Transportation Hammarby Sjostad has a diverse system of transportation to serve its residents. The tram network connects directly to the underground network of There has also been an emphasis to Stockholm reduce the use of one’s private automobile The Bus service is drivenfor by cycling biogas There is also a provision with a safe network of cycle lanes.

closed-loop system. such as the Hammarby Model where infrastructure for water. could have many positive results Long elongated balconies provided in every apartment which act as interactive spaces More public spaces and Semi-Open clusters makes the space more systematic . waste & energy is integrated into one system.Conclusions The Hammarby Sjostad project is noted as one of the best examples of implemented sustainable urbanism in the world The overall concept of an integrated. Sweden Ministry of the Environment. London and New York: Routledge Environmental Web Portal to Hammarby Sjostad “Sweden’s National Strategy for Sustainable Development 2002.pdf Urban Design in Planning.References The Sustainable Urban Development Reader.sweden. Hammerby sjosted by Andrea Gaffney. Vinita Huang .” http://www.