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Secure Ship Presentation Of

Group 6

Muhammad Sulthon Kamal

Muhammad Wahyu Nuryahya


Anyone know this


ship security system aims to prevent events

such as hacking or destruction of the vessel by

unwanted stuf
other than that the purpose of the ship
security system is to maintain the safety of
passengers and the entire crew

Some Pictures of Secure Ship Tools

Do you want to see the secure ship

system in more detail?

The anti-piracy laser device uses non-lethal laser beam to

provide a visual warning to pirates and distract them
temporarily. The laser device can be used during both day
and night, and can be easily operated by the ships crew.

Tubes with nozzles around

the railing where mounted.
Nozzles to spray 80 degrees
hot water in order to form a
mist steam, making it
difficult for pirates to get
close enough to the vessel
to board it. The large
amounts of steam which is
found on large vessels can
generate mist in very large
quantities. Besides
preventing the pirates from
coming on board the vessel,
the system has the side
efect, that the vessels
location is very clearly
marked, thus facilitating


Electric fence non-lethal system consists of an electric fence which
surrounds the ship and prevents pirates from climbing. The
system is a collapsible fence which can be folded and kept safe
when not in use. Secure ship is another type of electric fence
system which can be effectively used to prevent pirates from
climbing ships.



P-trap concept is a non-lethal system which helps

prevent pirates from boarding ships. The system
carries thin lines which float at the water level
around the sides of the vessel. When pirate
skifs/boats come in contact with the lines, the later
gets entangled with the engine and disable the


Designed by a division of Japans NYK group along with hose

manufacturer Yokoi, anti-piracy curtain is a unique method
to keep pirates from climbing the ships. The system consists
of a series of hoses which are dangled on the port and
starboard sides of the vessel. Sea water is passed through the
nozzles at a force of 0.2 Mega Pascal, which makes the hoses
go in unpredictable whirling motion, generating enough force
to seriously hurt anyone who gets in the way.

Secure-Ship - A Security system

that prevents attack and keep
the ship, passenger and crew
stay secured.
The operational of secure ship
system must be able to
controled easily by crew.

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